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Mary's Place. Artists rendering. Internet photo.

Mary’s Place. Artists rendering. Internet photo.

To the Editor:

As they used to say in Star Trek:  “Space— the final frontier” But here in Ocean Grove it is parking spaces—-the final frontier :

In Ocean Grove it always comes down to parking and land usage and abuses. On our block on Main and Beach, The Henry Richard Inn is now being remodeled and converted into a single family home. Along Main Avenue, Mary’s place is now chock-full of volunteers’ cars and resident cars.

Yes, even after Labor Day, we can look west down the block and see no spots available on the south side of the street and some have even migrated onto Beach Avenue, making it a bit more challenging for the folks on Beach to find spaces in front of their own condo. So, while we have lost the Henry Richard’s parking challenges in the summer, we are now looking at folks finding spaces when we ordinarily could park without a single thought after Labor Day.

If we add to this the family on Main next to the old Henry Richard, we are now getting one or two of their fleet of cars now parking on Beach to add to our agita. Of course, that is the family and house that at time commandeers more than five or six spots on the south side of Main. The ritual of pulling out cars and replacing the space with motor bikes and schoolers is most entertaining on a summer’s day.

Ocean Grove has always been described as a “quirky” place. The owners of Mary’s Place along Main on the south side I do not think ever contacted or considered their new neighbors to be; instead, we saw the full use of those two building lots right to the very edge of the property lines.

It’s a done deal for a good cause, but those who objected to the aggressive use of that property were characterized as heartless and uncaring, and so it goes in Ocean Grove. Neighbors were worried about trucks, but what has happened is that parking in the usual Ocean Grove way has become a real issue for many.

All this, while there are spots galore on the north side in front of the convent and across the street in front of the Majestic, After all it is autumn in Ocean Grove and the streets are emptier as usual, but somehow, the big house that is Mary’s Place continues to add to our parking woes.

When will we get “residential” parking permits for people who pay taxes in Neptune and who pay the outrageous ground rents to a non-profit authority?


Ocean Grove, N.J. Sept. 26, 2016.


EDITOR’S NOTE:    Below is a quote  from our article about Mary’s Place dated September 19, 2014:

“When people walk by Mary’s Place, they won’t admire its beauty; instead they will ask, “Who was responsible for allowing this out-of-place building to be constructed in this quaint, historic, residential town? ” They will ask why two fine Victorian single family houses were not placed there instead, like we now have on the Pathway. And they will see the parking problems and congestion due to the 10 clients staying there, the staff who will be needed to maintain the place, the visitors, and the rest of the support team who teach yoga, etc. Then there will be the deliveries, laundry trucks, garbage pickups, etc.”

And yes, we did get hate mail  over our opposition to the Mary’s Place zoning decisions.  But we also received support from commenters to that editorial.

Here is a link to that 2014 piece:


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Mary's Place on 9/11/15. Blogfinger photo. ©

Mary’s Place on 9/11/15. Blogfinger photo. ©  Click to enlarge.


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Mary's Place under construction on Main Avenue in Ocean Grove.  June, 2015 photo by Blogfinger.net ©

Mary’s Place under construction on Main Avenue in Ocean Grove. June, 2015 photo by Blogfinger.net ©

To the Editor:

Re: Issues surrounding Mary’s Place construction.

Paul, You bring up Mary’s Place, and it reminds us that the noise and the disruption in and around that project continue at a pace.

One of our neighbors raised questions at a meeting during the approval process and she was roundly criticized for daring to question a project with such good hopes and intentions. All she wanted was information and she was made out to be a hard-hearted person. Her point was simply that no neighbors had been notified about the project and the impact that it might have on neighbors adjacent to the site, and how parking would be impacted.

Not even the courtesy of an approach to their soon-to-be neighbors informing them of a time-line or anything else regarding this project. Not a word. Not a letter asking us for our forbearance. Nothing. All we had were rumors to contend with.

Summer time is here and parking, as usual is a challenge, but the cones and trucks manage to take up spaces that could be used by Grovers and guests. The noise during the day is constant. In the meanwhile, one neighbor who recently had surgery and is recuperating, has had to endure the constancy of this construction project. The summer will come and go and noise will persist.

Paul, you have raised important questions in the NERP and should be commended for insisting on transparency and clarity in such efforts.

We thank you for raising these critical questions.


Ocean Grove, NJ, July 9, 2015

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