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Chatsworth, New Jersey. Pine Barrens.   Paul Goldfinger ©. Oct. 21, 2018 Blogfinger.net  click to enlarge.


Paul Goldfinger © Cranberry Festival. Oct. 21, 2018. ©  This kid ate too many berries and was rushing to the metal can called Mr. Bob’s on the door.


By Paul Goldfinger at the New Jersey Cranberry Festival.  (This year, 2022, it will be held on October 15 and 16. It’s fun, but get there early.  About one hour drive south. to Chatsworth,  NJ)

The food stand on the top photo had a sign that said, “Shiksabob.”

We wondered about that dish.  Was their word spelling correct for their language, or was this an English misspelling ?

We said it over and over until we figured out that it was a misspelled word:  Let’s try “Shiskabob.”  No–that’s not a word.

Then we said:   “Sishkabob,” but no, that was rejected.

But we finally realized that it was “Shishkabob,” but we tried so many versions that we began speaking gibberish and we seemed to have become fahblunget.   Or farblunget.   Oh, “farblunget” means hopelessly screwed up in Yiddish.

And, last but not least, the correct word (s) is “shish kabob.”   And even though I briefly thought I was having a stroke, we finally became coherent again as we walked to our car.

On the way,  there was a row of toilets at the Cranberry Festival with the name “Mr. Bob’s” on each  door.  A lady came out of one and walked towards me.

I held out my hand and said, “Hi, I’m Mr. Bob, and that will be 50 cents. ”   She laughed and breezed by.  No more Mr. Bob jokes.




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The Pinewood Antler Club. Chatsworth, NJ. Oct 2013. Pine Barrens series. Paul Goldfinger photo © Reposted from 2013 BF

At the New Jersey Cranberry Festival, you would think that you were in Appalachia.  On the porch of the Chatsworth General Store was a small combo playing bluegrass.

Farm stands were selling all things cranberry including the fresh picked berries themselves plus muffins, cakes, jellies, pies, breads and salsa. The locals call themselves Pineys and their web site is Pineypower.com.  There were huge crowds, and not a Docksider or Prius in sight. A bandstand featured a fine southern rock band while the audience sat around eating fried food.

STONEY MOUNTAIN BOYS with some Appalachian Mountain bluegrass:  “Home Across the Blue Ridge Mountains.”

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Waretown, New Jersey.  Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Waretown, New Jersey. Pine Barrens. October 20, 2015. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Would you smile if that pole were holding you up?





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From the Pinelands series. By Paul Goldfinger © 2013

From the Pinelands series. By Paul Goldfinger © 2013.  (reposted 12/17/13)

SHE and HIM:  “The Christmas Waltz”

Editor’s note:   I enjoyed this Wikipedia account regarding the writing of this song.

The Christmas Waltz” is a Christmas song that was written by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne for Frank Sinatra, who recorded it in 1954 as the B-sideof a new recording of “White Christmas,” in 1957 for his album A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra, and in 1968 for The Sinatra Family Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Cahn recalls, “One day during a very hot spell in Los Angeles the phone rang and it was Jule Styne to say, ‘Frank wants a Christmas song.'” Cahn resisted, explaining that any notion of attempting a holiday hit so closely on the heels of Irving Berlin’s hugely successful “White Christmas” was “ridiculous”,but Styne was emphatic. “‘Frank wants a Christmas song.'”[4]

The two met in Styne’s apartment to begin work on the project, and Cahn asked the composer, “‘Hey, Jule, has there ever been a Christmas waltz?’ He said no. I said, ‘Play that waltz of yours.’ He did so,” and Cahn began work on the lyrics of “The Christmas Waltz”, which many other artists have also recorded.”

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From the Pine Barrens series.  By Paul Goldfinger  © 2013

Untitled.  From the Pine Barrens series. By Paul Goldfinger © 2013. Click left

Soundtrack:  The Theme From the Bridges of Madison County  by Clint Eastwood

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From the Pine Barrens Series.  By Paul Goldfinger © 2013

From the Pine Barrens Series. By Paul Goldfinger © 2013

AARON WEINSTEIN (violin) and JOHN PIZZARELLI  (vocal and guitar).  From the album  “A Handful of Stars.”   This song, “Let’s Get Lost,” was in a 1943 movie “Happy Go Lucky” and then in a 1988 Oscar nominated documentary about the jazz trumpet player/singer Chet Baker.

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October 19, 2013.  Pine Barrens Series.  By Paul Goldfinger ©

October 19, 2013. Pine Barrens Series. By Paul Goldfinger ©

NOTE:  Sunday Oct 20 is the last day for this festival.

JOE TEMPERLEY  “Polka Dots and Moonbeams”

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