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BF tax poll 2015


When we did our poll in July  (see link above) we found out that 80% of respondents reported an increase in property tax, 14% had a decrease, and 6% were unchanged. But we had no information regarding a breakdown.   In reviewing my own final tax bill for 2015, I find that the overall  tax rate had gone down from 2.66 in 2014 to 2.19 now.  In looking more closely, I have a 38% increase in the land appraisal, but an 11% decrease in the improvements  (i.e. the house) appraisal.

We would be interested in knowing if any of you tried to get your tax bill decreased  (I assume nobody asked for an increase,) and if you did, were you successful?   Anecdotes about this would be of interest on Blogfinger.

Do any of you have information that your fellow Grovers might find of interest regarding the property tax issue?


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