History of the pier: Girls in their summer clothes. Paul Goldfinger on the OG Fishing Pier. Blogfinger.net ©


Blogfinger has written a number of articles about the pier’s history and especially about the future of the pier after it was largely destroyed in 2012 after Sandy.  We discussed the future of the OG Fishing Club and expressed the opinion that the CMA will never allow the Club to be reestablished on the pier even though they have a lease extending to 2024.

Here is a link that reviews the pier’s recent history:


What’s With the Fishing Pier? Part II: The Ocean Grove Fishing Club. 2021 surprise announcement.


And here is a link which discusses what the new pier might look like:

What would your fantasy OG fishing pier look like? This Re-post is from 2015. In 2019 the CMA tells us about their new design in the shape of a cross.


Now, at the Jan 22, 2022 HOA meeting, Michael Badger, CMA President announced that the DEP is considering the application to begin work in the spring, to be completed next summer.  Badger was asked about the design, but he was evasive.

He did say, according to the Coaster, that “the new pier will provide pubic access to the entire structure.”  Clearly  he is slamming the  door on any possibility that the Fishing Club might be reestablished at their prior location at the far end of the pier.

The Fishing Club is a historic part of the town, so this statement shows that the CMA has little respect for the history of the Grove, unless it suits them. But that attitude has been evident before.

The Coaster reports that Badger said that they might not use Trex.  He also said that there would be a  “horizontal extension”

Badger is reported to say that “details on this project” can be found at a website: http://www.ocean-grove.org/give/american-treasure/    but that url doesn’t work.  We tried http://www.oceangrove.org/give/american-treasure/  and that does work ,but we couldn’t find any pier “details.

And, now that we know that the Fishing Club is definitely excluded from their private space at the end, will other forms of entertainment be banned?   For example, how about girls in their summer clothes who want to shake their things?


CMA has a history of allowing girls in their summer clothes on the pier. What would Stokes say? Paul Goldfinger photo for Blogfinger. Is that curious fellow from the CMA?


Also from the pier’s history; Fishing Club members teach kids to fish–a hugely popular tradition. Mary Walton photo for Blogfinger. c.2012.


VINCE GIORDANO AND THE NIGHTHAWKS  with “Shake That Thing” from the movie The Aviator.

Coconut Point Mall, Estero, Fla. Internet photo


By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger.  Re-post from 2020 in Florida.

Scene:  I was on the loose by myself at the uber-upscale Coconut Point Mall in Estero, Florida. (Southwest near Naples.)  First stop was the Apple Store.  In front of the store were two young employees wearing Apple T shirts, but anything goes in footwear.  One guy had thongs.  The other guy had shorts and a strange haircut.

Peering into the store, I did not see the usual mayhem. Instead there were relatively few customers and a bunch of Apple sales and tech people.   I got in line and was given an appointment inside.  They were dealing with the virus situation by keeping only a small number of people inside so that they wouldn’t get close to each other.  I only had to wait about 20 minutes in front of the store.

The salesman who greeted me inside introduced himself, so I reflexively held out my hand, which he wordlessly ignored.  OK—I get it, but why not a word of explanation?

When I was done there I bypassed Tommy Bahama and, reluctantly,  Victoria’s Secret,  and headed for Barnes and Noble to use their restroom.  A young woman was smoking a cigarette outside:

Me:  Can you please direct me to the restrooms?

She:  Speaking in a mild accent which indicated eastern Europe—Poland or Russia.   “Go in this door and turn left.  It’s under that big sign that says ‘of men and mice.'”

Me: Thanking her.  The men and mice reference convinced me that she was an immigrant.

Me:  In the restroom was one other man, and we were washing our hands. He got done first but couldn’t get a towel out of the dispenser.  He then did something that startled me.  He began dismantling the dispenser, opening it up to reveal a roll of towels. “Yikes, I thought; he is going to fix the freaking machine.”  Instead he just unrolled and tore a piece of paper and stepped aside, leaving me to follow his lead, which I did. It’s good to have a man around the house.

Next I headed to the B & N coffee shop:

At the coffee shop:  A young lady, also with an eastern European accent greeted me with a big smile. “Can I help you?”  she asked.

Me:  I’d like a medium latte and an apple pastry, heated and cut in half.  I’ll have it here.  (I intended to bring half home to Eileen.)

She, pausing for a moment:  “Is this for one person or two persons?”   I was initially bewildered by the question.

Me:  “Uh, well, it’s for one person, but it could be for two if I get lucky.”

She:  Laughed, and I thought if she’s an immigrant, then she wouldn’t get my joke, but she did.   Isn’t it great that a person who comes here from another country, is working in Barnes and Noble, and tries to do her job as perfectly as possible would also get my joke?  ”

You see, said she, “If it were two people, I would wrap the halves separately.”

She:  A few minutes later she handed me my coffee and my heated pastry and said, “Look, I timed this perfectly.”

Me:  “I appreciate that.”   (And, I thought,  thank God for women.)






The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.  Anne was hidden for two years, but finally shipped to a concentration camp where she died at age 15 (August 1944)  Paul Goldfinger photos from the documentary.


Anne Frank (L) and her sister Margot.


The enormity of the Holocaust cannot be reduced to one movie or one book or one photograph.   The capacity of the Nazis to destroy millions of people outside of military actions cannot be comprehended, and humans will contemplate what happened for as long as mankind is capable of wondering.

Wiki:  Researchers found that the Nazis established about 42,500 camps and ghettos between 1933 and 1945. This figure includes 30,000 slave labor camps; 1,150 Jewish ghettos, 980 concentration camps; 1,000 POW camps; 500 brothels filled with sex slaves; and thousands of other camps used for euthanizing the elderly and infirm; Germanizing prisoners or transporting victims to killing centers. Berlin alone had nearly 3,000 camps.

But there is one statistic which belies all understanding:  The Nazis murdered 1 1/2 million Jewish children just because of their religion.

Of course, the total deaths were massive, and all kinds of people were swept up in it.

Yet, humankind has found ways to forgive, a least to forgive those who were not born yet.

My cousin Marty served in Europe, and when I bought a Mercedes in the 1980’s, he said, “Why are you driving a Nazi car?”

I answered, “Many of  the taxis in Israel are Mercedes.”

But the Nazis cannot be forgiven nor can all those criminals ever be brought to justice.

However there is an incredible museum  in Jerusalem called Yad Vashem where Holocaust remembrance is their main theme.

Yad Vashem. Putting a face to a statistic.   Wiki.


And at Yad Vashem there is an Avenue of the Righteous where non-Jews who rescued Jews at great risk to themselves are honored.


The Avenue of the Righteous at Yad Vashem.  Wiki.


When the Brits liberated Bergen-Belsen in Germany, they found 60,000 sick and dying survivors.  Still image from the documentary.


There is no ending to the story much of which remains to be told.   But on 1/27/22, I can offer one grain of sand to illuminate in this Blogfinger post.


Paul Goldfinger, MD.  Editor   Blogfinger.net


Michelle Garruti  “Theme From Schindler’s List:”




Eileen Goldfinger (water color) Paul Goldfinger photo–Coral Berry winters in our garden.  January 26, 2022.  ©  Click to enlarge.


LOS LOBOS    “Sabor a Mi”


Paul Goldfinger photo. These water guys  (below) got our attention this morning. 1/26/22.  Ocean Grove, NJ.


Today we were alerted to a group of big machines and men as they moved into position near my porch at the corner of  Mt. Hermon and Delaware.   In recent days they had been digging up Mt. Tabor in the same neighborhood.

A worker told us that they were digging “test pits” and then would put down new water mains.  Meanwhile it’s pretty noisy around here.  It’s a terrifyingly horrid looking giant circular saw with big teeth. It has replaced the jack hammer.

There are workmen maintaining distancing as they watch.



Preparing to test and “tap” the water pipes; connect with mains and with Mt. Tabor.   Paul Goldfinger aerial photo.  1/27/22.


THE KODAKS:  “OH GEE  OH GOSH”       Just forget the noise and listen to the Kodaks


Regina Carter

Regina Carter


Kenny Barron

Kenny Barron


By Paul Goldfinger   Re-post.

Regina Carter is an American jazz violinist who was conservatory trained before switching to jazz.   She is 46 years old.  Kenny Barron is a 70 year old American jazz pianist.

The album is Freefall and the song “Shades of Gray” was written by Ms. Carter.

Mr. Barron has appeared on hundreds of recordings.  He taught piano and harmony at Rutgers for over 25 years.  He is now at Julliard.


Eileen: A Portrait

Taken on a slow boat to China. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Taken on a slow boat to China. By Paul Goldfinger © From the Eileen series.

NORA JONES:  This song, “The Nearness of You” was written by Hoagie Carmichael in 1938 for the movie “Romance in the Dark.”   It was sung in the film by an actress, but the hit version on the charts was by the Glenn Miller Orchestra with the vocal by Ray Eberle.

Norah Jones recorded it in 2002 for her album “Come Away With Me.”



Tanglewood Rehearsal. Paul Goldfinger. Click to enlarge.


JOSHUA BELL.  Mendelssohn’s   Violin Concerto in E  Minor





Ocean Grove. October 30, 2021. Paul Goldfinger photo. Click to enlarge. ©


CARLOS GARDEL. “Por Una Cabeza.”  A tango…..


Carlos Gardel.



And, one of my favorite movie scenes features this tango (instrumental) from The Scent of a Woman.

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