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Volterra, Italy. By Paul Goldfinger. © Click left for larger version

Volterra, Italy. By Paul Goldfinger. ©   Dedicated to Mom Goldfinger who could sing this song in Italian.  Originally posted on Paul’s June 8  birthday when Mom wasn’t singing so much.   Click for larger version




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Swordfish. Wegmans fish department, Ocean Store. May 18, 2013. Paul Goldfinger photo. Left click for full view

Swordfish. Wegmans’ fish department, Ocean Store. May 18, 2013. Paul Goldfinger photo.  Click photo  for full view


By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor Blogfinger.net


When I go fishing, I go to Wegmans because you can definitely catch a fish there. As the hunter in the family, the modern-day version of the cave man, you have to confront danger in the Wegmans parking lot and then finesse your way around all the other game hunters in the store, the most crafty being the young multi-tasking moms racing around pushing little kids driving basket trucks.

Then I bring home the game: fish or chicken or whatever. As a kid, sometimes I would complain to my mother that she should cook something different, and she would say, “Sure, as soon as they invent a new animal.”

Swordfish skeleton from the National Museum of Natural History. Internet photo

Swordfish skeleton from the National Museum of Natural History. Internet photo


Anyhow, I turn over my fish to the gatherer in our house—Eileen, who fires up the stove and cooks it like the gatherers of old.

Do you think the cavemen ate sushi? They probably did before they invented fire. I should listen again to Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner’s record of the Two Thousand Year Old Man to find out. Today those guys are probably eating bagels and lox at the Carnegie Deli or Russ and Daughters in New York City.

Hemingway with a marlin that he caught off Cuba. Marlin can weigh 500 pounds and are related to the swordfish.

Hemingway with a marlin that he caught off Cuba. Marlin can weigh 500 pounds and are related to the swordfish.

The catch of the day today at Wegmans is swordfish. Xiphias glades is a powerful and fast fish which has no teeth. But it has a sword to slash its prey. They gave me a sword in the Navy, but I didn’t dare take it out of its sheath. It’s currently in my Ocean Grove bedroom in case a Barbary pirate invades my house.

I took a photo of the swordfish before the Wegmans’ chefs dismantle it for barbecue steaks this weekend.

Did I buy swordfish? No, I chose cod loins so that Eileen can make some sort of French/Italian heart-healthy dish that she does so well over our campfire in the Blogcave in Ocean Grove. Then, if I can persuade her, we can jump into the Blogmobile and go for Days’ ice cream, something the cave men sadly never experienced.

—-Paul Goldfinger, Editor


Fred Mollin and the Blue Sea Band from the Disney film Ratatouille


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80 Spring Street. By Paul Goldfinger © 2013

80 Spring Street. By Paul Goldfinger © 2013. Click to enlarge.



LES ECROCS “Assedic”  from the film “Something’s Gotta Give.”


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Fort Myers, Florida. By Paul Goldfinger. ©

Fort Myers, Florida. 2013.  By Paul Goldfinger. ©



From the off-Broadway show (1966) Dames at Sea:  “It’s Raining in my Heart.”  (live performance);  Last posted in 2017.

“Where’s my umbrella and where’s my guy?

I need that fella to keep me dry

It won’t help if the sunshine should start

“Cause it’s raining in my heart”





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Stonehenge, England. This photograph was made by Paul Goldfinger in 1990. He, himself, has been carbon dated, but the results haven’t been made public.  Click image for full view.


Stonehenge has been carbon dated back to 2,000-3,000 B.C. Human remains that old at the site suggest a burial ground. Today the Druids still worship there, and some of them even look Druish.

This photograph was accomplished with Kodachrome color slide film and still retains its quality over twenty years later. No wonder Paul Simon wrote a song about it.  (see below)   — Paul Goldfinger

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Summer tents. Ocean Grove, NJ. By Paul Goldfinger © Summer tents. Ocean Grove, NJ. By Paul Goldfinger ©  2013  Ocean Grove



These tents are the most photographed of any structures in town.  They captivate visitors who love to hear the story of the tents. They are amazed that the tents are still in use and that you have to wait for years to rent one.

Photographing them is a challenge if you want something unique other than the tired snapshots that people acquire with their phones.  Nevertheless, those photos are the ones that get disseminated all over the world.  They are patriotic images because so many tenters fly the American flag.

—Paul Goldfinger, editor @Blogfinger


VINCE GIORDANO AND THE NIGHTHAWKS  “Stardust” from the film The Aviator.

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The Great Auditorium. Ocean Grove, NJ.    By Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger.net©


MARTY STUART AND THE CARTERS  From their album  KIndred Spirits


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New Orleans beignets, fresh made, at the Lakes Park Farmers Market in Fort Myers, Florida. by Paul Goldfinger. Originally posted in August, 2012.


SOUNDTRACK:  It is difficult to try to find music to compliment this photograph of a beautiful and expressive child.  What words would convey the right description of the moment?  In the end, I thought of how her parents and family must think about her.

So I chose the lovely song “You’re My Everything” by Harry Warren (1931,)  but I wanted it performed by a jazz musician with the words  aside, because  a jazz performance allows us to give the music its own meaning if we want to.

Yet the poetic words of this song do fit the theme and the music.  It’s your option as to how to experience this song:

“You’re my everything underneath the sun

You’re my everything rolled up into one

You’re my only dream, my only real reality

You’re my idea of a perfect personality.”

You’re my everything, everything I need,

You’re the song I sing and the book I read.

You’re a way beyond belief and just to make it brief

You’re my winter, summer, spring, my everything


Here’s The Miles Davis Quintet from the “‘Round Midnight” album.  Miles solos on trumpet (or is it flugelhorn?)

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Thousand Islands, Canada. Award winning image (Pfizer Labs national calendar contest) by Paul Goldfinger



Theme Music:  Cavalleria Rusticana,  Intermezzo— by Pietro Mascagni.  Featured in “Raging Bull” and “Midsummer’s Night Dream.”

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By Paul Goldfinger. Ft.Myers, Fla.


THE HARPTONES   “Life is But a Dream” from the film Goodfellas.


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