Neptune Township ballot drop box behind the library. The box is locked.





Graduation Day (Neptune High School) at the Greatest Auditorium. Jean Bredin photo for Blogfinger.net June, 2018. ©. Re-post 2020.

By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger.net

Each June, the Township of Neptune honors the Scarlet Flyers with a lovely graduation ceremony in the Great Auditorium.  The students and families at NHS look forward to what has become a multi-generational tradition.

Blogfinger has been present to photograph an event filled with joy. You can search our archive box. (top right) to see some of those images.

Unfortunately, the event had to be cancelled this year because of the virus risks.

Here is Edward Elgar’s magnificent “Pomp and Circumstance.”  At Rutherford High School, where I learned reading, writing and the facts of life, we always went down the aisle in the Rivoli Theater.

I recall my junior year when I was in the pit with fellow bandsmen to play this piece for the graduating seniors. There was a beautiful alto sax solo in our arrangement, and I played it into a microphone with the sound echoing throughout the theater.  Music has such power to cause goosebumps, and sometimes the musicians get them also.





Illumination Night

Ocean Pathway, OG. August, 2018. Dusk. Paul Goldfinger photograph. © click to enlarge.

MICHELE GARRUTI:   “Life is Beautiful” from the 1997 Italian movie of the same name.   From the album the Greatest Movie Soundtracks.  The film won three Academy Awards including Best Foreign Film, Best Original Score and Best Actor. (Roberto Benigni.)

Life is but a dream….

Boardwalk Pavilion. Ocean Grove. Summer, 2019.  Paul Goldfinger photograph. ©. Click to enlarge.

THE HARPTONES:    From the soundtrack of Goodfellas

Ocean Grove South End. This part of town is rarely photographed.   Paul Goldfinger photo. Summer 2019.  Blogfinger.net photo. Click to enlarge.


BY THE WAY, IT’S THE MT. HERMON WAY HERMITS (Truly hermits between summer parking and now the virus)



Paul Goldfinger photo. Grover boards. August 2018. © Click to enlarge.


LEONARD COHEN.  “Morning Glory”.  Album is Dear Heather.

By Paul Goldfinger, MD.   Blogfinger.net.  October 13, 2020:

There is an open seat on the Neptune Committee. The election is November 3 or by paper ballot.  One candidate is a Republican— Gary Moll, while the other is a Democrat named Keith Cafferty.  When it comes to Ocean Grove, does anyone have a clue as to what they stand for?

I have a dim view of the Neptune Committee, but the worst of it is single party rule. A dissenting voice is needed. Single party rule is bad governance, especially as it pertains to the abuse of Ocean Grove.

The last dissenter was a Democrat MaryBeth Jahn who opposed the North End Plan and wanted single family homes.  She was dismissed for that;  the County Dems dumped her for straying off the reservation.

Now, in a Democratic conspiracy, Kevin McMillan has been replaced by Cafferty.

In 2016 Brantley and Williams were elected to the Committee. This is from a Blogfinger article at that time:

In 2016, the Committee will remain all Democratic. Neptune used to be solidly Republican. Now it is the most Democratic town in Monmouth County. Some say that party politics are not important in local elections, but don’t believe it. If you look at the Facebook page of Brantley and Williams, after winning, they said, “Democratic residents of Neptune. This was a victory for you.”

In my opinion, local governance should not be based on political party, and that is why, typically, campaign signs for local office have not mentioned party affiliation in the past.

But now Cafferty puts “Democrat” on all his signs, signalling what his preference will be on the Committee. He also has put his name on signs that say Biden/Harris.

For a local office such as Committeeman, the main priority should be what’s best for the folks, not what’s best for the party.

Carol Rizzo, when accepting the position of Neptune Mayor in 2019, asserted that her Committee would be “bipartisan,”  but that, by definition, is nonsense. Rizzo, interestingly, almost experienced a “McMillan” when the Dems nearly dumped her in 2019.  Clearly that party in Neptune is unstable and untrustworthy.

Regarding Ocean Grove,  if elected, Cafferty or Moll,  would face many non-political issues:  zoning, land use, parking, safety, police, Wesley Lake, quality of life, condofication, and North End among others.

These issues, other than perhaps taxes,  should have nothing to do with party ideology.

The worst thing for us would be to have Cafferty in office to stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of that secretive and monolithic crew.

At this point there would be nothing either of the candidates could say regarding the local issues that would be compelling because they are both ignorant of life in the Grove.

That leaves me with one issue: single party rule.   Put a Republican into that seat—at least it would give us a chance to have someone watching over the gruesome foursome.

If we are lucky, we could hope for a whistle blower to keep the faith with the Grove, not to be political, but to be an honest broker of the truth.

This is what I said one year ago about the Neptuners at the Mother Ship—-on Blogfinger, and it still applies:

“What we want to hear at Blogfinger is a promise from the Township Comedy to stop fiddling around and to actually do something  to help those who live in town, who pay taxes, and who endure the horrid congestion which Neptune has allowed to torment us during prime season, and to admit that parking is just part of our situation which includes the condofication of our historic properties, the smothering of life styles in town due to oppressive tourist invasions, the violations of land use laws including zoning fraud, endless approvals of street closures, endless giant mega-events that seem like the New Jersey State Fair has come to town every Saturday in season, and disinterest in the cultural and historic prerogatives which are missing from the fabric of this potentially most unique town.”

DWIGHT YOAKAM.   “Understand Your Man.”  From  Kindred Spirits-A Tribute to the Songs of Johnny Cash..

Eileen.  New York City, c. 1967. Hand colored (by Eileen) silver gelatin print. Photo by Paul Goldfinger


SOUNDTRACK:  Johnny Hartman—“The Very Thought of You” (by Ray Noble)


BlackWhite Gallery

“Slow dancin’…in the tents” By Paul Goldfinger. Soundtrack by Wynton Marsalis.

Bryant Park. From the NYC Street Series. By Paul Goldfinger

Bryant Park. From the NYC Street Series. By Paul Goldfinger.


MADELEINE PEYROUX.     “La Javanaise”   by Serge Gainsbourg.   From the album Half the Perfect World.    


“Life is not worth living without love

But you’re  the one who wanted it that way my love

Whether it pleases you or not

In dancing the Javanaise

We loved each other for the length of a song”


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