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The Pinewood Antler Club. Chatsworth, NJ. Oct 2013. Pine Barrens series. Paul Goldfinger photo © Reposted from 2013 BF

At the New Jersey Cranberry Festival, you would think that you were in Appalachia.  On the porch of the Chatsworth General Store was a small combo playing bluegrass.

Farm stands were selling all things cranberry including the fresh picked berries themselves plus muffins, cakes, jellies, pies, breads and salsa. The locals call themselves Pineys and their web site is Pineypower.com.  There were huge crowds, and not a Docksider or Prius in sight. A bandstand featured a fine southern rock band while the audience sat around eating fried food.

STONEY MOUNTAIN BOYS with some Appalachian Mountain bluegrass:  “Home Across the Blue Ridge Mountains.”

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