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The Great Auditorium. 2014. By Bob Bonné

The Great Auditorium. 2014. By Bob Bowné



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Spring Lake boardwalk . Bob Bowné took a right turn and wound up in Spring Lake. Nov. 21, 2015.

By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor Blogfinger.net

Spring Lake is an exquisitely beautiful and classy town.  There is no comparison to be made with Ocean Grove, but we can perhaps profit from seeing why they are so highly regarded.

For one thing, their governance is all about the residents.  There is an active business district, but it is a residential community.  The stores attract some tourism, but very little.

The shops are great.  They even have April Cornell which was driven out of the Grove by a developer (Sackman) who had no interest in the nature of our town, and no one in the Grove fought for them.   Spring Lake eagerly offered that beautiful shop a home.

S.L. does not have a single mega-event to force its people indoors to hide.

Parking is not a problem—ever.   And they have found a simple measure to help their downtown:  see the sign below—no meters.



3rd Avenue, downtown Spring Lake. Blogfinger.net photo. Nov. 7, 2020. 3 hour parking and then move….


They don’t lock their parks in Spring Lake. It is a welcoming place.  In the center of downtown is a lovely park where kids, moms, dogs and others like to meet and greet.  Look Ma—-no locks!         Blogfinger.net photo 11/7/20.


This is OG’s Fireman’s Park. It is a disgusting disgrace! The barriers should be removed and the lock discarded. “Liberate Our Park!”    Blogfinger photo. 11/7/20.


In S.L they love to have art around town. It celebrates beauty and lifts one’s spirits. They have a juried art show every spring. In recent years S.L. has exhibited Seward Johnson’s life-like citizens down town.   Blogfinger.net. 11/7/20


Here’s a link to our coverage of the Seward Johnson exhibit there in 2016.

Seward Johnson in Spring Lake by BF


Here’s a song dedicated to those entrenched Grover big shots  and little shots who insist on locking Firemen’s Park:

“…..we talked about some old times
And we drank ourselves some beers
Still crazy after all these years
Still crazy after all these years.”


PAUL SIMON   “Still Crazy After All These Years.”


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Johnstown, Pennsylvania. June, 2014. By Bob Bowné ©

Johnstown, Pennsylvania. June, 2014. By Bob Bowné ©

From Bob Bowné to Blogfinger:   “I attached a photo I shot in Johnstown PA this weekend….ah…the industrial villages in the US are beat up.”


MAUDE MAGGART.  Irving Berlin wrote this song “You Keep Coming Back Like a Song”  from the 1946 movie Blue Skies, where it was introduced by Bing Crosby.

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Beachfront Sunrise. By Paul Goldfinger. Ocean Grove. Blogfinger.net ©


Hi Paul:

Greetings from Manhattan. I was struck by your quietly beautiful photo, “Beachfront Sunrise,” (posted recently on Blogfinger), and your statement that you preferred sunrises to sunsets because “beginnings are happier than endings.”

Here is the poem, “Dawn,” from my 2008 collection, Father of Water.


Best wishes,

Charles Pierre




By Charles Pierre


The first hint of morning on the ocean

is a trembling of shadows,


a dark hovering of muted tones

that moves with imperceptible pace,


a vanishing medium through which

the day brightens and widens,


the new light going on for miles and miles

in the shine of emerging surf.


BILL FRISELL. “Across the Universe.”





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Ocean Grove. January 25, 2014. By Bob Bowne. Special to Blogfinger ©. Click left.

Ocean Grove. January 25, 2014. By Bob Bowné. Special to Blogfinger ©. Click to enlarge.



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By Bob Bowne. October, 2014 © Click on image

Van Sant airfield in Bucks County.   Photo Bob Bowne. October, 2014 © Click on image.  Re-post from 2014. Special to Blogfinger.net.


Took a little ride yesterday on my motorcycle to the Van Sant Airport…. or…maybe I just got in the time machine again and pushed the back button! These guys were having a blast!


ELSIE BIANCHI:  (Flying to the moon with a bass player and in 3/4 time)

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This is the Aurora in Ocean Grove in 2014.  It is a former hotel, and  later a single family  (albeit a big one) home, and now on its way to becoming  4 condos.

Many have photographed this scene, but no one produces a unique image like Bob Bowné.  Bob, a professional fine art photographer,  is a regular contributor to Blogfinger.  Re-post from July 4,  2014.

The Aurora by Bob Bowné of Ocean Grove. © Special to Blogfinger.

The Aurora by Bob Bowné of Ocean Grove. © Special to Blogfinger. 2014.


RUBY BRAFF  (trumpet)  AND DICK HYMAN  (organ.)    From their album America the Beautiful.

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Bob Bowné capatures an intriguing image. It was a memorial service on the Ocean Grove beach. November, 2015. Special to Blogfinger ©

Bob Bowné captures an intriguing image. It was a memorial service on the Ocean Grove beach. November, 2015. Special to Blogfinger ©  Click to enlarge.

KAREN O. and EZRA KOENIG.  “The Moon Song”

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A sign of the times in Asbury Park. April 4, 2017. By Bob Bowné. Special to Blogfinger.net.

SMALL POTATOES finding the direction to spring in Bob’s image:



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OG Beachfront. Jan. 13, 2014. by Bob Bowne

Ocean Grove beachfront.  The dredge has arrived.  January 13, 2014.   Photo by Bob Bowné. ©  Special to Blogfinger. Click to enlarge

MINDY GLEDHILL    “Winter Moon”

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