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Deal, New Jersey.

I took this photograph shortly after Sandy. By Paul Goldfinger © 2012. Click to enlarge.

Deal oceanfront. Nov. 2, 2012 . Paul Goldfinger ©. Blogfinger.net.  Name that Jersey Shore town contest:Click to enlarge.

I visited Deal on November 2, 2012.  Most of those beautiful sturdy ocean front homes had minimal damage.  There was an empty lot adjacent to the house which I was photographing, and it was piled with debris.

Name that Jersey Shore town contest:

HINT:  This image contains the Atlantic Ocean, a generous land lot, and a contemporary home facing the beach.

The winner gets a signed and numbered print by Jack Bredin, OG artist in residence.

March 18, 2018:     We have a winner. See comments below.   OGLover.

ALEXANDRE DESPLAT   “The Shape of Water” from the soundtrack of this  year’s Best Picture Oscar winner.  Desplat won for Best Musical Score.

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Ocean Grove non-fishing pier. September 26, 2015. By Bob Bowné. ©

“Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.”    Winning caption by Caesar.  Ocean Grove non-fishing pier. September 26, 2015. Photo by Bob Bowné. ©  Click to enlarge.  Re-posted 2015.


EVA CASSIDY    Live at Blues Alley   (A wonderful jazz club near Dupont Circle  in D.C. which I used to frequent during my med school years in Washington.)

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Photographed by Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger.net. February, 2018. Southwest Florida. ©   Click to enlarge.

The winner will receive an original Jack Bredin signed and numbered print .   Janet. Please send us your contact info: —Blogfinger@verizon.net

NEIL YOUNG   “Birds”  (Live at Sugar Mountain)

“Nestled in your wings my little one
This special morning brings another sun
Tomorrow see the things that never come

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Two generations join the Town-Wide Yard Sale on Heck Avenue in Ocean Grove.  2016.    Paul Goldfinger photo ©

By Paul  @Blogfinger:

I had purchased a new Garmin GPS, so I placed my old one out on a table at our yard sale—- marked $10.00.  A man came by and spent about 15 minutes studying it carefully.

Man:  Does this GPS have night-time lighting and does it work?

Me: Yes

Man: How old is it?

Me: About 3 years.

Man:  It’s too much money.

Me: (feeling charitable:)   OK  $5.00

Man  (taking out his wallet and staring into it)  I don’t have $5.00

Me: You can have it for free.

Man:  No, I don’t want it. I want one with all the latest features.

Me:  Sorry, but you need a new one for that.

Man: Walks away.


KENNY VANCE from his new album.  Kenny—We miss you in Ocean Grove:  —–PG



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“Name that Jersey Shore town contest.”  Winner gets a signed and numbered “Flag Day” print by Jack Bredin. See below.     Blogfinger photo. © Nov. 2, 2017.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

This memorial is mostly dedicated to WWII veterans, although there also was recognition of vets from the Korean Conflict and WWI.  The names of those who died in the war are marked with stars.  And, it should be noted, that the Battle of Monmouth was fought in Freehold in June, 1778.  Freehold is an old town, having been founded in the 17th century.

This monument is especially moving because it is located in the middle of the city, right where several roads converge, so thousands of people see it as they drive by.  We walked among the monuments, and it is engaging; and yet it’s not a cemetary, although the rows of crosses and stars seem like that.

We used to live across the road from Arlington National Cemetery, and monuments to honor war dead are so important for the nation’s collective memory.

In France, every little village has a war memorial in the center of town, mostly from WWI. I hate the idea of tearing down war monuments.  It’s an effective way to remind everyone of the horrors of war and to honor those who served.

The winners of our “name that Jersey Shore” contest are Joy and Mike Adase of Ocean Grove.


“Precious Lord, take my hand
Lead me on, let me stand
I’m tired, I’m weak, I’m lone
Through the storm, through the night
Lead me on to the light
Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home.”

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The 20 room American Hotel, 18-20 E. Main St.,  is centrally located in Freehold, within walking distance from the Monmouth County Historical Association Museum and close to Superior Court of New Jersey Monmouth Vicinage. Paul Goldfinger photo 2014. © Hotelsone.com

The lucky winner of our “name that Jersey Shore town contest” is Kekbeka who ID’d the town very quickly after we posted it.



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Days Ice Cream Garden. Ocean Grove. The oldest business in town. Blogfinger photo ©

If you get a  hot fudge sundae and then sit down near the windows at Days,  you will see this magical garden. It reminds me of the place where the Alice in Wonderland tea party was  held, but that’s not a tea pot; it’s a watering can. Evidently that party was crazy with everybody acting out. But we know for sure that no one ate ice cream that day–just tea with little sandwiches and cakes.

Our winner is Maureen Kerr. She has been notified about her prize.

CAST OF GODSPELL:  This song has a hint in it as well.  The song is Day by Day.

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Ocean Grove cottage. Isn’t she lovely?  Blogfinger photo ©

You can get $130 per night rental on Airbnb for this little house.   The cottage might be worth $325,000.  It gives a new incentive to buy such a comfy place. OG cottages are continuously coveted for their cozy presence—very good for a single person, but now, as a rental, there is more to this than meets the eye.

Note: There is no indication that this cottage is for sale.  Tell us the exact address and win a genuine OG car (or fridge) magnet, made in the USA with outdoor vinyl.  For sale at Gingerbreads.

The winner of our name that jewel contest is Danielle Murray.  She can receive her prize by emailing us with her delivery address.


Vintage photo:   Snafu John, age two, in front of #56 Abbott Avenue in 1958. See his comment; click below.

#56 Abbott Avenue, Ocean Grove, NJ 1958.   John and his parents. ©

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Bradley’s gazebo glows in the light of dusk.  When I first saw it from my car, it looked unreal–like a painting.   Paul Goldfinger photo. June 8, 2017. ©


“Watching the sun bake

“All of those tourists covered with oil

“Wasting away again in Margaritaville

“Is there a woman to blame?”

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Boynton Beach still-life. By Paul Goldfinger. March, 2017. ©  You will have to click and enlarge.


I generally don’t  like to photograph trees or other still lifes. But this photograph taken at a nature preserve in Boynton Beach, Florida (east coast) is not about the trees.

You can win a genuine Paul Goldfinger  (me!) black and white signed photograph mounted on mat board and ready to sit on a shelf in your house. No frame is needed or desired. It is an objet d’art, if I say so myself, which I do now.  Be the first to identify the creature in the tree.

And while you are searching, start the music (below) to add a soundtrack to your quest.



We have a winner.  5 Blogfinger readers spotted the little owl, but Lee Morgan was first.  We also saw an owl family, Mom, Pop and 2 kids, but I didn’t get that photo.  The kids got wet and dried themselves with a towl.

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