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‘Moe”…a pastel by Ocean Grove artist MaryLou Shipman. November, 2020. Special to Blogfinger.net


MaryLou is an artist whose work painting Ocean Grove cats is well known to us.  Some call her the “Cat Lady.”      You can plug her name into our search box above right.

So, we were surprised when MaryLou sent us this pastel of a dog named “Moe.”  She completed this work in 2020.   We have a photographer on Blogfinger named Moe, and I had an uncle Moe.   And there was a show years ago called  “5 Guys Named Moe.”  And then there was a haircut: the Moe Hawk.

We enjoy posting the work of OG artists.

Thank you MaryLou for this work which captures the spirit of Moe.

MaryLou accepts commission work. Contact at marylship@yahoo.com.



HARRY NILSSON     “The Puppy Song.”   From the album Harry.

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