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DAYS by Paul Goldfinger. 6/5/21 Blogfinger.net   Click to enlarge.



ERROLL GARNER:   “I Cover the Waterfront”     100 Ans De Jazz   (100 years of Jazz)


“I cover the waterfront
I’m watching the sea
Will the one I love
Be coming back to me?”



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Paul Goldfinger. Days Ice Cream. Ocean Grove. 6/5/21 ©   Click to enlarge.


THE SMASHING PUMPKINS     “My Blue Heaven”   From their album Rarities and B-Sides


“And baby makes three…

We’re happy in my blue heaven.”



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Paul Goldfinger photograph. Flea Market Day at Days. 6/5/21. © Blogfinger.net .   Click to catch her in mid-lick.



MEL CARTER  from the Doo Wop Love Songs album.



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Run, don’t walk for a cone at Days. I had rocky road: marvelous. Eileen had mocha (coffee) with chunks of dark chocolate–excellent.  Paul Goldfinger photographs. 5/19/19. ©  Blogfinger.net


By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger.net   May, 2019 re-post.


Remember the Coneheads?  Jane Curtin and Dan Aycroyd.  Well, that name has taken on new meaning, because ice cream fans in the Grove, not having Nagles to stand in line for, will now find Days open every day through the season.

We went there today and were behind a family from France who were ordering ice cream and coffee.

How ironic, because when they asked the Coneheads on Saturday Night Live where they were from,  they said, “France.”


Bonjour. Visitors from France order at Days.   Paul Goldfinger photo. Dave is behind the counter.



SARAH McLACHLAN    “Ice Cream.”

“Your love
Is better than ice cream.
Better than anything else that I’ve tried
And your love
Is better than ice cream…”


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July 4, 2012. This ensemble only appears once per year. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

July 4, 2012. This ensemble only appears once per year. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click to make them bigger.



Here’s a video link: (to see the video, click on the link below then, when you arrive, click on “view the original post.”)    It is worth the journey–don’t miss it.–Paul


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