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By Bob Bowne. October, 2014 © Click on image

Van Sant airfield in Bucks County.   Photo Bob Bowne. October, 2014 © Click on image.  Re-post from 2014. Special to Blogfinger.net.


Took a little ride yesterday on my motorcycle to the Van Sant Airport…. or…maybe I just got in the time machine again and pushed the back button! These guys were having a blast!


ELSIE BIANCHI:  (Flying to the moon with a bass player and in 3/4 time)

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A sign of the times in Asbury Park. April 4, 2017. By Bob Bowné. Special to Blogfinger.net.

SMALL POTATOES finding the direction to spring in Bob’s image:



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OG Beachfront. Jan. 13, 2014. by Bob Bowne

Ocean Grove beachfront.  The dredge has arrived.  January 13, 2014.   Photo by Bob Bowné. ©  Special to Blogfinger. Click to enlarge

MINDY GLEDHILL    “Winter Moon”

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Fifth Avenue, New York City. By Bob Bowné. 2014

Fifth Avenue, New York City. Special to Blogfinger. By Bob Bowné. 

ERICH KUNZEL with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra:  Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in G Minor, BWV 558  (Listen to the end. It is astonishing.)

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Shark River Inlet. Pre-Sunrise February 21st, 9˚F. By Bob Bowné. Special to Blogfinger

Shark River Inlet, Avon side.    Pre-sunrise February 21st, 9˚F. By Bob Bowné. Special to Blogfinger  ©  Click on the image for a spectacular blowup.



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Tug is associated with replenishment project. Photo was taken between OG and Asbury by Bob Bown Special for Blogfinger © Jan 25, 2014

Tug is associated with replenishment project. Photo was taken between OG and Asbury.  Special to Blogfinger © Jan 25, 2014  By Bob  Bowné  Left Click

BILL FRISELL.  “Who Was That Girl?”

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“I was at The Race of Gentlemen yesterday in Wildwood, N.J.
Could not believe my luck at capturing this! ”    By Bob Bowné Special to Blogfinger 6/10/18.


RASCAL FLATTS   “Fast Cars and Freedom.”


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Ocean Grove beach front. January, 2015. By Bob Bowné. © Special to Blogfinger

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

Today a letter was posted in the Coaster (Nov. 22, 2017) from the new President of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, Michael Badger. He did not send it to Blogfinger, so I am going by the Coaster version.  As you recall, the CMA recently threatened to sue the Township if the permit parking plan was implemented.

But this letter, which quarrels with the plan, assumes the details of the plan when it has not yet been shared with the public.   His aggressive and totally negative stance, it seems to me, is premature since the Township won’t present the plan until Nov. 27.

At that Township meeting, at 6 pm, Committeeman Carol Rizzo will  present the proposal at a workshop session,  however  if you want to speak, you have to wait for the public portion, perhaps hours later, although the agenda doesn’t seem very long.

But Badger’s letter is, in of itself,  obnoxious because many of its assertions are not based on any data or facts, and the straw men that he brings up are designed to alarm and distract us all.

Below is a point by point discussion about most of what he says in the letter:

He opens with this message, “The plan will create more problems than existed originally.”

  1. The motives of the CMA, in objecting to the plan, are disingenuous, because Badger  never mentions that the CMA is worried about parking for their religious programming which is becoming progressively more active including a year round presence.
  2. “The plan suffers from exclusivity.”  He is upset that only OG residents could get a permit.  Well, yes—that’s the point of it all.
  3. “Turning away our neighbors is not the solution”  Fake news!  No one would be turned away; but they may have to work a bit harder to find parking. And what “neighbors” is he referring to?
  4. He is worried about the “expense.” He thinks that “$60-$90 for the first year, with renewal fees annually is cause for concern.”   Is he really worried about the “expense?”    So far no one else has even mentioned a price tag.
  5. He is worried because some open permit spaces might sometimes result. He says that this is “inefficiency.”  If the plan has been developed by experts, this should be a minimal issue.
  6. He says, “The plan creates an unsustainable burden for the lodging community.” He is referring to hotels.  This assertion is based on what?  It sounds like fake news.
  7. Policing this service is “a poor use of police time.”  Since when is the CMA worried about that?  If Neptune passes the plan they can figure how to enforce and finance the program just as they do for everything in Neptune.
  8. A “significant source of the OG parking problem is the result of neighboring municipalities.” He seems to think that talking to Asbury Park will get results. He is clueless. They already have rejected the idea of helping us.
  9. Here are  some of the straw men:  “The plan will hurt businesses; it will discourage visitors; it will be unsustainable for hotels;  it will cost residents money; it will burden law enforcement; it will create more problems than existed originally;  and the plan will be “bad for residents.”   Yikes!!
  10. And, the ultimate straw man:  “The CMA vision is for Ocean Grove to be the seaside community which welcomes all generations.   The proposed pilot program clashes with our welcoming vision.”   But what about the vision of those who actually live in this town—the real community of Ocean Grove?
  11. And another assertion that flies in the face of reality and gets the summer problem totally wrong:     “Residents enjoy the shore 365 days a year. A year round parking restriction seeks to fix a problem which is acute only 10-12 weekends a year. Shouldn’t we share God’s beautiful ocean with others for at least the summer weekends? ”     What????

We have covered what Badger said, including his bringing God into the discussion, but he forgot to notice that the residents/community of Ocean Grove, have a problem that needs fixing and that they deserve some help as well.

He has mentioned all the factions that might be affected by the plan except for those who actually live here, spend the most time here, pay taxes here, keep up our Victorian homes here (which the tourists love) and develop a life style here.

And he doesn’t accept any responsibility on the part of the CMA to do something themselves about parking for tourists.

KELLI O’HARA:    Original Broadway cast of Nice Work If You Can Get It.  “But Not For Me.”

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Don't be a turkey; celebrate this wonderful holiday. Paul Goldfinger photo

Don’t be a turkey; celebrate Thanksgiving, a wonderful holiday. Paul Goldfinger photo in Ocean Grove, NJ (July 4 parade)  ©  Reposted from 2014 on Blogfinger.

On Thanksgiving morning, the Rutherford High School marching band would arrive at Passaic High School stadium for the oldest high school football rivalry in New Jersey.  We played the Thunderer for most of our half time shows.  I was in the sax section where I kept one eye on the flute players and the other on the fringed Indians—the Passaic cheerleaders.  What’s better on Thanksgiving than beautiful girls in leather.

Then, after the inevitable loss on the field, we consoled ourselves with the knowledge that our band was better; then it was back across the river and home for turkey.

JOHN PHILLIP SOUSA with the Thunderer March.


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HMS Glen Edwards. Dredger off Allenhust. By Bob Bowné. Special to Blogfinger ©

HMS Glen Edwards. The Artful Dredger off Allenhurst. By Bob Bowné. April 17, 2015.  Special to Blogfinger ©  Last posted on BF in 2015.

Hi Paul..

One of the dredgers is back in our area…I shot this this morning off of Allenhurst… Not sure if this is a continuation of the original sand replenishment or perhaps some additional maintenance due to storms.

-Bob (Bowné )

THE CHIEFTAINS.   Music to sing on deck: “An Poc Ar Bulle/ The Dingle Set”

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