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June 4, 2018. Blogfinger photo. Ocean Grove boardwalk looking north near Seaview Avenue.  Click to enlarge the Trex boards.  Paul Goldfinger photo. ©




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This view is from just south of Seaview Ave. looking south past Atlantic Ave. to Surf Ave. where the boardwalk resumes. Paul Goldfinger photos © 5/26/18


This view is looking north at Surf Avenue. The unfinished part goes from here, past Atlantic,  to just short of Seaview. Blogfinger photo. ©


Saturday May 26. North end boardwalk near the A. Park border.  Gams ahead.    Blogfinger photo. ©   Click to enlarge.




“This time we almost made the pieces fit
Didn’t we?
This time we almost made some sense of it
Didn’t we?
This time I had the answer, right here in my hand
Then I touched it and it had turned to sand.”



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Debris was being loaded into a dump truck this morning. Jean Bredin photo Blogfinger staff. © Jan 31, 2018.




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The statement below is from John DiGiamberardino, Executive Director (COO)  Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association.:

“The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association (OGCMA) is excited to announce the commencement of a greater than $ one million reconstruction project for the North End boardwalk area from McClintock Street to Seaview Avenue. The project will begin in early January, 2018, and completion is targeted for May 2018. This represents the next phase of the Camp Meeting Association’s ongoing efforts to improve our boardwalk for residents and visitors alike.

“The Camp Meeting’s goal is to match the new decking material with that of the most recent renovations to the other sections which were installed since Superstorm Sandy.

“For your safety and awareness, there are certain things you should be informed of as the project gets underway. The electricity for boardwalk lighting to the area has been turned off, and the existing sections of boardwalk will be removed. For safety reasons, the entire section under construction will be closed to the public.

“You can expect construction traffic and construction noise, with the most significant noise taking place when pilings are being driven. A number of Ocean Avenue parking spots on the east side of Ocean Avenue will be closed from public parking in order to provide a temporary walkway for pedestrians.

“Together we can look forward to a beautiful new section of boardwalk in spring 2018!   Watch our Facebook page or sign up to receive our newsletter on our website (www.oceangrove.org) for updates on the project.”

Editor’s note:  The CMA announcement on January 10 did not include these details regarding safety and construction, so we appreciate this update from Rev. John.

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Ocean Grove boards on Oct. 1, 2017: bikes and dogs allowed whenever. Dogs can also go on the beach.   A woman with blue hair—am I blue?    Paul Goldfinger photo. ©  Click image to enlarge the picture.

By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger

Notice the sign. In big letters it says WARNING!!!  NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY.  Isn’t that enough warning for those who might consider swimming?  So why do we need 3 exclamation points?  We don’t need even one. There is a limit to how effective that sign will be.  Recently we heard from a surfer dude who wants red flags to be posted when the water is dangerous.   But maybe this sign is more than enough to try and discourage dopey daredevils.

And the sign says “No Diving!”  Is there any way  anyone could dive down at this beach.  I suppose someone might walk over to the pier and dive in, but if anyone is so inclined, the little message on the bottom of this sign is not likely to be influential. And besides, it’s all sand under there. Maybe the sign should also say, “Don’t stick your head in the sand!!!”

The lady with blue hair smiled at us as she went by, but she was moving fast, and we don’t know why she smiled or why she has blue hair in Ocean Grove.   This is a rare sighting here, but maybe she was going to Asbury to attend a meeting of the Blue Hair Society.

And the girl on the bike?  She was on the beach and came up to get her bike—seemingly caught between the seasons.


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Flying high on the new Ocean Grove Boardwalk. (or checking his diaper.)  Paul Goldfinger photo © June 2014.      Click to enlarge




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Ocean Grove. By Paul Goldfinger. © Blogfinger.net

Ocean Grove. By Paul Goldfinger. © Blogfinger.net  Click to enlarge

FRANÇOIS PARISI    “Le Parc de Plaisir”  (Pleasure Park) From Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen

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Dawn Walk in Ocean Grove. By Bob Bowné.  ©  Special to Blogfinger.

Dawn Walk.  August 7, 2015.  By Bob Bowné. © Special to Blogfinger.  Click to enlarge

Bob says, “Summertime and perfect for a pre-dawn stroll along the O.G. Boardwalk…..Don’t forget the bush hat!”

Kate and Anna McGarrigle with Rufus Wainwright.

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Ocean Grove.  2009.  By Paul Goldfinger ©

Ocean Grove. 2009. By Paul Goldfinger ©   



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Saturday afternoon. OG boards.  Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Saturday afternoon. OG boards. All photos are from July 12, 2014.  All photos are  by  Paul Goldfinger except as noted ©   Click on the image to enlarge.


OG boards.  Saturday afternoon.  Can you suggest a caption?  Paul Goldfinger photo.

OG boards.  Can you suggest a caption?   ©


Birds of a feather. OG boards. Saturday afternoon. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Birds of a feather. OG boards.   ©


Biking in front of the Great Auditorium.  Saturday afternoon ©

Biking in front of the Great Auditorium.  ©


Ocean  Pathway. Yes, the Aux. Bazaar is on July 26.

Ocean Pathway. Yes, the Aux. Bazaar is on July 26.


ABBA  in the Great Auditorium.  By Rich Amole, Blogfinger reporter and historian. ©

ABBA in the Great Auditorium. Saturday night.  By Rich Amole, Blogfinger reporter and historian. ©  July 12, 2014



I just finished  a 12 hour day trip to the Grove with a pair of photos you may wish to put up.

One of the photos is from the Abba “Tribute Band” Concert in the GA last night.  (It was my first event of any kind there.) 

This Band has 10 members, with the portrayal of the original 4 band members nicely replicated, especially the two leading lady singers.

They said that it was the 12th time to the Grove and they love performing here.  Favorites like SOS, Mama Mia & Fernando brought back memories of those original ABBA days.  So it was a time for all who attended and enjoyed the 55 minute performances;   and should expect to see them return next year. 

After the concert I took a nocturnal walk up to the new middle boards and got a nice nighttime photo. (below)

The evening was topped off with a full moon.   A wonderful day was had by this staff writer who even found a parking space on my early arrival.




"Nightboards" by Rich Amole  ©

“Nightboards” by Rich Amole ©


5:30 am. July 13, 2014. OG boards.   ©

5:30 am. Sunday, July 13, 2014. OG boards. ©

Sunday morning at sunrise:  A few people were out and about.—walkers, dog walkers, joggers and bikers.   A large bulldozer was rolling along the beach, straightening out the  castles, the foxholes and picking up debris.  The sound of the machine was all you heard.  Downtown, a couple was sipping coffee on the porch of the Henry Richard Inn.  A baker stepped onto the sidewalk in front of “Daily Bread.”

The sound of a garbage truck broke the trance, heading down Main, stopping to pick up the detritus from Saturday’s crowd.  There was a mountain of black bags  waiting in front of Nagle’s.  Those garbage men must be the guys who took down every flier that I hung downtown on the day of the town-wide yard sale.

Why was I there at 5:30 am?   Yes, that’s a little nuts, but I was on a photo assignment that required early morning light. But it was hazy, and the light was flat, yet, nevertheless, the light was still special, as it usually is at that time. Everyone should go down by the beach at sunrise—at least once in your life.

—Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger     (and thanks Rich Amole for your special reporting Sat. night)

Dave’s True Story.  From the movie soundtrack of “Jack Goes Boating.”


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