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17th century silver Spanish coin. The gold “frame” is not part of the coin. When I wear this coin Eileen says I have the Tony Soprano look. Paul Goldfinger photos.   Side one.


Side 2  Not exactly pocket change.   PG


By Paul Goldfinger, MD. Editor@Blogfinger.net

The Atocha was loaded with treasure  (gold, silver, jewels and jewelry) when it sunk in a hurricane off Key West in 1622.  The wreck was scattered, and most of the treasure was not found until 1985 by American treasure hunter Mel Fisher, who searched  for years.    Among the loot were rosaries with emeralds–destined for the Vatican, gold carved rings, gold coins and silver coins.

The silver was mined in Peru and rolled into lengths like a tootsie roll that could be cut into coin blanks. Then a wooden form with an engraving on the end was used to hammer the carvings into the silver, much as they did during the Roman Empire. This coin was minted in Potosi, Peru  (now Bolivia)

The coins were shipped in wooden chests.   The wood dissolved leaving an amalgam of silver coins all stuck together.  It was a huge job to separate them while preserving the coin details.

Many people invested in his search, and when the bulk of the riches were found, they received a portion.

I purchased this silver coin from the family of one of the original investors. It is “grade one” which means that much of the detail is preserved.

One side depicts the symbols of the two royal houses of Spain:  the castle and  the lion. It is about  1 1/2 inch in diameter.

The writing has to do with King Phillip III and where the coin was minted.


Comment from   Rosemary of Ocean Grove who sends us an interesting account of Mel Fisher:

“It is a compelling story and I continue to be amazed by the tenacity of the Fisher family, they searched for the Atocha for 16 years before finding it, Mel started every day by saying “Today’s the day” and, one day, it was indeed the DAY.  Others had searched for the this vessel but what made the difference is that Mel Fisher sent someone to Spain to research the original 17th century documents which pinpointed the location of wreck in a different area slightly away from where other would be treasure hunters were looking.
“Even after finding it, he litigated for 6 years or so with the State of Florida which tried to claim the treasure.
“The case worked its way up though the Appellate Courts eventually winding up in the Supreme Court which found in favor of Mel Fisher and his investors.  Really a fascinating story.”


Thanks,  Rosemary.


MILES DAVIS AND GIL EVANS.   “The Maids of Cadiz”.  From the Miles Davis album Sketches of Spain.  This album is perhaps his most famous and most beautiful.  Cadiz is a port in southwest Spain which had been the home of the Spanish navy.

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A scene from Ozark*.  What is wrong with this image photographed from the TV video?

Janice Chandler of Ocean Grove is the winner saying that the Xray shows “dextrocardia” which is a congenital anomaly where the heart is positioned on the right side instead of the left.  It is an anatomic finding, but the heart works normally.

It is often diagnosed by a chest x-ray, but an old school physician, like me, might diagnose it on the physical exam, but doctors of this era, who sometimes don’t know which end of a stethoscope to put in their ears, would surely miss it without an imaging device.

However, the contest was to say what is wrong with the photo, and if the X-ray were a case of dextrocardia, it would look like that, but I wouldn’t call it something “wrong.”

But her answer is the closest.  My diagnosis is that some dopey junior TV producer hung a normal X-ray backwards.

So congratulations to Janice who is so brilliant because she is an RN who worked with me back in the day.

She wins a Jack Bredin print of “Flag Day” which is perfect because we are in a time when we need all the patriotism that we can get.

And:   Janice contacted us to say, “Wow! Good for me! Thank you Paul. I also suspected that the film was backwards, but thought you would get a kick out of the dextrocardia guess! In all my years in practice, I saw only a single case.”

This topic reminds me of when I saw a case of situs inversus where all the organs are reversed, such as the liver which is on the left instead of the right.  I was an intern, and a genius resident at Mt. Sinai told me how to diagnose situs inversus without laying a hand on the patient, but it only works on a genetic male. (XY)

You have the patient stand naked before you and you will notice that the lower testicle is the right one instead of the left.  You can impress your friends with that “pearl.”   In medicine, a pearl is a bit of knowledge.


*Ozark is a powerful series that was made in 2017 and is now available on Netflix.


Buena Vista Social Club:  “Veinte Anos”

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