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By Jean Bredin,Blogfinger staff ©, 4/13/18. Paul Eichlin usually plays inside the Casino, but today he ventures outside.

Says Jean:   “Daffodils, crocuses, and Paul Eichorn.
Spring is officially here.
There he was, catching a little sun on the Ocean Grove Boardwalk,
playing all the carousel tunes he can remember.”


Link to the most recent  Blogfinger post about this intrepid musician—a man for all seasons:


HELEN BONHAM CARTER AND JOHNNY DEPP from  Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

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Jean Bredin spotted this merman going for a quick dip in that cold, unruly Atlantic on the first day of spring.  3/20/18,  Ocean Grove. Blogfinger.net ©


A huge flock of robins showed up in Firemen’s Park today.  “Get the flock out of here,” said Old Father Time, so they flew away.

Jean found a crazy man going swimming.  “It’s the first day of spring, and I guess he just can’t wait to take the first dip of the season.  Unfortunately there’s another nor’easter brewing for tomorrow.”

This guy ran in and soon discovered the shape of cold water in early spring.   He was quick, because he was back out of the water by the time Jean zeroed in with her camera. Today the water temperature is 41 degrees, while the air is 35 degrees.


CANTWELL AND QUILLEN–It may not be April yet, but this fits:  “April Snow.”


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Auditorium Park on a warm February afternoon. Plenty of empty benches,;  67 degrees.  Everyone is in Florida.  Rain is coming
By Jean Bredin 2/20/18 © Blogfinger.net


MARTH REEVES AND THE VANDELLAS   (Motown 50th anniversary)

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Even kids take a backseat to the dogs. Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017.  Ocean Grove, NJ. Paul Goldfinger photo ©   Click to enlarge. All other photos by Jean Bredin  (Around town with Jean. )

Says Blogfinger reporter Jean Bredin who was running around town at the parade and at the Main Avenue Fireman’s Park  in her witches outfit.

The Ocean Grove Pet Boutique  (Main Avenue)  sponsored today’s event.

“The weather was perfect. There were lots of dogs, children and grown ups in costumes. Ocean Grove shops gave out candy to those who stopped in.

“The Parade marched down Main St., then turned around to where it originated, Firemen’s Park, where prizes were awarded to the winners.”

Photo Gallery by Jean:  Click on any one photo and then follow the big side arrows.  Use the little X to return to BF.  Click on the music and then view the gallery:



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Jean Bredin © Asbury Park. 2014 . Blogfinger staff.

THE HARPTONES:   Wolfman Jack sends this out to Blogfinger fan Perry Young up in the New Hampshire North Country.

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Jean Bredin © Ocean Grove. September 27, 2017.  Click on the photo to see the details.

Around town with Jean:    “Today’s beach scene was very atmospheric. The huge waves kept rolling in. Beach lovers dotted the sand.

“It was a  hazy, warm, and quite beautiful day for late September.”


OMARA PORTUONDO   “Mariposta de Primavera.”   Buena Vista Social Club.


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Jean Bredin © Ocean Grove Tent Village. September 4, 2017. Blogfinger staff.

Jean Bredin says:    “Today many  tent village people were celebrating Labor Day by emptying out their tents and removing decorative lights getting ready for their departure.
“Chatting with the folks was interesting.  Many  have been tenters since they were children, some staying in their Grandmothers’ tent.
It’s sad to see them leave, but I was told they have until Sept 15.”

ALY AND AJ:   Looking ahead…..

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Jean Bredin 7/9/17 ©/ Blogfinger staff. Ocean Grove, NJ

From Jean:     ” I was turning the corner from Heck onto Pennsylvania yesterday, heading for the Choir Festival, and literally almost fell upon this group of people from Monroe Township who set up their chairs and picnic basket and were picnicking on the sidewalk.    They were going to attend the Choir Festival and they found a parking spot and grabbed it!

“Grow where you’re planted, as the saying goes.”*

Editor’s note:  (PG)      Jean is a very good journalistic photographer, so she made this “shoot from the hip”  image quickly.  The vertical composition looks a bit odd, but I think it is interesting and fun. Sometimes a photographer has to shoot first and ask questions later.

It was 6:30 over at Firemen’s Park, and a couple, dressed in black pants and white shirts were scurrying across the park  in a diagonal direction gathering their supplies as they went.  (the shortest distance between two points…etc.)   The Choir Festival was due to start in 30 minutes.

“You had better hurry up because your parts might be missed,” said I.

They quickened their steps a bit and they laughed.

“Make sure  you don’t hit any wrong notes,” said I  jokingly as they were almost at Main Avenue.

They didn’t look back as they kept going in an easterly direction.

All the people, singers and audience, that Jean and I ran into seemed happy.

Music has that effect. If you have children, insist that they participate in music…and don’t let them quit. You will bestow a gift on them which will last all their lives.      Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

*Corinthians 7:14-24

IMPERIAL BRASS:  “Bell of the Ball”  By Leroy Anderson from their album Imperial Brass and Friends


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Becca Hamilton, weaker fan. Ocean Grove. September , 2015. Photo by Jean Bredin, Blogfinger.net staff

Becca Hamilton, Weaser fan. Ocean Grove. September , 2015. Photo © by Jean Bredin, Blogfinger.net staff. Re-posted from 2015.  Worth a second look and a chocolate ice.

Says Jean Bredin:  “Becca Hamilton from Ocean Grove is an OG lifeguard.  I was curious how long has she been enjoying Weaser’s ices. .’Since I was 2 years old, she exclaimed! ‘   She’s a great representative for Weaser’s, our lifeguards, and girls in their summer clothes !”

THE TEMPOS.   From the film American Graffiti.

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Ocean Grove by Jean Bredin © Blogfinger staff. June, 2017.

Jean around town:      “Ocean Grovers are inventive people.  Driving through Delaware Ave, I spotted a good example. If you have a small side yard, cut your umbrella in half and be done with it.”


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