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Sent to Blogfinger by a concerned citizen reporter. Jan 2, 2019.

We have been informed that flyers (see above) are being left on some windshields of cars at the North End  (the part of Ocean Grove where most of the A. Parkers go to get free parking.)  This idea seems desperate and weak—- adrift from much chance of success. But it shows what one frustrated citizen will do in the absence of help from the HOA or the Township of Ineptitude.

Yet most of us do nothing—just grin and bear it, and the Township has been totally useless in dealing with this problem.   The Comedy promised publicly to contact the A. Park Council, but nothing came of that.  And the Home Groaners are totally inept and ineffective on this issue.

And now we see the sad result of inaction regarding the interlopers whom we watch as they pile out of cars parked on our side, then walk over to A. Park, and then return early in the morning talking loudly and waking us up.

So now we have these winter flyers. Who wants to claim that this problem is only for a few weeks in the summer?


—Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.    Thank you to the citizen who is helping keep all of us informed.






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