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Paul Goldfinger © Lakes Park Farmers’ Market. Ft. Myers, Fla. 1/31/18. Click to enlarge and squeeze the tomatoes.



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Micanopy #2.  Downtown.   Paul Goldfinger. December,2017. Central Florida historic town. ©

This was a Seminole village when a New York developer bought thousands of acres in the vicinity for sugar crops in 1821 and established the first Florida town in the interior of the state.  In recent years it became a town where “hippies and artisans “lived and worked.  Now it is a lovely place that attracts visitors mostly for its architecture and antiquing.

One owner of a fine antique shop told us that the antique business is in decline. “Young people are not interested in collecting, and children don’t want their parents’ stuff.”

This town has a historical society, a few cafés, some admirable old homes, and a hotel.  But not many folks seemed to live in town.  If the tourists stop shopping, what will happen to this place? The owner didn’t seem to know.

KARRIN ALLYSON:  By Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein III    “Out of My Dreams.”  from Oklahoma.







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This is one of my favorite photographs, and Diana Krall’s “White Christmas”  is also very special. And so is the Christmas season where sleigh bells ring—are you listening?

Christmas music can be monotonous after awhile in December, but so much great music is about Christmas, so I like to post it out of season to show its uniqueness. It’s like the jewelry store principle:  just take one diamond out at  a time and show it by itself on black velvet in a light that makes it glow  —– PG from OG


“The White Night” Central Park, Christmas Eve, 1932. By Adolph Fassbender   Re-posted from Blogfinger. 2014.

This photograph is from the January 27, 1997 issue of the New Yorker magazine. It was part of a photography exhibit review featuring the work of Adolph Fassbender (1884-1980). He was an artist who followed the romantic painterly Pictorialist style of photography long after it fell into disfavor around 1915. The quote below is from the New Yorker piece about this image. The title of the  article was “Slow Dazzle.”   —PG

” ‘The White Night,’ made on Christmas Eve, 1932, in Central Park, during a late-afternoon blizzard, is one of the highlights of the Fassbender show opening this week at Gallery 292, in SoHo. The buildings on the Plaza were invisible but for a faint glow; the artist got off just one three-and-a-half-minute exposure before his shutter froze. Out of raging wind and snow he coaxed this woolly, lamplit nocturne — a tribute not to speed but to contentment and rest. Photograph shows a path in Central Park covered with snow, bordered by bare black branches, and buildings in the distance with lighted windows seen through mist.”

–reprinted from Blogfinger.  By Paul Goldfinger, Editor.


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Wormsloe in Savannah, Georgia. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Paul Goldfinger ©.  Wormsloe in Savannah, Georgia. 2013.   Click to enlarge.


ERIC CLAPTON AND STEVE WINWOOD  (Live from Madison Square Garden)

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Horse Show at Chubb Park in Chester Township, New Jersey. Chester is not far from where the US Equestrian team trains. By Paul Goldfinger. © Click image for full view.  Reposted from 2012 on Blogfinger.

This photograph shows the gentle and elegant sport of horses and all the rituals, postures, clothing and casual styles of these aficionados blended with the formality of it all. When we lived in Chester, we often saw “horse people” (usually women) shopping or walking around town in their special clothes. I like the black coats and hats on these riders.

That’s why I chose Gato Barbieri’s “Girl in Black”  (Para mi Negra) — a tango by the jazz saxophonist  (b. 1934 in Argentina) who wrote the incredible score for film “The Last Tango in Paris” with Marlon Brando.

This song seems to fit for this photo. Argentina is horse country,  and the tango is very  sexy.

Do you see any of that in the photo?  How do those riders get out of those pants anyhow?

–Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

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This image appeared in a 1988  Pfizer Labs calendar  (contest winner) which was distributed world-wide. I was Miss August.   It was taken in Tlaquepaque, Mexico—near Guadalajara.   ©

This town is in the State of Jalisco where mariachi music was invented in the 18th century.  I love mariachi music–it has vocal harmonies, accordions, harmonicas, trumpets, guitars and strings—it is happy music.  And you can dance to it, but you need a big sombrero.



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Neptune Township. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Laurie’s Market.  Neptune Township. By Paul Goldfinger © 2014. (reposted)

ELAINE ELIAS  “Chega de  Saudade”   from her Brazilian Classics album   (note:  in the last seven days we have had 15 hits from Brazil.)

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St-Emilion, France. Growers of Bordeaux wine. by Paul Goldfinger © Silver gelatin print. Left click for full view.

 Paul Goldfinger ©   St. Emilion, France. Growers of Bordeaux wine.  Silver gelatin dark room print. Left click for full view.

SIDNEY BECHET   (soprano sax) with “Si Tu Vois Ma Mere” from the Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris.

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“Magic Garden, Dusk.” Ocean Grove, New Jersey. August, 2012. By Paul Goldfinger 2012 post.

SOUNDTRACK:  Do you believe in magic?   Here are Aly and A.J.:

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Fort Myers, Florida. By Paul Goldfinger. ©

Fort Myers, Florida. 2013.  By Paul Goldfinger. ©

From the off-Broadway show (1966) Dames at Sea:  “It’s Raining in my Heart.”  (live performance);  Last posted in 2015.

“Where’s my umbrella and where’s my guy?

I need that fella to keep me dry

It won’t help if the sunshine should start

“Cause it’s raining in my heart”


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