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Delaware Avenue: sweeper tries to navigate between two cars this morning 9/26/19 Blogfinger photo ©


My car was wrong this Thursday morning, despite the fact that I am aware that there is sweeping this week.  Others also were ill informed or mistaken.

How about bringing back the paper booklets/calendars that spell out all the DPW functions in plain English  (“..the Americans haven’t used it for years.”—My Fair Lady.)

We used to use it, and it was helpful.  They said that cancelling  it was a money saving necessity, but I was skeptical as to that motive.



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Neptune's finest---the sweeping machine that leaves no shmutz behind. Blogfinger photo. 5/19/16

Neptune’s finest heading west—the sweeping machine that leaves no shmutz behind. Mt. Hermon Way near Delaware Ave.  It’s pretty noisy, but in Ocean Grove at least we usually keep our nights quiet. 5/19/16

BLOSSOM DEARIE  “Quiet Nights”

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May 17, 2016 from Matt R.

May 17, 2016, from Matt Ruggiero.

From Matteo Ruggiero:

“Is this a blatant disregard for authority or simply the inability to read the written word?

“Why do we, as residents of the block have to suffer rubbish in our street simply because this person was negligent and non-compliant?
Between the (4) residences in our block, there are (9) vehicles total…none of which were parked illegally blocking the Street Sweeper from completing their rounds!

“Where is the Parking Enforcement?

“Picture was taken on Central Ave @ 10:00 am today Tuesday 17th., 3 1/2 hours after the street was to be cleared of all vehicles.”

Heck Avenue near Whitefield. Blogfinger photo 5/17/16

Heck Avenue near Whitefield. Paul Goldfinger photo 5/17/16.

Editor’s note regarding the Heck Avenue photo above:   One car on that block remained in place, and you could see the trail of the sweeper as it went around the vehicle.

The sign on the ground may have blown down, but did  someone deposit it on the ground in protest or anger?  I saw a sign on Mt. Hermon that someone took down (or maybe it blew down) and stuck it under the windshield wiper of an errant vehicle.

As for the graffiti, is it artistic expression or something else?

As Millie points out in the comments, this is nothing new, but we can still talk about it.   And we can listen to Harry James and Helen Forrest regarding a similar theme:  (From Hannah and Her Sisters)





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Dave: Don't let this stuff make you dizzy. (Internet photo_

Dave: Don’t let this stuff make you dizzy.

Dave: Nobody moves their cars on Luckie Street. Blogfinger photo.

Dave: Nobody moves their cars on Luckie Street. Blogfinger photo.

From David Philo, resident  of Asbury Avenue:

Can someone explain to me why Neptune takes time to post emergency signs “do not park” for the desperately needed street cleaning then does absolutely nothing to the numerous offenders.

I moved my cars at 5 a.m. today on Asbury Ave, which is a disgusting mess.  I came home from work at 1 PM at which time the actually “sweeping” was taking place. Same number of cars as usual, maybe 30% of curbside area swept.  What a frigging waste of time and money.  Police drove by and did nothing.  Doesn’t anybody give a crap about this.  Shame on my neighbors.  This is the trashiest street in the Grove.

Frigging Editor’s Note:  Dave—When Eileen and I drove through town this morning we noticed the poor adherence to the “move your car” notices tacked onto some street poles.  Like you, we also moved our cars in the hopes of seeing the streets get clean.  Some of the offenders were parked right in front of no parking signs.

Eileen wanted to know why the illegal alien parkers did not receive tickets.  I postulated that the police had better things to do than futz around with tickets and paperwork for these “frigging” parking offenders.

The signs were poorly done and may account for some of the lack of compliance, but there is a law enforcement deficit in this town where many minor offenses go unenforced. We have seen that with yard sale permits, posting signs on poles, dogs off leashes, parking in yellow striped areas, and other offenses which are actually just theoretical offenses.  But, the public is apathetic and very little seems to bother them.  Maybe all those unenforced ordinances should be cancelled, and all the citizens can disobey the rules with a clear conscience—just depend on our collective good will and honesty.

You ask, “Doesn’t anybody give a crap about this?”  Maybe we will get some comments about that.  ——Paul  (Editor @Blogfinger)

So Dave, maybe your expectations are too high.  Maybe it’s just a “hard knock life.”


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