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Ocean Grove, July, 2012. Keeping our town beautiful and safe for the kids. Paul Goldfinger photograph 2016 ©

Ocean Grove,NJ.  Central Avenue.   Keeping our town beautiful and safe for the kids. Paul Goldfinger photograph 2016 ©


By Paul Goldfinger, MD  Re-posted from Blogfinger, July 2, 2012.

:  Auditorium Square Park near the Tabernacle and the tents.

Featuring:  Me (on my bike), stopped, camera around my neck, and looking around.  A small boy on a small bike heads in my direction, stops and speaks to me.

Boy:  “Do you have “brownbreeze?”

Me:  “What?”

Boy: “Do you have brownbreeze?”

Me:  (I’m beginning to get nervous. No adults are around watching this kid.  Don’t even think about taking his picture. Remember that guy on Blogfinger who nearly got arrested for taking pictures in Asbury):  “What are brownbreeze?” I ask  (I’m thinking it’s time to ride away)

Boy: “It’s to keep bad people away .”

Me:  (OMG.  He’s saying “boundaries”).  “No I don’t.  I’m a grown up.”

Boy:  “Some grownups have brownbreeze.”    ( I begin to slowly walk my bike away. The situation is making me a bit rattled)

Me:  “Oh, I guess you’re right.”  I move some more.

Boy: “Where are you going.?”

Me:  “I’m going home.”

Boy: “I am going home too.”  (He starts peddling his bike in the direction of some tents around the corner–he smiles in my direction)

Me:  “Be careful.”


Please keep an eye on your kids.




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Reposted from BF 2012:

We have been posting so much dreary nostalgic music lately—old Pachelbel himself is feeling down—-that we must lift everyone’s spirits.  So, from the “new Asbury Park” we bring you our first centerfold edition.

The Blogfinger Girls were photographed on the AP boards during Bamboozle 2012.  (Note: The festival will not be returning to AP next year—economic issues)–

Next centerfold will be from Ocean Grove.  Anybody interested?   (Men can volunteer also—we are an equal opportunity blog).  Just submit your jpegs rated PG-13 or less.     —Paul Goldfinger

The Blogfinger Girls getting bamboozled on the Asbury boards. By Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger centerfold photographer

The Blogfinger Girls getting bamboozled on the Asbury boards. By Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger centerfold photographer

SOUNDTRACK:   There’s something about these girls—They’re into the groove. Here’s Madonna–she wants to dance:

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Ocean Grove.  Friday afternoon.  All photos and videos by Paul Goldfinger  @Blogfinger

Ocean Grove. Friday afternoon. All photos and videos by Paul Goldfinger @Blogfinger

By Paul Goldfinger, Multi-media editor @Blogfinger

Shall I compare this to a summer day?  Of course it is—and a magnificent one at that here in the Grove.  It is balmy at 80 degrees, no humidity, 72 degree water and a nice crowd at both ends.  In the middle is no mans/womans land, but that’s OK, because the few people who are there in the middle seem really relaxed. It is quiet.

Red flags are flying telling everyone that the water is hazardous and don’t go out above your waist. I thought that if a very tall man followed those instructions, he could get into trouble, but remembering my anatomy, I recalled that his nose is higher than most noses. Actually the water looked deceptively safe, but evidently there was an undertow that could grab you and suck you to Spain or perhaps Long Branch.

The grassy/sandy strip has few people walking on it.  It seems as if the boardwalk scene has left town. While I was gazing at the strip, a man approached me and asked if I lived here.  I told him, “Not exactly here, but I am a citizen of Ocean Grove.”

He then said, as he gestured toward where the boardwalk used to be, “What happened here?”

I guessed he just landed from Mars, or Uranus, or perhaps from Manhattan. When I told him , he was amazed. “When will it be rebuilt?”  I said, “When we get $3 million from FEMA, but we are raising some money now. ”  I thought he might reach into his pocket and offer a few bucks, but he just patted me on the shoulder, smiled, said thank you and strolled towards Ocean Avenue, skipping the grassy/sandy strip altogether.

Weezer was there, and as I went by a kid was telling his mother to buy him a coca cola ice. She said, “No dear, it looks like coca cola, but it’s coconut.”  And then a brief flashback enveloped me as I recalled teaching my kids stuff like that, but it didn’t last long and I didn’t linger there.



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SOUNDTRACK: BILL FRISELL—“Across the Universe.”  Written by John Lennon.

As a sequential experience, first play the wind chimes and then play the Bill Frisell piece, adjusting the volume as needed.  You also can replay the video over and over until Bill lulls you perchance to sleep.

Paul Goldfinger

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By Paul Goldfinger

I decided to try Siri.  Maybe you have seen commercials where people ask her to do things like remind them to show up for an appointment.  My iPhone came with Siri and with an app called Notes.  So I dictated a trial note using Siri.  It was a very brief recipe for cabbage soup. This is what I got:

“One make cabbage soup

To boil some potatoes

Three slice up a cabbage

For what the cabbage in the pot five get short ribs with bombs

Sex Friday short ribs in a frying pan seven put it all together season it and cook it a sit down and eat it without a”

I don’t think this technology is going to work for me.  Maybe I need to talk slower or clearer. But, just so you know, there is no sex or bombs involved in the preparation of cabbage soup.  Maybe there is in Silicon Valley.

If you are interested in Siri, here is a link:   Siri says funny things

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Mott Haven neighborhood in the South Bronx today. This is Alexander Avenue, home of antique shops and cafes. These row houses are from the 1870's. It was the "hood" when Ken lived there. PG (Internet photo)

Grover Goes Home to His Old-New South Bronx Neighborhood 

By Kennedy Buckley

I grew up in the South Bronx’s Mott Haven neighborhood attending St. Jerome elementary school from ’37 to ’45.  The area was mostly a mix of Irish, Italian, and German. It started to change during WW II when Puerto Ricans came; then big public housing projects replaced tenements. After two kids, my family became part of the “white flight” to New Jersey in ’62.  It’s now mostly Mexican, with a smattering of those who never left.

A former classmate contacted me to attend a 50th reunion. The  original old neighborhood school, built in 1871, was well maintained: no graffiti, no broken glass in those old wooden windows, and still graduating students. A tour of the classrooms showed assignments proudly displayed, with enthusiastic students and teachers there, anxious to explain it all. The spirit of achievement was obvious as we toured familiar floors of classrooms and a well equipped computer facility.

The Ursuline Sisters have been long replaced by Mexican nuns and mostly male teachers. Our day included a hot meal in the old basement gym, now the lunchroom, manned by volunteers. In the old days everyone went home for lunch, but now all the parents work.

Despite all the area’s changes, it has remained a viable productive neighborhood that has evolved, but it works. The Pastor has even decorated the church alter with strings of colored lights to make the new parishioners feel at home in their new “South Bronx neighborhood.”

Soundtrack:  From “On the Town” the MGM film from 1944.  You know, “The Bronx is up and the Battery’s down.”  Click on “watch on YouTube”

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