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Don't be a turkey; celebrate this wonderful holiday. Paul Goldfinger photo

Don’t be a turkey; celebrate Thanksgiving, a wonderful holiday. Paul Goldfinger photo in Ocean Grove, NJ (July 4 parade)  ©  Reposted from 2014 on Blogfinger.

On Thanksgiving morning, the Rutherford High School marching band would arrive at Passaic High School stadium for the oldest high school football rivalry in New Jersey.  We played the Thunderer for most of our half time shows.  I was in the sax section where I kept one eye on the flute players and the other on the fringed Indians—the Passaic cheerleaders.  What’s better on Thanksgiving than beautiful girls in leather.

Then, after the inevitable loss on the field, we consoled ourselves with the knowledge that our band was better; then it was back across the river and home for turkey.

JOHN PHILLIP SOUSA with the Thunderer March.


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