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OG beach front on November 17, 2018. By Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff ©


Editor’s note– ( PG)    After the Fishing Club was wiped out by Sandy in 2012,  there was talk that the Club would shift gears and engage in surf fishing.  It initially sounded like a good idea, allowing the members to teach kids how to fish, as they did before.    But that plan never materialized, supposedly because of liability concerns, but it would seem that there must have been similar issues when a large group of kids would assemble on the pier for the very popular event.

So now, 6 years after Sandy, the Fishing Club remains dormant.

Seeing surf fisherman on the OG beach, as in Jean’s photograph, is a fairly unusual sight, perhaps because such fishermen tend to show up very early in the morning. OG, with its jetties, would seem like a good spot for such sport.

Jean made this image at 2 pm.

Her silhouette black and white image is quite dramatic, so we are pleased to exhibit it on Blogfinger.net.



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Around the Grove with Jean Bredin:

Walking around Wesley Lake today, I came upon a gaggle of Canada geese. Although not very popular with some folks, they are a member of the Natural World.  And I decided to photograph them.When I came upon them, one by one they jumped in the Lake.  They have their own synchronized style of traveling from one end of the Lake to the other.

Turn on the music and then the video.




MICHAEL GIACCHINI   (The main theme from the movie Ratatouille)


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Photo by Jean Bredin at the Giant Flea Market in Ocean Grove. Gridlock in town.   The show went on despite a cloudy, rainy day. Sept. 8, 2018.  © Blogfinger.net



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Video by Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff.

JOHN RUTTER.  MAGNIFICAT: ESURIENTES.   With Patricia Forbes and the Cambridge Singers. Close your eyes and listen

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Paul Goldfinger ©. 2012. Ushers March in the Great Auditorium during Choir Festival.

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Around town with Jean Bredin. Ocean Grove. 7/4/18 ©   Click to enlarge.  Staff, Blogfinger.net


BF John Phillip Sousa festival 2018   El Capitan

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Shopping for ladies’ tops. The rest of the story is open to interpretation. By Jean Bredin © 6/2/18. Blogfinger staff.


Girls in their summer hair, by Jean Bredin on Ocean Pathway at the Giant Flea Market.  6/2/18 ©



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Wesley 5/7/18 ©Lake, Ocean Grove side. By Jean Bredin, swimming with the geese (and the grease.)

Hi Paul,

“The cherry blossoms are in abundance!
A colorful contrast to the winter months of snow and ice.
Even the reflections in the Lake are enjoyable.”



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By Jean Bredin,Blogfinger staff ©, 4/13/18. Paul Eichlin usually plays inside the Casino, but today he ventures outside.

Says Jean:   “Daffodils, crocuses, and Paul Eichorn.
Spring is officially here.
There he was, catching a little sun on the Ocean Grove Boardwalk,
playing all the carousel tunes he can remember.”


Link to the most recent  Blogfinger post about this intrepid musician—a man for all seasons:


HELEN BONHAM CARTER AND JOHNNY DEPP from  Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

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Jean Bredin spotted this merman going for a quick dip in that cold, unruly Atlantic on the first day of spring.  3/20/18,  Ocean Grove. Blogfinger.net ©


A huge flock of robins showed up in Firemen’s Park today.  “Get the flock out of here,” said Old Father Time, so they flew away.

Jean found a crazy man going swimming.  “It’s the first day of spring, and I guess he just can’t wait to take the first dip of the season.  Unfortunately there’s another nor’easter brewing for tomorrow.”

This guy ran in and soon discovered the shape of cold water in early spring.   He was quick, because he was back out of the water by the time Jean zeroed in with her camera. Today the water temperature is 41 degrees, while the air is 35 degrees.


CANTWELL AND QUILLEN–It may not be April yet, but this fits:  “April Snow.”


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