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Ocean Grove. By Paul Goldfinger © 2014

“Dumpster 250”    Ocean Grove. By Paul Goldfinger © 2014. Click the images to enlarge.


By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor. Blogfinger.net

We recently talked about different schools of photography and we mentioned the latest approach which uses digital cameras and special softwear.   Some of those effects can be achieved in-camera by using menus that offer a variety of novel ways to alter your images, but much more can be done with post-camera processing on computers using Photo Shop or other programs.  But many photographers today still favor traditional ways to express themselves visually through photography, even though they may still use a digital camera.

The photo above is a straight night image with natural light.  New digital cameras allow the ability to do low light images without flash. Post camera adjustments of the above photo were minimal involving some minor cropping and color enhancement.

Below is an example by Moe Demby of digital alteration of a photograph.

Self portrait by Moe Demby, BF staff. Digital manipulation. © 2014

Self portrait by Moe Demby, BF staff. Digital manipulation using an iPhone photo App. © 2014

The photo below is by Barry Underwood whose work is currently being shown the Sous Les Etoiles GAllery in New York City.   It is yet another kind of contemporary photograph where the artist stages the event.  In this case he created sculptural shapes as well as  lighting with LED’s.  He than combined those elements with a regular color photograph to create the finished product “Rodeo Beach 2009”

Rodeo Beach, 2009. By BArry Underwood. Photo from the magazine "Photograph." Image on exhibit in NYC. 2014.

“Rodeo Beach, 2009.”  By Barry Underwood. Photo from the magazine “Photograph.” Image on exhibit in NYC. 2014.

Then there is Gary Winogrand who created a form of street photography in the mid 20th century that paid little attention to composition or image niceties. He was after scenes about how people lived their lives, and he produced hundreds of thousands of pictures. Below is one of his typical images from the J.Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.  It was obtained with a simple 35 mm camera and black/white film .

This photo is from a current show of Winogrand’s work at “The Getty.”  It is the simplest form of photography, and yet it is, in some ways, the most complicated.

LA International Airport 1964 by Gary Winogrand. J. Paul Getty Museum.

LA International Airport 1964 by Gary Winogrand. J. Paul Getty Museum.


Elvis drives into Vegas for the first time. This digital photo is taken off the moving imagery by Paul Goldfinger. Modern camera sensors helped me with this one.



So, if you thought that photography consisted only of snapping pictures, this review gives you a tiny idea about a variety of ways that photography can be used to express an artist’s ideas and to convey them to the viewer.

By Paul Goldfinger,  Photography editor @Blogfinger.net


HAROLD HASTINGS AND JILL HAWORTH:   If you want to do photography you have to go where the action is–Life is a Cabaret.



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Chatsworth, New Jersey. Pine Barrens.   Paul Goldfinger ©. Oct. 21, 2018 Blogfinger.net  click to enlarge.


Paul Goldfinger © Cranberry Festival. Oct. 21, 2018. ©  This kid ate too many berries and was rushing to the metal can called Mr. Bob’s on the door.


By Paul Goldfinger at the New Jersey Cranberry Festival.  (This year, 2022, it will be held on October 15 and 16. It’s fun, but get there early.  About one hour drive south. to Chatsworth,  NJ)

The food stand on the top photo had a sign that said, “Shiksabob.”

We wondered about that dish.  Was their word spelling correct for their language, or was this an English misspelling ?

We said it over and over until we figured out that it was a misspelled word:  Let’s try “Shiskabob.”  No–that’s not a word.

Then we said:   “Sishkabob,” but no, that was rejected.

But we finally realized that it was “Shishkabob,” but we tried so many versions that we began speaking gibberish and we seemed to have become fahblunget.   Or farblunget.   Oh, “farblunget” means hopelessly screwed up in Yiddish.

And, last but not least, the correct word (s) is “shish kabob.”   And even though I briefly thought I was having a stroke, we finally became coherent again as we walked to our car.

On the way,  there was a row of toilets at the Cranberry Festival with the name “Mr. Bob’s” on each  door.  A lady came out of one and walked towards me.

I held out my hand and said, “Hi, I’m Mr. Bob, and that will be 50 cents. ”   She laughed and breezed by.  No more Mr. Bob jokes.




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Fletcher Lake in Ocean Grove. By Rich Despins. © Special to Blogfinger.net

Fletcher Lake in Ocean Grove. By Rich Despins. © Special to Blogfinger.net click to enlarge.




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Marilyn Monroe, no longer in the dark. Marilyn Monroe, no longer in the dark.  Photographer George Barris made Marilyn smile.  I always imagined that she was smiling at me.





By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger  (re-posted from November, 2014)


Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Mortenson in Los Angeles on June 1,  1926.  She tragically died at the age of 36. She was the pin-up girl for most of the guys from my generation.  Marilyn was not only a movie star, but she also was a singer.  Remember “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

Many years ago I found this photo  (above)  of MM in a shop on Thompson Street in  Greenwich Village where they sold images of Hollywood stars.  I loved her smile, her hair, and her towel. The picture was provocative even though it is rated P.G. (my initials)

Marilyn has been on the wall of my dark room for many years, so she was always smiling at me, keeping me company, while I was engaged in that solitary activity. Now, as I take down that old technology, the photo of Marilyn will remain, as the dark room takes on new digital form.

There were many photographers who were known for their images of her—tens of thousands of photos of Marilyn exist.

Those who were privileged to photograph her included many great names such as  Avedon, Bachrach, Eisenstadt and Newman.

We recently wrote a post about the photographers on the movie set of The Misfits, where MM was photographed with Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift, Arthur Miller, and Eli Wallach.   BF about The Misfits

She was a passionate and vulnerable  person who, like a beautiful butterfly,  flitted from one to another without landing happily.  Here is a quote from Marilyn herself, “I knew I belonged to the public and to the world, not because I was talented or even beautiful but because I had never belonged to anything or anyone else.
” –From the Unfinished Biography of Marilyn Monroe

Her singing was wispy and sexy. Recently Barry Manilow decided to make an album of “Dream Duets” using technology to bring him together in song with his departed musical heroes.  One of the songs was with Marilyn.


MARILYN MONROE  Gentlemen Prefer Blonds




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Cape Cod. Scanned from a darkroom silver gelatin print c. 1993. By Paul Goldfinger. Image published on the cover of Internal Medicine News. ©

Truro Dunes, Cape Cod. Tri-X film. Leica M.   Scanned from a darkroom silver gelatin print c. 1993.  By Paul Goldfinger, MD   Image published on the cover of Internal Medicine News. ©  Click on photo to enlarge.



THELONIOUS MONK SEPTET.    “Ruby My Dear.”  The tenor sax player is probably John Coltrane.  Monk wrote the piece in honor of his first love Ruby R. (1947)


There is a  documentary about John Coltrane who once was part of Monk’s group.  It is Chasing Trane.


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Beachfront Sunrise. By Paul Goldfinger. Ocean Grove. Blogfinger.net ©


Hi Paul:

Greetings from Manhattan. I was struck by your quietly beautiful photo, “Beachfront Sunrise,” (posted recently on Blogfinger), and your statement that you preferred sunrises to sunsets because “beginnings are happier than endings.”

Here is the poem, “Dawn,” from my 2008 collection, Father of Water.


Best wishes,

Charles Pierre




By Charles Pierre


The first hint of morning on the ocean

is a trembling of shadows,


a dark hovering of muted tones

that moves with imperceptible pace,


a vanishing medium through which

the day brightens and widens,


the new light going on for miles and miles

in the shine of emerging surf.


BILL FRISELL. “Across the Universe.”





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Little Eddie and Dad--Cousin' Brucie. Mt. Hermon Way at Delaware. Paul Goldfinger photo © Little Eddie and Dad–Cousin’ Brucie. Mt. Hermon Way at Delaware. Paul Goldfinger photo ©   2014.





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CAST OF A CHORUS LINE    “At the Ballet.”

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Firemen battle blaze. Moe Demby in the midst of the action. Blogfinger staff photographer ©

Bradley Beach  firemen battle blaze. Moe Demby in the midst of the action. Undated.  Moe is a Blogfinger staff photographer ©  and prior at the APP. Re-post.  Click to enlarge.


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Ocean Pathway. 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Ocean Grove . May.   Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click to enlarge.


DAVID JOHANSEN    From the movie The Aviator 


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