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Mary's Place. Artists rendering. Internet photo.

Mary’s Place. Artists rendering. Internet photo.

To the Editor:

As they used to say in Star Trek:  “Space— the final frontier” But here in Ocean Grove it is parking spaces—-the final frontier :

In Ocean Grove it always comes down to parking and land usage and abuses. On our block on Main and Beach, The Henry Richard Inn is now being remodeled and converted into a single family home. Along Main Avenue, Mary’s place is now chock-full of volunteers’ cars and resident cars.

Yes, even after Labor Day, we can look west down the block and see no spots available on the south side of the street and some have even migrated onto Beach Avenue, making it a bit more challenging for the folks on Beach to find spaces in front of their own condo. So, while we have lost the Henry Richard’s parking challenges in the summer, we are now looking at folks finding spaces when we ordinarily could park without a single thought after Labor Day.

If we add to this the family on Main next to the old Henry Richard, we are now getting one or two of their fleet of cars now parking on Beach to add to our agita. Of course, that is the family and house that at time commandeers more than five or six spots on the south side of Main. The ritual of pulling out cars and replacing the space with motor bikes and schoolers is most entertaining on a summer’s day.

Ocean Grove has always been described as a “quirky” place. The owners of Mary’s Place along Main on the south side I do not think ever contacted or considered their new neighbors to be; instead, we saw the full use of those two building lots right to the very edge of the property lines.

It’s a done deal for a good cause, but those who objected to the aggressive use of that property were characterized as heartless and uncaring, and so it goes in Ocean Grove. Neighbors were worried about trucks, but what has happened is that parking in the usual Ocean Grove way has become a real issue for many.

All this, while there are spots galore on the north side in front of the convent and across the street in front of the Majestic, After all it is autumn in Ocean Grove and the streets are emptier as usual, but somehow, the big house that is Mary’s Place continues to add to our parking woes.

When will we get “residential” parking permits for people who pay taxes in Neptune and who pay the outrageous ground rents to a non-profit authority?


Ocean Grove, N.J. Sept. 26, 2016.


EDITOR’S NOTE:    Below is a quote  from our article about Mary’s Place dated September 19, 2014:

“When people walk by Mary’s Place, they won’t admire its beauty; instead they will ask, “Who was responsible for allowing this out-of-place building to be constructed in this quaint, historic, residential town? ” They will ask why two fine Victorian single family houses were not placed there instead, like we now have on the Pathway. And they will see the parking problems and congestion due to the 10 clients staying there, the staff who will be needed to maintain the place, the visitors, and the rest of the support team who teach yoga, etc. Then there will be the deliveries, laundry trucks, garbage pickups, etc.”

And yes, we did get hate mail  over our opposition to the Mary’s Place zoning decisions.  But we also received support from commenters to that editorial.

Here is a link to that 2014 piece:


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Paul Eichlin in the Casino . He has a cigarette dangling from his lips as if he made his bones in some speakeasy on Bourbon Street. Paul Goldfinger photo July, 2016. © Click to see Paul better.

We wrote about Paul last year when Bob Bowné photographed him on Ocean Avenue in the Grove with his 1961 Thunderbird (see link below).  But Paul is really famous because he plays an electric organ in the Casino, featuring old merry-go-round style music.  It is such a delicious throwback to another era, and Paul just goes on and on, rarely missing a beat.  He nods happily when someone tosses some dough into his plastic pail.  He seems to be there all the time, as if that is all he does. Stop by and say hello to a fellow Grover.




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Tropical hibiscus plant in Eileen's Ocean Grove garden. August 19, 2015 ©

Tropical hibiscus plant in Eileen’s Ocean Grove garden. August 19, 2015 ©  click to enlarge.

By Eileen and Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Two years ago our garden columnist Miss Pegi (Costantino) wrote about bringing hibiscus plants indoors for the winter. This is what she said in Blogfinger on November 2013:

“The hibiscus is a tropical plant which can be brought in for the winter, provided it doesn’t freeze to death before you do so.  Last week we had, according to Pegi, a “hard frost” in the Grove, but many of her plants did survive including begonias and zinnias.  Many homeowners who have hibiscus in their gardens simply buy new plants each spring, but that can be expensive.  If you bring them into the house, you can pinch off the buds and place the plant in a cold environment such as a garage just to let it go dormant and keep it alive till spring and save money.

“Or, you can bring it in to enjoy the blooms, even though that might weaken the plant for the spring. The hibiscus must be placed in a sunny window.  Don’t water it too much—“keep it on the dry side.” If it is near a source of heat such as a radiator, you might have to water it more often. Pegi says, “Do not fertilize it during the winter.”

“If the plant gets some yellow leaves, “pluck them off.”  In the spring you can then buy new plants or cut back the winter plant, put back into the garden and fertilize.”

Eileen followed Pegi’s advice and brought in her mandarin orange (with magenta centers) colored specimen to  sit in a west facing window and receive only water for the winter. She brought the plant back into the garden in the spring of 2014 where it did fine. In 2015, sitting indoors during the bad winter, the plant had a few indoor flowers, but it lost quite a few leaves.

However, when she put it back in the garden it responded dramatically with higher growth, dense foliage and flowers all spring and summer.

We expect a new column from Miss Pegi very soon.

PATTY GRIFFIN   Something worse than faded flowers—-“Faded Love”  from the album Remembering Patsy Cline.

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This announcement was sent to us by the Neptune Township Police Department on October 16, 2014:  

On 1/23/14 at approximately 2000 hrs., Neptune Twp. Police Department arrested Thomas Lockhart, 54 yrs. old of Neptune for active warrants and in reference to the on-going investigation of burglaries committed in Ocean Grove.

At that time, Lockhart was charged with an active bench warrant, Resisting Arrest and for Receiving Stolen Property. The stolen property was identified to be the proceeds of a burglary in Ocean Grove. He was transported to Monmouth County Correctional Institution on $50,000.00 bail (from Neptune and Asbury Park Municipal Courts) with no 10% option.

On 10/15/14, through an exhaustive investigation, Lockhart was charged by Sgt. Jason Petillo with Burglary, Theft and Criminal Mischief to an Ocean Grove residence. Lockhart was held on $76,000.00 bail with no 10% option.

Anyone with information regarding Lockhart or any burglaries in Ocean Grove is encouraged to contact Sgt. Petillo of the Neptune Twp. Police Department at (732) 988-8000 x731.

Residents are urged to keep their houses and vehicles secured at all times.


Lt. Michael J .McGhee


Editor’s Note:  Thomas Lockhart was recently released from jail.  He also had been sent to prison (for 3 years)  in 2011 for burglary in Ocean Grove—PG


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Photo shoot in the Grove.  Looking for peace and quiet in our bucolic town.  Blogfinger file photo ©

Photo shoot in the Grove. Looking for peace and quiet in our bucolic town. Blogfinger file photo ©


Certain shore towns such as Allenhurst, Toms River, Ocean Beach  and Deal  opt for quiet and calmness by banning all construction work in their resort towns during the summer months.  Many visitors to the Grove during the summer, especially those who are renting houses, don’t savor the sound of hammering and power tools.   Some towns even ban inside work, such as plumbing or electric, where there is little or no noise.

Would Grovers like a quality-of-life  rule of this sort?   Let’s find out:

Editor’s note;  We will continue polling for a couple more days or until the comments dwindle.  —PG



“C’mon home, let’s light the oven……oowee baby, you’re my honey pie”

Oh, and let’s keep the music and other sorts of noise down too.  Do you hear that Lavay Smith?


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