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Paul Eichlin of OG in the A. Park Casino. He has a cigarette dangling from his lips as if he made his bones in some speakeasy on Bourbon Street. Paul Goldfinger photo July, 2016. © Click to see Paul better.



“The Sea Song”


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Paul Eichlin entertains in 45 degree weather on the OG boards, south of the Casino. 11/3/19 Paul Goldfinger photo.


Paul Eichlin is a Grover who is well known to those who enjoy the boardwalk near the Casino between Ocean Grove and Asbury Park.  He is known for his “Carousel Memories”–music that takes us back to the days of grabbing a brass ring as the horses ride up and down, round and round.

We have written about Paul before.  In the past he performed in the Casino, but now the Asbury Park Police don’t allow it, although today there was a guitar player in there, with amps.

Paul plans to continue playing in the cold weather, unless conditions are really bad.   Look for him on weekends, especially sunny ones, at the northern end of the OG boards.  We found him there today, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, playing, of all things, “There’s a Summer Place.”   He says he likes that song today because he thinks it will make passersby warmer.

Today Paul has positioned himself right in front of where the new “boutique” hotel will be under the new North End Redevelopment Plan. You can be sure that he won’t be allowed there when it opens.  And maybe it won’t be so sunny at that location when the condoized /retail building goes up and blocks the sun.

BF Eichlin Casino post in 2016.



A SUMMER PLACE  from the movie The Shape of Water  by Andy Williams.





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Paul Eichlin still making his “carousel music” on the OG side of the North End boards. Some day the area behind him will be filled with stores, condos and a hotel. Paul Goldfinger photo. Oct. 2019. ©

Link to a 2018 post about Paul:

Paul Eichlin Blogfinger post 2018.




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Ppaul Eichlin with his Thunderbird. By Bob Bowné. October, 2015. ©

Paul Eichlin takes good care of his baby—-a 1961 Thunderbird. By Bob Bowné. October, 2015. ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger  Reposted from 2015.

We’ve been seeing a lot of Paul Eichlin lately. Not only does he play keyboard in the Casino, but Bob Bowné had been photographing Paul on the pier and with his favorite automobile, a 1961 Thunderbird.  Paul lives in Ocean Grove, and he likes to wax his car on Ocean Avenue.

I got to talk to him in person a few days ago while he was applying wax to his car, and he said that he has been struggling with the development of rust due to the salt air near the ocean.

This quote from Mr. Eichlin was about a week ago in a comment to Blogfinger, “This car is owned by myself, Paul Eichlin, who is also the keyboard player on the Boardwalk at Asbury Park. The car is a 1961 Ford Thunderbird which I have owned since June 1978. The car still has the original paint when manufactured in Sept. 1960. The secret of the car’s longevity has been that it was kept out of the winter road salt most of its life. Rain Dance Car Wax and Armor-all keeps it young.”


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Paul Eichlin in the Casino . He has a cigarette dangling from his lips as if he made his bones in some speakeasy on Bourbon Street. Paul Goldfinger photo July, 2016. © Click to see Paul better.

We wrote about Paul last year when Bob Bowné photographed him on Ocean Avenue in the Grove with his 1961 Thunderbird (see link below).  But Paul is really famous because he plays an electric organ in the Casino, featuring old merry-go-round style music.  It is such a delicious throwback to another era, and Paul just goes on and on, rarely missing a beat.  He nods happily when someone tosses some dough into his plastic pail.  He seems to be there all the time, as if that is all he does. Stop by and say hello to a fellow Grover.




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