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Note:  This church was purchased by  the Borough of Bradley Beach  last year from the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association for $1.3 million.

Now there is a controversy as to whether the property should be sold to a developer or renovated into a community center.

This week’s Coaster ran a front page piece on this topic.    Blogfinger post below is from 2016.


The First United Methodist Church (1886) at the corner of Lareine and Madison Avenues in Bradley Beach. Paul Goldfinger photograph. October, 2015. © The wing shown below is visible along the right edge of the building.

The First United Methodist Church (1886) at the corner of Lareine and Madison Avenues in Bradley Beach. There is no sign outside.  Paul Goldfinger photograph. October, 2015. © The wing shown below is visible along the right edge of the building.


Paul Goldfinger photo. October 4, 2015. © Blogfinger.net

This is a wing of the church on Madison Avenue.  We don’t know what its function is, but now you almost know the rest of the story.  Paul Goldfinger photos. 2015 ©


James Bradley, the founder of Asbury Park who was also a pioneer in OG and Bradley Beach. Paul Goldfinger photo Feb 7, 2016.

This is James Bradley, the founder of Asbury Park, who was also a pioneer in OG and Bradley Beach. Paul Goldfinger photo Feb 7, 2016. This is at the foot of Sunset Park, with James facing the Paramount Theatre in A. Park.   ©


By Paul Goldfinger,   Editor Blogfinger.net. Ocean Grove, NJ. 2015.

James Bradley, a wealthy businessman from New York, founded Asbury Park. He was an admirer of Ocean Grove and bought the first lot from the Camp Meeting in 1870. He liked the area so much that he purchased 500 acres south of Fletcher Lake along the ocean.  That land became Bradley Beach.

In 1886 he dismantled an Asbury Park Dutch Reformed church and somehow brought it to Bradley Beach and created the First United Methodist Church.

As many of you Grovers know, if you bike or walk in this area, you can discover many neat things.  Stephen Goldfinger came upon this landmark during a walk last week. He was following Pennsylvania Avenue into BB where it became Madison Ave.    We went over to check it out and “found” this beautiful historic church.

—Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger


HOT CLUB OF SAN FRANCISCO.  “It’s Not Exactly a Sonata—-For Renata.”

From their album Claire de Lune:

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Paul Goldfinger photo:  Click once to enlarge.      Literary giants and literary girls out for coffee at Barnes and Noble.  Ft. Myers, Fla.   No, the mural does not depict a scene from Woody’s Midnight in Paris.  But those literary figures on the mural  are reminiscent of that film.



By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor  Blogfinger.net


Hemingway said:  “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”*

Joyce said,  “His heart danced upon her movements like a cork upon a tide. He heard what her eyes said to him from beneath their cowl and knew that in some dim past, whether in life or revery, he had heard their tale before.”    An erotic sentence if ever there was one.


* A Moveable Feast is a 1964  memoir by American author Ernest Hemingway.



ALEXANDER DESPLAT——   from the movie Julie and Julia     “Leaving Paris.”



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Paul Goldfinger photograph. Jersey Shore. 2015. ©

Sandy Hook.   Paul Goldfinger photograph. Jersey Shore. 2015. ©   Wedding day. Click on image to see the road runners roasting on the roaring fire.



RUFUS WAINWRIGHT  “If Love Were All”  Live at Carnegie Hall:   “Rufus Does Judy”


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Shadberry tree.  Blogfinger photo. April 22, 2022.  (currently flowering in Firemen’s Park)  Paul Goldfinger photo.


Paul Goldfinger, Editor.

This  tree, the shadberry,  is also called Serviceberry and Amelanchier arborea. Other names include Shadbush.

The tree blooms in mid-April with its 5 petaled white flowers.  The bloom coincides with the up river run of the American shad fish which heads up the Delaware to spawn. The neighbors feed it and watch for it to bloom each spring, although the bloom only lasts for a few days. Later there will be red berries.  So far, no shad fish have appeared in Ocean Grove.

Fishing during the shad run used to be a big commercial endeavor in Pennsylvania, but the shad was almost wiped out due to over-fishing and pollution. It is making a comeback, and there is a shad festival along the Delaware in late April.




Over 10 years ago, 4  families got together and bought 8 trees for the park.   All 8 have subsequently grown to maturity.  In addition to the serviceberry, we bought a shade tree locust, two red maples, a ginko  (below),  and 2 flowering chestnut trees.

The ginko has an amazing leaf.  They are rare around here, but it and the serviceberry can be found all over New York City.

If any of you live  near an an OG park want to do this, contact the CMA, and then the DPW will plant it.


JULIE ANDREWS  from Camelot

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Ocean Grove non-fishing pier. September 26, 2015. By Bob Bowné. ©

“Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.”    Winning caption by Caesar.  Ocean Grove non-fishing pier. September 26, 2015. Photo by Bob Bowné. ©  Click to enlarge.  Special to Blogfinger.


EVA CASSIDY    Live at Blues Alley   (A wonderful jazz club near Dupont Circle  in D.C. which I used to frequent during my med school years in Washington.)

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17th century silver Spanish coin. The gold “frame” is not part of the coin. When I wear this coin Eileen says I have the Tony Soprano look. Paul Goldfinger photos.   Side one.


Side 2  Not exactly pocket change.   PG


By Paul Goldfinger, MD. Editor@Blogfinger.net

The Atocha was loaded with treasure  (gold, silver, jewels and jewelry) when it sunk in a hurricane off Key West in 1622.  The wreck was scattered, and most of the treasure was not found until 1985 by American treasure hunter Mel Fisher, who searched  for years.    Among the loot were rosaries with emeralds–destined for the Vatican, gold carved rings, gold coins and silver coins.

The silver was mined in Peru and rolled into lengths like a tootsie roll that could be cut into coin blanks. Then a wooden form with an engraving on the end was used to hammer the carvings into the silver, much as they did during the Roman Empire. This coin was minted in Potosi, Peru  (now Bolivia)

The coins were shipped in wooden chests.   The wood dissolved leaving an amalgam of silver coins all stuck together.  It was a huge job to separate them while preserving the coin details.

Many people invested in his search, and when the bulk of the riches were found, they received a portion.

I purchased this silver coin from the family of one of the original investors. It is “grade one” which means that much of the detail is preserved.

One side depicts the symbols of the two royal houses of Spain:  the castle and  the lion. It is about  1 1/2 inch in diameter.

The writing has to do with King Phillip III and where the coin was minted.


Comment from   Rosemary of Ocean Grove who sends us an interesting account of Mel Fisher:

“It is a compelling story and I continue to be amazed by the tenacity of the Fisher family, they searched for the Atocha for 16 years before finding it, Mel started every day by saying “Today’s the day” and, one day, it was indeed the DAY.  Others had searched for the this vessel but what made the difference is that Mel Fisher sent someone to Spain to research the original 17th century documents which pinpointed the location of wreck in a different area slightly away from where other would be treasure hunters were looking.
“Even after finding it, he litigated for 6 years or so with the State of Florida which tried to claim the treasure.
“The case worked its way up though the Appellate Courts eventually winding up in the Supreme Court which found in favor of Mel Fisher and his investors.  Really a fascinating story.”


Thanks,  Rosemary.


MILES DAVIS AND GIL EVANS.   “The Maids of Cadiz”.  From the Miles Davis album Sketches of Spain.  This album is perhaps his most famous and most beautiful.  Cadiz is a port in southwest Spain which had been the home of the Spanish navy.

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Hollywood Cemetery Richmond, Virginia overlooks the James River and is in a historic neighborhood adjacent to the VCU campus. It reminds one of Central Park with rolling hills and vales. Paul Goldfinger photo. 4/15/16 ©

Hollywood Cemetery Richmond, Virginia overlooks the James River and is in a historic neighborhood adjacent to the VCU campus. It reminds one of Central Park with rolling hills and vales. Paul Goldfinger photo. 4/15/16 © click to enlarge.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.   Re-posted from April, 2016.


We visited the grave of President John Tyler  (1790-1862).  He was a Whig and was elected Vice President in 1840 with William Henry Harrison, President.  But Harrison died after spending only one month in office, and Tyler was the first President to succeed to the office from the VP spot.  Tyler had the dubious  distinction of making everybody, including his own party,  mad at him, particularly over his support for the southern states.

His best achievement was to annex Texas.  He was a Virginian and a life long politician whose last office was as a member of the CSA House of Representatives.  He was married twice and had 15 children, so it seems he took some time off from the oval office.

Tyler is buried  in Richmond, Virginia, at the glorious cemetery known as Hollywood  (for the Holly trees).  It is a marvelous place to visit, and Tyler is found in the Presidents Circle, a fine spot way up overlooking the James River.  He is buried with his second wife and his daughter Julia who passed at the age of 20.  A small Confederate flag is stuck into the ground at his site.

His nearby neighbor is President James Monroe whose monument is undergoing some renovation.

The Hollywood Cemetery contains a special section for 28 Confederate generals, and another area for several thousand enlisted men  many of whom died at Gettysburg.  You can imagine the task of bringing those bodies back to Richmond. Jefferson Davis is also there in a place of honor.

The property is huge and quite gorgeous now with cherry blossoms all around. Students from Virginia Commonwealth University are nearby for jogging, hiking, and socializing .

Photo by Paul Goldfinger. ©

Photo by Paul Goldfinger. ©


LARRY SPARKS:   “Smokey Mountain Memories”


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This Jersey Shore town is within 30 minutes of Ocean Grove. Blogfinger photo. May, 2015. 4th Avenue, Asbury Park, New Jersey. It is a lovely street with a canopy of plane trees  like you see in Europe, and a variety of house styles.  Blogfinger photo. May, 2015.  It’s a nice street to take a walk.   Something good will come from that.    Click on image to enlarge the dogwood tree.  ©




note:  Comments relate to our “name that town” contest with this 2015 springtime image.   You can add more comments now.

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Central Park. By Paul Goldfinger ©

If you eat all the blueberries in that bag you will regain your memory, your energy and your libido.   (Penny wins the caption contest)   Re-post. Paul Goldfinger photo.



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Paul Goldfinger video.  Watch it carefully and play the music as you watch.  Hit the music button first and then hit the video button.

This Spring Lake home is on Morris Avenue, near that beautiful downtown.  Spring Lake is a real town, with no mega events, no parking issues, a strong sense of community, and a government that represents the citizens.

There are 3 churches there.




BRUNO MARS  “When I Was Your Man.”



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