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Submitted by Joe Grove:

“Can anyone explain the rules around “camping” in OG?  There is an old white van/camper that has been parked on various streets throughout OG for the past few years. The couple in the van sets their chairs out during the day to sit or are cleaning their carpets, emptying buckets of dirty water etc…the typical chores of camper life.

“Their favorite spots appear to be along Ocean Avenue, and one resident who complained was told by the police the campers aren’t violating any laws and can stay parked in front of his house. What I’m wondering is are they paying for a land lease like the other residents of OG? How about real estate taxes? Or sewage bills for dumping their sewage in the gutter?

“I guess the police officer may have given the simple hassle free answer, but obviously this couple has made OG their home for free and aren’t subject to a lease, a mercantile permit or any taxes whatsoever.

“This behavior is that of two vagrants shaking the dust off their carpets or dumping sewage in the street. If they want to pay their fair share and they can do so while squatting in OG, then so be it, but at least pay.”

TEDDY THOMPSON:  “King of the Road” from the film score of Brokeback Mountain

Editor’s note:  Joe Grove—please send us a photo.


From Neptune Township Ordinance 11-17 (Thanks to the citizen reporter who sent us this reference.)

” No storage shall be permitted on a public road.”

“Any such vehicles stored in accordance with this section shall not be occupied and shall not be provided with utility connections. Permanent or temporary overnight occupancy of recreational vehicles/boats is not permitted.”

Click to access Legals032811.pdf


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