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Jean Bredin videographer:    “The Gospel Service at the Boardwalk Pavilion in Ocean Grove on a Wednesday morning in June—a tradition that people are still coming to.

“Attendance was a little sparse, but heartfelt.”

To go from the smallest to the largest, here is THE MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR:

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Three Dog Night. By Jean Bredin. Blogfinger.net staff. 5/21/20


Sitting in Fireman’s Park today was a change of pace from sitting in the house during this pandemic.  Fresh air, sunshine, and three non-social distancing pups made my day.


TREVOR PEACOCK from the film “Quartet.”   We recommend this movie streaming on Netflix. Original motion picture soundtrack.

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Ocean Grove sky by Jean Bredin. April 23.2020. Blogfinger staff. © Click to enlarge.



Blossom Dearie.   From her album Can I Come In?


May I Come In_

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From Jean Bredin:    “What a treat to have Santa sing a Christmas song. All I had to do was ask!”

Jean keeps the beat by rhythmically shaking her camera. Let’s get her a tripod for Christmas.   And click on the video even though it looks cockeyed.  It will get straight.—PG

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Around town with Jean Bredin. Blogfinger staff. Boardwalk Pavilion in Ocean Grove, NJ ©

Around town with Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff reporter. Boardwalk Pavilion in Ocean Grove, NJ © That’s Harry Eichhorn holding the trumpet with his back to us. Click to enlarge.  Photo by Jean.  7/13/16

Jean Bredin: “Every Wednesday night, the Ocean Grove Summer Band plays at the Beach Pavilion at 8 pm.

“Tonight  the band was celebrating 64 years of playing in Ocean Grove.

“Harry Eichhorn does not conduct anymore, but he was in the brass section playing his trumpet.

“Old fashioned fun, what a treat!”

Yo Harry!! Girls in the trombone section!  Photo by Jean Bredin. Blogfinger staff action shot. ©

Yo Harry!! Girls in the trombone section!  Photo by Jean Bredin. Blogfinger staff action shot. ©


A little night music. Jean Bredin photo outside the Boardwalk Pavilion in Ocean Gove, NJ © Blogfinger.net

A little night music. Jean Bredin photo outside the Boardwalk Pavilion in Ocean Gove, NJ © Blogfinger.net



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Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff © 10/31/19. Heck Avenue, OG.




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By Jean Bredin. Blogfinger staff. © 10/31/19 Heck Avenue, Ocean Grove



BEBE NEUWIRTH    from  Chicago the Musical.


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From Jean, special reporter for Blogfinger.net:    Strolling through Founders Park today, I was drawn to the sound of Country Music played by this couple who said they come to Ocean Grove every year from Doylestown, Pa.  After watching the Ken Burns documentary, I was wishing I knew how to Clog Dance.  Sorry for the wind noise.



Editor’s note:  I guess we could call this wonderful music Bluegrass, but one thing is sure, aficionados of country would not call her instrument a “violin.”   It is a fiddle.

But I did hear Itzhak Perlman tell a country fiddler, “We’re all fiddlers.”   A very gracious comment by a very versatile violinist.  I heard this in Ken Burns recent documentary on country music.  (PBS–reruns with streaming)

And Jean, if you become inspired to do some clogging in front of Stokes, please let us know so we can video it.


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Around town with Jean:     Joyce, who lives on Heck Avenue, had a recent knee replacement.  It was important to her to have a safe means to travel around town, so she acquired a trike, and she has no parking problems.     Jean Bredin spotted Joyce wheeling around on her three-wheeler, and here is her report:



Joyce Adase prepares for the Tour de France. Photo by Jean Bredin.




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IMG_9826 (1)

Sept 4, 2019. Jean Bredin looks up. ©


Here’s the story:  Jack and Jean went to the Rolling Stones recent concert and they loved it.

When they returned to the Grove, Jean looked up and said, “Gimmie shelter.”

Then  she snapped this photo and they hurried back to Heck Avenue and turned on this song by the Stones:



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