Fall cottages on Stockton Avenue in Ocean Grove.  Near Allegria.  People love the OG cottages. Blogfinger photo 11/7/17 ©   Re-post from 2017.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

JOHN DONNE:   “No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.”

There is something special about the Stockton Avenue neighborhood where these two identical twins live.  It doesn’t seem Victorian. The architecture is variable, and the houses are mostly small in scale. They look like homes where families live and where pies are baked.

It has a quality of peacefulness and quaintness, as if it were posing for a book on small town America.

One would assume that the people who live nearby can’t bear the sight of that brick senior facility, but I think they must look there and see a park.  And they also see elderly people who love living there. It is their home.

Around Stockton Avenue there is a neighborhood and it seems to be about kindness and comfort.   It looks like all those who live there might share those sentiments.

Allegria residence for seniors. Stockton Avenue in OG. Click to see who lives there. Paul Goldfinger photo ©


HARRY JAMES AND HIS ORCHESTRA.   From Hannah and Her Sisters



And here’s a link to a Blogfinger post where a cottage is featured. It’s worth a visit, and don’t miss the song by Sylvia Froos from the 1930’s.  Does one have to be high to be happy?

Better than a penthouse?

Porta. Paul Goldfinger photo. © September 7, 2019. ©  Click to enlarge


Porta. Internet photo.  Click to enlarge.


We have never tried Porta, but some say it has the best pizza in New Jersey.  It is a cavernous place which sometimes has a long wait to get in.  The “gourmet” pizzas are made in a wood burning oven.  The place is known for its ultra-fresh ingredients.

Porta in Asbury Park is near the ocean at 911 Kingsley Avenue.  It has an outdoor garden, and there is parking.  Grovers can walk or bike.  Plan ahead.





Ocean Grove Beach. Paul Goldfinger ©. Undated.






OG lifestyles: a youthful emphasis of late. Paul Goldfinger photo. Undated. Blogfinger .net ©


THE VILLAGERS  from the soundtrack of HBO’s  Big Little Lies:





Ocean Grove Main Avenue near Nagle's. July 26, 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo ©.

Ocean Grove Main Avenue.  July 26, 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo ©.  Re-post 2016.

I remember the first time I ever visited this town, as if it were just yesterday. My spouse and I had the perfect day at the beach, enjoyed a fantastic dinner al fresco at the Sea Grass, then took a walk to the Boardwalk to smell that ocean breeze, hear those summer night’s crickets at work and then to walk back along the magically lit Main Avenue’s  trees to guide us to the Nagle’s line for an ice cream cone.

While waiting in line, our smiles widened as our spirits were in cloud nine listening to an older man singing songs to music played by a keyboardist, while in front of Nagles. People crowded around in their beach chairs, intently listening and appreciating this special slice of Ocean Grove heaven. We reached the window to retrieve our ice cream, and I made eye contact with the gentleman singing, as he sang to me–we both smiled at each other and I danced to his tune.

It was at that very moment…that soul to soul connected special moment that I blurted out to my spouse — that we were going to move into this town by the Spring.

On the first day of Spring, we bought our home and we continue to live happily ever after in this charming town.

I can’t exactly relive that most perfect simple day again, but we will try to create similar memories like those again and again.


KENNY VANCE and the PLANOTONES soundtrack of Looking For an Echo:


This neighborhood yard sale was nearby, on the way to the Giant Flea Mkt. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click to enlarge.


STUFFY SHMITT   from his album Other People’s Stuff:


Heck Avenue, by Jack Bredin. This is the sort of Ocean Grove which we should have at the North End.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

It took 12 years, but now a Redevelopers Agreement will be signed for the commercial redevelopment of the Ocean Grove North End.  The document is well over 100 pages and was probably prepared by the re-development lawyer who was hired to make sure that this happens.  Only individuals with specialized knowledge can dig into this monster and judge if it is OK.

The Township Attorney evidently went for it as did the Township Chief Financial Officer.  The latter even certified that the re-developers have the financial credibility and “strength” needed, but this document gives no tangible financial information.  No specific  costs are mentioned, and there is no “letter of credit” presented either.  They are supposed to show us guarantees that they have enough money for the project—-where are those guarantees?

The document begins by saying that this plan is “in the best interest of the Township.”   But is it in the best interest of the historic community of Ocean Grove?

There will be about 39 condos, 2 and 3 bedroom.  The underground garage will house 140 cars, and there will be 10 single family homes.  In addition, there will be a 40 room “boutique” hotel as well as retail spaces.  The document does not address how this project will affect the quality of life for those who inhabit and love this town.

The Home Groaners sent the document around by email, but do you suppose they read it, and perhaps had a citizen’s lawyer look it over?  They used to have a legal fund; well now would be a good time to use it instead of the secretive spending of  HOA money used to look into ground rents.

If you were at the Flea Market today and saw all those tourists having a swell time, you will understand that visitors will like the new OG/Asbury Park South End.  But we who live here will imagine the crowds, the traffic, the pollution, and, like the Flea Market, we will ask who will benefit from this grand scheme?

This would never have happened if the Township Committee back then had considered what was best for the Grove when they illegally allowed the existing single family zoning, per the Master Plan, to be flushed down the toilet to be replaced with the zoning that would benefit developers.  To call this a “Zone in Need of Redevelopment” was a travesty, and the CMA was complicit.

Our reporter will attend the meeting.  Hopefully he won’t explode from outrage.  We will have some more information on September 10.


RINGO STARR:   From the Concert for George.

Ocean Grove Flea Market. September 7, 2019. Paul Goldfinger © Click images to enlarge the fun.


We parked the car and now we walk to the flea market. OG is beautiful today. Parking is nuts!  Paul Goldfinger photo ©


Say yes to the dress…Victorian wedding dress. Jean Bredin photo.


Jean Bredin. OGFM. 9/7/19 © Blogfinger.net


OGFM 9/7/19 Paul Goldfinger ©


OGFM Paul Goldfinger © 9/7/19




Asbury Park as seen from Founders Park, Ocean Grove. © Paul Goldfinger photo 9/5/19.   Click on the photo for more detail.



Main Street (Rt 71). Asbury Park. September 5, 2019. Paul Goldfinger ©.  Number please?  Click on the photo.


CHICAGO:  “Call On Me.”



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