Mt. Hermon Way. 4/26/17.  Blogfinger photo.


Ocean Grove. Paul Goldfinger photo © Undated, probably July 4.  Click to enlarge.


JILL HAWORTH  from the original cast of Cabaret in 1966.

Paris 1937 by Lucien Aigner. Currently at the Gallery Kayafas, Boston.

By Paul Goldfinger, photography editor @Blogfinger.net

The photojournalist Lucien Aigner was born in Hungary.  He moved to Paris where he worked with some of the pioneer Leica-toting photographers such as Robert Capa. When WWII happened, he escaped to America where he continued his work.  He spend his last days organizing over 100,000 of his negatives.

I have been a Leica photographer most of my life, including now when I work with a Leica digital, the M-9.  But I still spend time scanning negatives for digital files to create prints and to post on Blogfinger.

Josephine Baker was an American singer who moved to France where she was a sensation. She liked to perform in abbreviated costumes including one where she wore a very short skirt made of bananas.  She was famous in Europe, but less so in the US.

Baker was active in the US civil rights movement; she would never perform in front of segregated audiences. During WWII, she assisted the French Resistance, and DeGaulle personally gave her their highest honor.

Her biggest hit was “I Have Two Loves”  (“J’ai deux amours.”)  which we have played on Blogfinger in the past.  (see below)


Josephine Baker 1930.

The North End on the occasion of the NERP’s ninth anniversary. Blogfinger photo 10/16. ©  Click to enlarge.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor and Jack Bredin, Researcher.

At the April 24, 2017 Committee meeting, Jack Bredin went to the microphone to ask about the recent Coaster ad seeking a redevelopment attorney for Neptune Township. He found out that the ad was placed by the Committee without a formal resolution to back it up.  This is not a position which is part of the usual Township line-up of employees and consultants.  The Township already employs very knowledgeable attorneys for the Planning Board and the Township who are currently on the payroll.

But evidently the Committee needs a  lawyer who has a bigger tow truck to pull the NERP (North End Redevelopment Plan) out of the haze, smoke and mud it’s been stuck in for years.

Hiring for such a position, which undoubtedly will be costly for the Township, should be justified in a resolution, but Jack was told that no resolution was required. The Committee said, “We don’t need one.”

You might recall that the original NERP from 2008 was still in effect. It consists of 165 residential units (mostly condominiums,) an underground garage, and a hotel.  Many are skeptical regarding the latter two components.  You might also recall that no formal engineering plans have ever been submitted to estimate  the costs and to explain the engineering challenges of the whole project, especially the garage and the pilings.

WAVE and the CMA are still listed as the redevelopers, although the CMA has said that it no longer wanted that job.  WAVE has been promising to present its financing arrangements and to identify its investing partners, but that hasn’t occurred so far either.  A redevelopment plan cannot go forward without those financial details.  Also no formal re-developers agreement has ever been signed.

In January a newly enlarged redevelopment committee was announced which will not only deal with the OG North End, but with other redevelopment projects around town. No one from Ocean Grove is on that line-up.  How about some affirmative action for the Grovers?

It would appear that the new lawyer will have a lot of  ‘splaining to do.

THE OINKER SISTERS:  The current NERP has been a dead duck for some time… or is it a pig?   Well, it’s time for a new way to walk at the North End.  (song by Joe Raposo on Sesame Street)







Fort Myers, Florida. By Paul Goldfinger. ©

Fort Myers, Florida. 2013.  By Paul Goldfinger. ©

From the off-Broadway show (1966) Dames at Sea:  “It’s Raining in my Heart.”  (live performance);  Last posted in 2015.

“Where’s my umbrella and where’s my guy?

I need that fella to keep me dry

It won’t help if the sunshine should start

“Cause it’s raining in my heart”


We were visiting the Thomas Edison summer estate in Fort Myers, Florida when we stumbled on a wedding party arriving for a photo shoot.  We posted some of those images in 2012.  Here it is for a re-post. Click on the word “Blogfinger” below:




Fort Myers, Florida. March, 2012. By Paul Goldfinger.  Left click once for full view; arrow to go back.

SOUNDTRACK:  From the movie (1952)  “Annie Get Your Gun” by Irving Berlin. Sung by Howard Keel: “The Girl That I Marry.”

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The Greeks taught the Romans to appreciate the art of the tush. Florence , Italy. Paul Goldfinger photo.

Edward Weston’s 1925 nude image of Miriam Lerner. From the Collection of the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson.

A bathing beauty butt this one is in A. Park, August, 2016. Paul Goldfinger photo ©.  Click for a closer look.

From the Blogfinger Department of Fake News:

The editors at Blogfinger are happy to announce that they will sponsor the 2nd Annual WCT International Photo Competition.  The First Annual was held last year in Vegas, but, because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, the news never got out.

However soon it will be short-shorts season and then, hot on its tail, will be the thong season on the  OG Beach, which was recently chosen as one of the ten top beaches in the world for world class tushes.

Some years ago, Blogfinger was selected to be the official thong counter on the OG beach. That summer, there was only one, and that was on a dude. But that was also about 10 years ago, so get out your cameras and keep those eyes wide open.

You may submit more than one photo, and it could be a man, a woman, or something else.  But no fake bottoms are permitted for our Fake News contest.

We will award the photo prizes based on the quality of the subject matter and photographic excellence.  But, under no circumstances, will we allow objectification of any gender. We are celebrating the art of the tush, as pioneered by Pablo Picasso, Botticelli, Robert Mapplethorpe, Manet, Edward Weston and many other great artists who loved to photograph or sculpt, or paint glorious rear ends.

And many of the world’s most famous celebrities achieved fame when images of their bottoms were seen throughout the world, and that includes Marilyn Monroe,  Josephine Baker, Lady Gaga,  Bathsheba, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson (whose mom also had a spectacular tush), and Pamela Anderson.  And let’s not forget Justin Bieber and Hulk Hogan’s son.

THOMAS MATO BLANCHOT  from the album Sapli Soda Bossa

Sunset Avenue Ocean Township.  Sunday morning. 4/23/17. Paul Goldfinger photo.  Click to look at this strange and happy sight. ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

One year ago, Ocean Township took advantage of a Federal grant.  They banned parking on Sunset Avenue beginning at the bridge with Asbury Park. On the AP side there were many cars parked, but on the Ocean Twp. side,  there were none. What a striking difference!

Instead, on the Ocean Twp. side of the bridge, bike lanes were established on both sides, and bikers were welcomed  — an unusual development for a Jersey Shore town.   A woman on a two wheeler was pulling a bicycle caboose with shade, screens, and a toddler inside as she headed towards Asbury.  Then a string of about 6 bikers were spotted happily and safely following the bike lane heading west.

The car -free avenue extends to Logan Avenue and then to Deal Road.

We spoke to a resident who said that the car-less avenue did not create parking problems down the side streets, but this area has no beach, and houses have driveways and garages. The bikers were very pleased.

He pointed out that bike riders in most towns have challenges.  If there is parallel parking, a sudden door opening can abruptly stop a passing bicyclist. As a result, in such locations such as Belmar  bikers are often seen peddling down the middle of the street, creating other hazards  And where there is diagonal parking, the space left for bikes forces them to the middle as well, or onto the sidewalks.

Ocean Grove boardwalk. Blogfinger photo ©

We have bicycles in the Grove, but the best bet is to go on the boardwalk during appropriate hours, such as 3 am to 10 am.  Otherwise, cycling is a bit hazardous all around town. Not only do we have diagonal and parallel parking of many cars, but our side streets are a maze with unpredictable stop signs all over and cars whizzing about like at a chariot race.

Also,  our parking situation  in OG is so bad, that we seem to have little interest in the fate of bicyclists.  Despite this, peddling around town is a popular social activity, but without the high speeders in spandex who sometimes race through the Grove, on the way to elsewhere.  However for the slow-pokes and the kids, it is a holly-jolly thing to do–but be careful.

Bradley Beach bikers race through the Grove on the way to A. Park.  Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

As for our parking problems, the Township Parking Task Force is busy trying to create more spaces by making our town more ugly.  And the Township continues to promote high density construction projects without parking. What we need are innovative ways to lessen the number of cars in town; those ways  have been discussed on Blogfinger. That would encourage more bikers.

Let Sunset Avenue in Ocean Twp. be an inspiration if not a direct roll model.

Here are a few links  about biking in OG:

biking in OG

recreational biking in OG

Or, take a walk with She and Him:

Editor’s note in response to Tom Costantino’s fanciful alternative narrative about parking in the Grove  (see Tom’s comment; click below) see the etching below which shows a historic Ocean Grove without a single horse or buggy parked on the lovely streets depicted.  Those founders made sure there was parking then by placing stables near the entrance to town.  One was where the Embury Arms now take up an entire block with private parking, and the other was west of Delaware Avenue  in the North End of town.

19th century Ocean Grove.

Our parking problems cannot be fixed without less cars in town.  For starters, let the sponsors of those huge events  (i.e. the CMA and the Chamber of Commerce) provide parking out of the gates, with a steady stream of buses in and out.  Then let’s cancel some of those street clogging mega-sales and substitute events that are for the citizens of Ocean Grove, such as concerts in the parks, art sales for local artists,garden tours,  poetry readings, film festivals, historic reenactments, town-wide yard sale, etc.

And we should offer relief to the homeowners with parking stickers.  And we need a solution to the motorized invasion by those parkers heading for A. Park. This summer those Asbury meters will be operable until 2 am every day, putting even more pressure on our limited parking in the Grove.

“Maria Thornley’s Tent” by Ocean Grove artist Jack Bredin. Photograph by Rob Bredin. 4/23/17. ©

Jack has introduced his work before on Blogfinger.net. You can type his name into the search box on top of this page to see more about this fine local painter.

3rd Annual Town-Wide yard sale. Paul Goldfinger photo©

1.  Don’t miss the 6th Annual OG Town-wide Yard Sale:    We now have twenty  two addresses which will be having yard sales on May 13, the Saturday of the Mother’s Day Weekend.   Join the fun.  The numbers will accelerate as we approach and enter May.  It would be amazing if we could get close to 100 or even surpass that number.    Blogfinger will post the list of sale items prior to the event. Just email us with your information if you want to join the list.    (Blogfinger@verizon.net)

We have now established a tab to the Town-Wide Yard Sale page at the top of this blog. That page is where the address list is posted and updated. Note that the manager of the event is Ocean Grover Vincent Cannavo.  732 735 0409.   His email is vcan416512@aol.com.    Call him with questions, ideas, or concerns.


2.  Blogfinger stats.  On April 24, we had over  1500 hits.    The most popular topics included the sale of the Francis Asbury Manor, solving parking problems, just wondering who is in charge in town, folk artist Jack Bredin, and the 2nd Annual WTC competition.We had visitors from 12 foreign countries today including Nepal, Sweden, Vietnam and South Africa.

3.  Asbury Park renaissance continues:  rental prices are up, home prices are up, crime is down, developers will spend over $1 billion over next 10 years, parking revenue was $4.5 million last year, gay influx up, and signs of gentrification increase.  Individuals who used to live on the east side are being driven out by prices. African American numbers are down, while those who remain hope for the upgrading to move westward.

4.    Citizen reporter:   My driver from the airport Sunday who lives in Ocean Grove told me that there were three burglaries in quick succession in the Grove last week. One of the houses was on Broadway .  Anyone have more info for us?

5.  Keeping an eye on the North End. Activity is beginning.  The Township has appointed a new Redevelopment Subcommittee. It contains no one from Ocean Grove. The Township is advertising for a redevelopment attorney and a redevelopment financial advisor.  More details as they develop.

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