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Jean Bredin.Breaking news. Main Avenue in OG. 10/19/18 © Blogfinger.net staff


Around town with Miss Jeanie.

“Lo and behold, a farmers market in front of Burbelmeiers today!    Fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers, combined with music in the background.
“Business was brisk as customers filled their bags with salad greens, turnips, and melons.”

BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB:   “Amor de Loca Juventud”


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Jean Bredin ©. Ocean Grove Fall Festival. Oct. 6, 2018

Jean says, “Lots of vendors, lots of people walking around, lots of aromas to make your mouth water.

“It’s a big plus that I can walk over. Definitely one of the perks of living in Ocean Grove.”




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Jean Bredin. October 4, 2018. ©

The little gull in the turquoise dress  attracts the interest of the big white gull who hopes to find a snack.



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Around town with Jean Bredin. Nagle’s ice cream.. Ocean Grove, NJ. © 9/20/18.



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Photo by Jean Bredin at the Giant Flea Market in Ocean Grove. Gridlock in town.   The show went on despite a cloudy, rainy day. Sept. 8, 2018.  © Blogfinger.net



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Video by Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff.

JOHN RUTTER.  MAGNIFICAT: ESURIENTES.   With Patricia Forbes and the Cambridge Singers. Close your eyes and listen

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Surf fishing in Ocean Grove. Around town with Jean Bredin. June 12 2018.


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Shopping for ladies’ tops. The rest of the story is open to interpretation. By Jean Bredin © 6/2/18. Blogfinger staff.


Girls in their summer hair, by Jean Bredin on Ocean Pathway at the Giant Flea Market.  6/2/18 ©



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By Jean Bredin,Blogfinger staff ©, 4/13/18. Paul Eichlin usually plays inside the Casino, but today he ventures outside.

Says Jean:   “Daffodils, crocuses, and Paul Eichorn.
Spring is officially here.
There he was, catching a little sun on the Ocean Grove Boardwalk,
playing all the carousel tunes he can remember.”


Link to the most recent  Blogfinger post about this intrepid musician—a man for all seasons:


HELEN BONHAM CARTER AND JOHNNY DEPP from  Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

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K Main Avenue in Ocean Grove. March 22, 2018. Jean Bredin © Blogfinger staff

Editor’s Note:   Jean came upon this scene early this morning. No police or others were around, but clearly a large branch had broken off a Bradford Pear.  This tree species has soft  branches which often break off.  They require proper pruning.

The heavy snow probably contributed, and we saw some wires hanging low due to snow collection—in A. Park.

Who is responsible for making the Grove’s trees safe?  In Firemen’s Park, managed by Neptune Township,  there is an old giant tree near the gazebo where kids wait for the school bus. Some years ago a large branch fell there, but luckily, no one was around.  The big branch over the gazebo should be removed.  Why don’t the parents speak up?

THE VEILS:  “Under the Falling Branches.”     This song by the Veils, an Indie rock group from London, mentions falling branches and a canopy of snow. Listen for the cello.

It is a love song where the branches provide comfort and security.  Not in the case of the damaged car.

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