A new fashion in town. Butt what would Stoke's say? What would the  Ladies Aux. say?   Ocean Pathway, Ocean Grove.  C'mon boys and girls----sing along with Brucie.       7/25/15  ©   Paul Goldfinger action photo on Blogfinger.net.  Click to enlarge.

A new fashion in town. Butt what would Stokes say? What would the  Ladies Auxiliary say?   Ocean Pathway, Ocean Grove.  C’mon boys and girls—-sing along with Brucie.    7/25/15  ©   Paul Goldfinger action photo on Blogfinger.net.  Click to enlarge.









Blogfinger Blue Cow. Theme song below*–BF photo. We have other pictures with an udder view.


a.  The population as counted in the 2020 Census is 3,323—essentially unchanged from 10 years ago.

b.  Half of residents are homeowners  while the other half are renters


Internet optimism from the CMA


We are planning a Town Wide Yard sale on May 8, but so far no one has expressed interest. Last October we had a curb-side event.  3 families participated, and it was successful. There was no crowding, and they all wore masks..

If some families want to join for May 8, we will promote it only as an OG curbside event and will not promote it to out-of-towners.  There will be no newspaper ads.    Just on Blogfinger and with a few fliers downtown.

We will go ahead even if only a few families are interested. We do not anticipate large numbers of sellers such as we had in the past  (up to 60 at the peak.)

But if the number remains zero, we will cancel.   Decision to be made before April.    Contact Blogfinger@verizon.net if you intend to participate.

Interestingly, the CMA and the  Chamber of Commercials will be busy inviting tourists into town when the safest activities would be small events for residents.  If any of  you plan to organize small events  (such as porch concerts and curbside sales) we will help you promote them.   Attendance on Blogfinger is down, but we still reach an average of  500 hits per day.

Also please help us by sending news information, scoops, rumors, and photos.   Your name will not be used unless you so request.


* Blogfinger Blue Cow theme song by Barbara Rosene with Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks.

Feb 19, 2021. By Jean Bredin in Ocean Grove. Blogfinger staff.


Jean says, “What’s winter without a snowman?  I had all the ingredients: a top hat I just got at Goodwill; scarf; coal candy; and a carrot.  We’re calling him ‘Mr. Goodwill’….”



Jean Bredin. Feb. 19, 2021.


Says Jean:  ‘” trudged up and down Main Avenue in the snow storm. I wound up in Fireman’s Park. No one was around but me and the flag.  I like the colors—so striking to see the white background and flag colors.”


FATS WALLER  “Winter Weather.”





Snowstorm in Chester

Paul Goldfinger. Montana?  Nope–New Jersey. Years ago while doing some off- roading after the storm.




Paul Goldfinger.


Another storm story:  Twas the day after Sandy and all through the town, not a creature was stirring (except me and the guy in the photo) so stay in your house.

Some winters we get lots of storms and other times, none. But it’s all poetic and it’s good to be alive.


SIDNEY BECHET   A Christmas Live in Paris.



Apparition #4

Paul Goldfinger. February 2021.



ZOË KRAVITZ  “Don’t” from HBO’s Big Little Lies:



Apparition #3



Paul Goldfinger. February, 2021. Click to enlarge.



THE DUBS:   From their album Could This Be Magic.




Mision Catolica San Jose. By Paul Goldfinger   Click to enlarge.

I had passed this small white church many times on Gladiolus Drive in Ft. Myers.  It is located in Harlem Heights, a historic part of town with considerable poverty.  Across the road is the bright green food pantry.

Here is a link to our piece about the food pantry.

Food pantry Click here

The population is diverse and includes Hispanics, Whites and African Americans.  I was especially drawn to this colorful religious display which some would call a “niche” or a “grotto.”

The church, a plain white building,  is for the Hispanic population.  When I drove onto the parking lot, an elderly man was getting set to mount his 3 wheel bicycle and drive away.  I spoke to him briefly, telling him that I would take some pictures.  He had a broad smile on his face, missing some teeth.  He said that he comes every day to tend the plantings and clean up any debris.  No one else was around.

I asked if I could photograph him, and he said, “No, no…I am late. I am late.”   (I guess for a very important date…)

All the flowers were real, planted in pots.  There is a tiled path leading up to it.



RACHEL CANTU   “De Colores”   It is a celebration of colors:


“The fields are dressed in the spring.
In colors, in colors
Are the little birds that come from outside.
In colors, in colors
Is the rainbow that we see shining.”


St. Marks Basilica in Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy. By Paul Goldfinger.   ©    This photo was published in the Pfizer Labs International Calendar Contest.



SOUNDTRACK: From Phillip Glass’s opera/ballet   “The Witches of Venice.” Glass wrote this work in 1995 for La Scala in Milan.  It is based on a fantastical children’s story,  set in the magical city of Venice.    This is the “Plant-boy’s song.”

Listen and be mesmerized.   —Paul Goldfinger


Streit’s matzoh factory is on Rivington Street, lower east side of Manhattan.

Scene:  Wegmans checkout counter.  A man is at the “7 or less” register to pay for a box of Streit’s matzohs.

Checker:  “Did you have a nice holiday?”

Man: “You don’t have to be Jewish to eat matzohs.”

Checker:  “It’s the Star of David around your neck.”

Man:  “Oh.”

—Paul Goldfinger

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