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Northville Cemetery, Adirondack Park, New York State. Jean Bredin photo. © September, 2020.

From Jean:  “There’s something about an old cemetery that I like to walk through.

“Some tombstones date back to 1799. Some inscriptions have worn off with time.

“I say a little blessing and then go on my way.”

Giampaolo Pasquile     “Twin Peaks.”   from the Greatest Movie soundtracks.

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Passing by the Via 57 West building. Jean Bredin photo. Jan 9, 2020 © Blogfinger staff.


KAT EDMONSON  from her album: Old Fashioned Gal



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Ocean Grove by Jean Bredin © Blogfinger staff. June, 2017.

Jean around town:      “Ocean Grovers are inventive people.  Driving through Delaware Ave, I spotted a good example. If you have a small side yard, cut your umbrella in half and be done with it.”


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Provincetown, Mass. By Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff ©

Provincetown, Mass. By Jean Bredin.   With that dress on, who’s looking at the stars?      Blogfinger staff © Click to enlarge.

From Jean:

Hi Paul,
Street musicians are plentiful in Provincetown.. I took this picture today.
She was singing country folk, and darned good at that.


ps I liked the pic of Boardwalk Entertainer you just posted….


THE ROULETTES  “I See a Star.”   Who says these ’50’s songs sound alike?  But who cares,  this is a slow number, so lower the lights in the gym and find Gloria for this dance.

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