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Lovely Marine Park in Red  Bank.    Blogfinger photo. June, 2018.  Click to enlarge. ©  No contest winner.


Cast of the Broadway show Neverland.

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Paul Goldfinger photo in Ocean Grove, NJ. , As seen from Asbury Park.    June 19, 2018. ©



The winner of our “name that Jersey Shore town contest” is Jennifer Thomas of Ocean Grove.

KEVIN KLINE AND JOHN BARROWMAN.    From the movie soundtrack of De-Lovely

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Paul Goldfinger photo. June 13, 2018. © Lovely restored homes on Broad Street in Red Bank, mostly professional offices now.  Blogfinger photo.


Jennifer of Ocean Grove won our “name that Jersey Shore town contest.”  She will be contacted regarding her prize:  “Flag Day”—a signed and numbered print by OG artist Jack Bredin  (see below.)   He has been likened to Grandma Moses, but he is no grandma.



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This “shore town” is not a beach community; more of a “Garden State” sort of place. All photos by Paul Goldfinger © Blogfinger.net  Click to make the plants grow.   May 30, 2018


There is a huge selection of bedding plants.    Blogfinger photo.


Best pots around. Monmouth County. Blogfinger photo.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

In 1663, the Parker family received a land grant from the King of England.  The land was farmed by the family and was turned into a farm market in 1908.

From the Sickles web site.

Eileen likes to go there for spring flowers to plant.  They have a fine selection.  They also have a market where you can get gardening equipment, baked goods and a deli counter.   We were there recently and had coffee and rugelach  (pretty good for such a Waspy place—in the heart of Rumson country.)

If you want to take a lovely ride and make believe you are in the heart of Connecticut’s “Gold Coast” drive north along the Ocean picking up Ocean Avenue in Asbury Park.  Pass through Deal, Long Branch, Monmouth Beach, and Sea Bright, riding between the Ocean and the Navesink River.

When you get to the bridge across the river to Rumson, turn left there and continue driving along Rumson Road.  You will be impressed.  The estates are a feast for the eyes.

Keep going until you come to Sickles Farm  (no apostrophe)   They have parking and they have a playground and a ball field.

ELLEN GREEN from A Little Shop of Horrors:  “Somewhere That’s Green.”

Editor’s note:  the winner of our name that town contest is Pat.  When she emails us with her name and a workable email address, we will arrange her prize of  a Jack Bredin signed and numbered print “Flag Day.”

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Paul Goldfinger ©. Click to enlarge. May, 2018. 4th Avenue in Asbury Park.   The house is set back from the usual line of houses; note the lovely spring garden.  It could be the setting for a scene in Spamalot. Maybe Sir Lancelot’s home.   Blogfinger.net

Hint:  Think about a shore town that likes nonconformity.  You would probably not find this house in Ocean Grove, for example.-  The HPC would have a seizure.—PG

Suffering Surfer wins this “Name That Town” contest.  We will contact the winner regarding his prize.


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Jay Castelli wins our “name that bird contest.”   He wins a Jack Bredin signed print.  Our staff will be in touch with him.

KAT EDMONSON   “How’s About It Baby”  (OK, the song has nothing to do with birds, but I like it anyhow.)

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Blogfinger photo. ©  First Avenue in Asbury Park, not far from Cookman Avenue. March 26, 2018.  Blogfinger.net


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.net

There are those who believe that Cookman Avenue is the center of town, but A.Park has many lovely avenues including First Avenue, Grand Avenue, Sunset Avenue, and quite a few of the numbered avenues west of the tracks.

Here is a link to one of our posts about Grand Avenue:

Grand Avenue. A. Park.

We have a winner for our contest: It is AMM whom we will contact to arrange his prize.

The Velours love this wonderful  color.  Go ahead, invite him over. A. Park is  a very sociable town.


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Deal, New Jersey.

I took this photograph shortly after Sandy. By Paul Goldfinger © 2012. Click to enlarge.

Deal oceanfront. Nov. 2, 2012 . Paul Goldfinger ©. Blogfinger.net.  Name that Jersey Shore town contest:Click to enlarge.

I visited Deal on November 2, 2012.  Most of those beautiful sturdy ocean front homes had minimal damage.  There was an empty lot adjacent to the house which I was photographing, and it was piled with debris.

Name that Jersey Shore town contest:

HINT:  This image contains the Atlantic Ocean, a generous land lot, and a contemporary home facing the beach.

The winner gets a signed and numbered print by Jack Bredin, OG artist in residence.

March 18, 2018:     We have a winner. See comments below.   OGLover.

ALEXANDRE DESPLAT   “The Shape of Water” from the soundtrack of this  year’s Best Picture Oscar winner.  Desplat won for Best Musical Score.

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Ocean Grove non-fishing pier. September 26, 2015. By Bob Bowné. ©

“Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.”    Winning caption by Caesar.  Ocean Grove non-fishing pier. September 26, 2015. Photo by Bob Bowné. ©  Click to enlarge.  Re-posted 2015.


EVA CASSIDY    Live at Blues Alley   (A wonderful jazz club near Dupont Circle  in D.C. which I used to frequent during my med school years in Washington.)

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Photographed by Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger.net. February, 2018. Southwest Florida. ©   Click to enlarge.

The winner will receive an original Jack Bredin signed and numbered print .   Janet. Please send us your contact info: —Blogfinger@verizon.net

NEIL YOUNG   “Birds”  (Live at Sugar Mountain)

“Nestled in your wings my little one
This special morning brings another sun
Tomorrow see the things that never come

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