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I had a Kodak box camera then. There were some light leaks.  Probably a Brownie, made in England for Kodak. Paul Goldfinger ©



Paul Goldfinger ©. Bunche Beach.  Click to enlarge




This is Tillie, the symbol of funny business in A. Park. But who is looking after the interests of Grovers who live on this side of the Retention /Detention Basin?


Let’s get rid of the gang who can’t shoot straight and elect this woman and her friends to the HOA board. Photo by Brassai. ©


The Ocean Grove Home Groaners Ass. is really digging its heels into all the Grovarian issues that affect the lives of those who live in our town:  At their next meeting they will discuss “the history of the Midtown area of Neptune as a destination for African American tourism, and how that history informs redevelopment plans for Midtown…”

Gee whiz!  Do you think the Midtowners will soon have a program discussing OG history and how that informs our tourism and redevelopment plans?

Is this meeting supposed to reassure Grovers and Midtowners that we care about the redevelopment of Midtown?  Nobody in Midtown will buy it, and nobody in OG will care, except perhaps for some concerned citizens on the HOA Board.

It’s time for the Groaners to get busy and find out something about our own town and its concerns.  Maybe they will determine what they can do to make some real progress for their own constituency right here in River City with a capital O.

ROBERT PRESTON   From the Music Man:


“A Ticket to Ride?”   Hollywood Cemetery. Richmond, Virginia. 2016. Paul Goldfinger © Blogfinger.net  Click to read the message.



JOHN COLTRANE:  “In A Sentimental Mood.”   With Duke Ellington.



Ocean Grove, NJ. May visuals. Paul Goldfinger © c. 2016.



KARRIN ALLYSON from her album Round Midnight


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Ocean Grove, NJ. Paul Goldfinger © A spring cliche, but….


Spring sprouts cliches—-

haikuists must dig

deeper furrows


By George Held, from the current issue of The Aurorean.

Special to Blogfinger


REGINA CARTER     “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most.”




Slowly she turned and looked around;  the Blogfinger cow stared in our direction and wondered, “Why don’t people eat mor chiken?” Blogfinger photo ©.


a.  Medical.  Many new cars have keyless ignition fobs.  Unless the car is engineered with a warning mechanism, it is possible to walk away, carrying  your fob, while the engine continues to run. If you pull into a garage, there can be deaths or injury due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

b. Songs on a Summer Afternoon.

Source: OGCMA summer program guide 2018.

This remarkable recital series will return this year with operatic vocal music.  It will begin on July 1 and will carry forward on July 15, July 22, July 29, August 5 and August 12. The stars are Ronald Naldi (tenor) Monica Ziglar (soprano,) Justin Beck (bass-baritone, and Katherine Pracht (mezzo-soprano).  The program is provided by the CMA in the Youth Temple, and there is no charge.

RONALD NALDI  “Rondine al nido.”

c.   Free Memorial Day Concert on Saturday May 26 with the Atlantic Wind Ensemble at 8 pm in the Great Auditorium sponsored by the OGCMA who feature it as the”kick off of their 149th. summer season.   The concert will feature patriotic/military anthem and popular marches.  The ensemble is conducted by Dennis T. Eschbach who replaced Harry  Eichhorn as director 5 years ago

d.  Blog stats for May 15, 2018;   900 visits.  Most popular topic is about the three hour parking; then the Town-Wide Yard Sale report; then the mega events.

e.  Here’s an uplifting event in OG:  Neptune Township High School graduation.  At least walk over towards the end and witness the scene when they all emerge from the Great Auditorium.  We will be photographing that happy time:   June 21  ?6 pm



This is why Blogfinger must exist.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor and Jack Bredin, Reporter/researcher.

For many of us, the first inkling of a new ordinance regarding a 3 hour parking plan on Main Avenue appeared on May 10, front page of the Coaster. In that article we learned that such  a plan would be presented at the May 14 meeting of the Township Committee.  The idea would be that parking on Main Avenue from New York to Central Avenues would be limited to 3 hours from June 15 to September 15.  The article did not say what the motivation for this ordinance was or how the idea came to appear on the May 14 agenda.

The Qoaster Quote  said several other things:  First it said that the idea would be discussed at  a Workshop prior to the regular meeting.  Vito Gadaleta, the Business Manager said that the plan probably would not be introduced as an ordinance.  Secondly it did not disclose how this secretive plan could rise so quickly in the ordinary sequence of events for ordinances.

Third, no details were offered as to how such a plan would be implemented.  And the piece did not reveal who leaked the information. Journalists should give their sources or at least say “anonymous” or “Deep Throat,” or whatever.

Fourth, the piece said that the Chamber of Commerce was encouraging its members to attend the meeting.

Also, Barbara Burns, the Ocean Groaner-in-Chief was quoted as saying, “If they introduce an ordinance, that would be wonderful.”

At the May 14 Committee meeting, the ordinance was indeed presented for a first reading, but no one from the public was allowed to speak directly to it.  All five Committeemen approved it.   The public can speak at the final reading on May 24. It seemed like this ordinance was set  to be passed before anyone parked their car.

No details about this plan were revealed at the meeting including information about enforcement, fairness, necessity, and how the idea was introduced to the Committee in the first place.

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During the meeting Committeeman Carol Rizzo said, “We are trying to achieve more turnover of parking spaces to preserve the business community.”

Committeeman Michael Brantley said,  “I think we need more information.*

Committeman Kevin McMillan said, “This proposal is reasonable.”

Committeeman Robert Lane said, “How many homes above the stores will be affected?”*

Gadaleta said, “The residents that live in the area and work Monday-Friday will not be affected because the ordinance will be enforced only on weekends, and those residents can move their cars prior to the weekend..”

* Blogfinger awards 5 fingers to those quotes that actually  made sense . There were two.  Most of the Qommittee Quotes are open to criticism.  BUT, in the end,  they all voted “yes” to approve this first reading.

We have a few things to say about this gobbledygook:

a.  Clearly the Chamber of  Commerce is behind this plan, but how did they gain such rapid influence without so much as a study of the idea?   And why are they so indifferent to the residents of this town?   At least they could have paid for a study to investigate their biased ideas that dumps on those who make that business/residential zone their home.

b. There are 80 parking spaces available to residents in that zone.  Where will they park when this ordinance passes?  They will look for spaces blocks away, maybe by your house?

c.  Why does the Committee jump through hoops for the merchants but not for the residents of Ocean Grove?

d. Why was no explanation given to the public or the press  (or, for that matter to most of the committee) justifying such a plan?

e.  Why was this “plan” put forth  so quickly when there has been no actual detailed plan presented to the public first?  Why weren’t proper procedures followed? This is legislative malpractice.

f.  And the comment by the OG Groaners shows how out of touch they are with respect to the residents of  the Grove.

g. And finally, where do the employees and owners of businesses currently park, and where will they park if the plan is approved?  And how many people actually live in that zone where there are apartments and private homes?   New Jersey law requires such details.

You could be a blind man and still see the stupidity of this process and this proposal.

Does the public care?  You can bet that the shmoes on the Township Committee are certain that no one will object.


THE TRUE BLOOD PLAYERS:    Township Committee theme song to be played at every Committee meeting.


By 6:30 pm there was a long line waiting to get in at the Auditorium Pavilion on Ocean Pathway in Ocean Grove. © Click to enlarge the photos

By 6:30 pm there was a long line waiting to get in at the Auditorium Pavilion on Ocean Pathway in Ocean Grove. © Click to enlarge the photos. Blogfinger.net   Reposted from July 2016.


The assembly line was well oiled. This was the tartar sauce station. All photos by Paul Goldfinger of Blogfinger.net

The assembly line was well oiled. This was the tartar sauce station. All photos by Paul Goldfinger of Blogfinger.net


You needed to be a red head to work here. It all smelled so good. Nothing like fried fish and chips right out of the fryer. ©

You needed to be a red head to work here. It all smelled so good. Nothing like fried fish and chips right out of the oil. ©  The cooks were professionals from Kearny, NJ, fish and chip mecca.


This is the sort of community event that breathes life into a town like OG.

FRED MOLLIN AND THE BLUE SEA BAND  from the movie Ratatouille 




Re-posted from June, 2017.

Soon it will be prom time again. Talk about girls in their summer clothes!

But I love the guys in the tuxes. In my day we did white dinner jackets with a carnation on the lapel.  To this day, carnations remind me of proms.

And we had  no limo’s and no booze, but lots of crinolines to battle with in the back seat.  My florist friend tells me that carnations are out now, but flowers are still in. Corsages are still a must.

Jean Bredin did this post last year (2017).—Paul @Blogfinger

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Ocean Township High School prom day. June 1, 2017. Photographs by Jean Bredin  (Around town with Jean). Blogfinger staff. ©. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Hi Paul,
It was the Ocean Township H.S. Prom night. June 1, 2017.
Ocean Grove’s Boardwalk seems to be the perfect spot for a portrait,

TONY BENNETT:   This song won an Oscar in 1936. It was featured in the movie “Swing Time” with Fred Astaire. Jerome Kern wrote the music and Dorothy Fields the lyrics.  Dorothy said that when she first heard the melody, she was so moved that she couldn’t stop crying.  It is indeed so beautiful and so perfect for prom night.

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