A Waiter in Paris. Published May 5, 2022. Widespread distribution this summer. Paul Goldfinger photograph.  Q2.  Ocean Grove, NJ I have a credit on the inside of the dust cover.


Paul Goldfinger


I was excited to see the finished product.  As some of you know, my black and white photograph of Left Bank waiters was chosen for the dust cover, and it was thrilling to see that the designers had the print match the black and white of the photograph. The actual print has been posted here on Blogfinger.net

Here is a link      https://wp.me/pqmj2-p6g :


This book copy was sent to me by the Octapus Publishing Group in London (Thanks to Giulia Hetherington whose musical name sounds so English.)

I sent her one of my photos taken in the East Village.  It turns out that she spent time there with friends in a rented “flat”, just a few blocks from where my black and white image was taken. She was thrilled with the gift.

Two other publishers will post the book using my same photo.  I don’t know if their jacket design will be the same.  We will find out this summer.

Here is a short review from the publisher:

“An evocative portrait of the underbelly of contemporary Paris as seen through the eyes of a young waiter scraping out a living in the City of Light. A waiter’s job is to deceive you. They want you to believe in a luxurious calm because on the other side of that door . . . is hell.

“Edward Chisholm’s spellbinding memoir of his time as a Parisian waiter takes you beneath the surface of one of the most iconic cities in the world–and right into its glorious underbelly. He inhabits a world of inhuman hours, snatched sleep and dive bars; scraping by on coffee, bread and cigarettes, often under sadistic managers, with a wage so low you’re fighting your colleagues for tips. Your colleagues–including thieves, narcissists, ex-soldiers, immigrants, wannabe actors, and drug dealers–are the closest thing to family that you’ve got. It’s physically demanding, frequently humiliating and incredibly competitive. But it doesn’t matter because you’re in Paris, the center of the universe, and there’s nowhere else you’d rather be in the world.”


WYNTON MARSALIS:  “You’re My Everything.”


May 14, 2022. Paul Goldfinger. photo.   Founders Park. Ocean Grove. Click to enlarge. ©


As a kid, I thought that “walk the dog” was a yo-yo trick.  No one had dogs where we lived–only yo-yo’s.

Ocean Grove  is a great dog town.  It’s too bad the census doesn’t include dogs. That would be interesting.

Here a Grover walks her (g.u.=  gender uncertain)  poodle on Lake Avenue., heading west.  A. Park is barely visible.   Maybe this French dog thinks he/she is at the River Seine.

C’est vrai–dogs do think and they remember.  And people remember too.  Women like to sunbathe topless along the Seine.   I have the evidence: Kodachrome slides.

This is a foggy wet morning in the Grove,.

Few people are around;  just walking in the rain.

But it’s a good time to reflect.


BILLY JOEL: “Just the Way You Are.”

I would not leave you in times of trouble
We never could have come this far, mmm
I took the good times, I’ll take the bad times
I’ll take you just the way you are


BZ’s bar and lounge in the lavish Gasparilla Inn, Boca Grande Fla.  (1909.) Stop for a drink and a snack from mid afternoon to late night. In the morning you can go deep sea fishing.   Paul Goldfinger photograph 2015. © Click to enlarge or just put it on your tab.  The public is allowed here.  We came to take a gander at the place where people like J.P Morgan, Henry Ford,  Katherine Hepburn, and the Bush family stayed.


French toast with fresh Jersey blueberries and peaches. 6/24/16© Paul Goldfinger photo

French toast with fresh Jersey blueberries and peaches. Recipe by Eileen Goldfinger, Food Editor @ Blogfinger.net.   First posted  6/24/16©    Paul Goldfinger photo. Click to enlarge.


The fresh  blueberries and peaches  are wonderful now—very sweet.  (referring to mid to late June)   Eileen got hers at Wegmans.  In May blueberries are nice  but no peaches yet. You can substitute fruits.

The French toast recipe is easy and delicious.  You must use challah  (braided Jewish egg bread) which you can always get at Wegmans on Friday.  If you buy one, it will last for a week in your fridge, or you can freeze it.  We bought ours this morning.

Use a large shallow bowl and break some eggs into it.  (For two people, use four large eggs.)  With a fork or a whisk, beat the eggs until the yolks and whites are combined.

Add two teaspoons of real vanilla extract and a pinch of salt, and stir into the eggs.

Cut three  1 1/2 inch  slices from the center of the bread and place them in the egg mixture.

Allow the bread slices to soak up the egg mixture on both sides.

Add a tbsp. of vegetable oil to a  12 inch non-stick fry pan and spread the oil over the bottom of the pan. Heat until the oil begins to sizzle.

Place the bread slices into the heated pan and cook both sides until brown.  (approx. 3 minutes per side)

Serve the French toast with fresh fruits and real maple syrup.

Serves 2.  Make it for Father’s Day, Sunday,  June 19, 2022 and bring Dad to the OG Townwide Yard Sale on June 18, Saturday.





Too cool for words. Noah in the tropics.  It’s the Goldfinger curse.


These Halloweenies showed up at our house during the day last Halloween–2021.   (Mt Hermon Way near Delaware)


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor, Blogfinger.net


You may recall that a worrisome event occurred after dark last Halloween.  The small kids had come and gone, and some older kids began to show up, coming from Asbury Park.   This is not a new phenomenon.  They want to get as much candy as possible.  Many did not even have a semblance of a costume, but we stayed the course.

However, as it got seriously dark, a  mob of big kids came marching down Mt. Hermon heading east.  They were shouting and moving aggressively towards our porch. Those “kids”  were smug and were laughing.

A bunch of them, about 8 to 10 in number,  surrounded an adult who had the goodies while sitting on our porch steps.  They shoved their way towards him, surrounded him,  and ripped the candy out of his hands, throwing the empty bag back at him.  He was not touched , but it was scary and intimidating.

In the middle of all that tumult, some of them stole a car, about half a block west of us.  The car revved its engines and tore down the street past us. We were sure that they would crash.   We learned that the thieves sped into Asbury where they crashed the vehicle.

The police did not show up, but we heard that detectives were investigating.

Subsequently we never learned if anybody had been detained or arrested over this incident and we never learned if anything would be done in 2022 to prevent a repeat.

We thought that at least a curfew should be imposed this year.  And we thought that no Grovers would stay on their porches after dark in 2022.    Also we wondered if the police would offer a preventive presence this Halloween after dusk in the Grove, especially at the North End.

But, as is their style, the 5 caballeros on the Neptune Comedy never showed any interest regarding  what happened and what would be done for 2022 to avoid trouble in our neighborhood.

Here is exactly what happened last Halloween  (2021)  Blogfinger report:

Trick or treat in the Grove. The October surprise:


THE ANDREW SISTERS—Just change the song from  three to five:


Great white heron in flight. This photo opportunity was not missed because I was standing there ready for action.  The bird flew by in about 2 seconds.   See link below.    Paul Goldfinger photo. Florida.


Great white heron in flight.



Paul Goldfinger. Photo editor Blogfinger.net

Years ago I used to wish that I had a camera with me all the time so as not to miss a photo op. I tried to always have a camera in my car,  but I still missed ops.

Now I have an iPhone attached to me and I still miss ops.

Today, while driving, I spotted through the front windshield a momentary event in the sky:  A large light brown hawk swooped past me as it attacked a small bird in mid-flight.   And then they both vanished.  Another missed op.

Maybe Elan Musk or Apple can come up with a special set of glasses that would allow me to photograph whatever I am seeing—-if in a car, just press a button on the steering wheel with the glasses attached to the car by Bluetooth.  Or maybe I could activate the shutter on the glasses camera just with a thought command  (photo intelligence.)  That would be great for street photography.

Well, meanwhile I have my hands and head  full trying to grasp the advanced technology in today’s digital cameras—in my case I am specifically wrestling with the Leica Q2  Mono.  But advanced  technology comes at a big cost.  Did you spend $1,000 for the iPhone 13?  I did, and the camera is terrific.


CHICAGO: “Baby, What a Big Surprise.”


Fletcher Lake in Ocean Grove. By Rich Despins. © Special to Blogfinger.net

Fletcher Lake in Ocean Grove. By Rich Despins. © Special to Blogfinger.net click to enlarge.




Interlaken, New Jersey. Paul Goldfinger photo. 5/14/22






Illumination Night. Auditorium Square Park 8/4/17 Paul Goldfinger ©  Click for bigger colored  balls.


THE VELVETS.    In 1961 this group from west Texas recorded this song.  Listen to the backup lyrics and  you will know why they call this   “doo wop” music.


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