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Ocean Grove. Sept. 4, 2015. By Jean Bredin. Blogfinger staff. © Ocean Grove Schwinn. Sept. 4, 2015. By Jean Bredin. Blogfinger staff. ©   Click to raise the seat.


From Jean Bredin:   “One of my favorite movies is Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.  The plot revolves around Pee-wee’s customized vintage bicycle which was stolen.

“His bike had doodads, gizmos, whistles, horns, and could fly! Well, this bike has no doodads or gizmos, but it is beautiful nonetheless…and fits right into Ocean Grove’s charm.”




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Ocean Grove by Jean Bredin. 8/25/21 ©




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Feb 19, 2021. By Jean Bredin in Ocean Grove. Blogfinger staff.


Jean says, “What’s winter without a snowman?  I had all the ingredients: a top hat I just got at Goodwill; scarf; coal candy; and a carrot.  We’re calling him ‘Mr. Goodwill’….”



Jean Bredin. Feb. 19, 2021.


Says Jean:  ‘” trudged up and down Main Avenue in the snow storm. I wound up in Fireman’s Park. No one was around but me and the flag.  I like the colors—so striking to see the white background and flag colors.”


FATS WALLER  “Winter Weather.”





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Jean Bredin. OG. December 22, 2020 © Blogfinger staff photo.


Jean Bredin. Ocean Grove December 22, 2020. © Blogfinger staff.


Jean says, “I went out for a short walk, but found myself winding through many streets in town, following the lights.”


MARCO BELTRAMI:  “Casanova’s Kiss.”  From The Sessions (Original motion picture soundtrack):


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Although chilly tonite, Moongazers were out on the benches watching the moonrise. 3/23/16. By Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff. © OG boards…..Although chilly tonite, moongazers were out on the benches watching the moonrise. 3/23/16. Ocean Grove.  By Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff. ©   Click to enlarge the moon.





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Ocean Township High School prom day. June 1, 2017. Photographs by Jean Bredin  (Around town with Jean). Blogfinger staff. ©. Click on the images to enlarge them.   Re-post June 2017.


Hi Paul,

It was the Ocean Township H.S. Prom night. June 1, 2017.
Ocean Grove’s Boardwalk seems to be the perfect spot for a portrait,

TONY BENNETT:   This song won an Oscar in 1936. It was featured in the movie “Swing Time” with Fred Astaire. Jerome Kern wrote the music and Dorothy Fields the lyrics.  Dorothy said that when she first heard the melody, she was so moved that she couldn’t stop crying.  It is indeed so beautiful and so perfect for prom night.

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Kymme gets ready to vacate. Photo by Jean Bredin. © 9/10/20.

Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff:

Whenever I take a walk, it seems a story is in my path.  Being curious about the tents and the end of the season, I wanted to see how things were:  I was greeted by Kymme VanCleef, a 62 year tent resident.

She will be leaving in a week.  She shared  generational stories and how her three grandchildren enjoy visiting.  She wishes she could take her flowering climbing vine home with her.

“Grow For Me.”      From the original motion picture soundtrack of A Little Shop of Horrors.

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Ocean Avenue, Ocean Grove. By Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff. © Feb. 16, 2016.

Ocean Avenue, Ocean Grove. By Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff. ©    Re-post.  Feb. 16, 2016.   Click to enlarge.


“…..and the rain subsided, the cold snap ended, so it was great for taking a walk. The sky was a panorama of dark gray clouds….it was a dramatic sight…as sometimes it is after rainstorms.”



THE STORYVILLE JASSBAND    “I Get the Blues When It Rains.”

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Main Avenue, Ocean Grove by Jean Bredin. August 14, 2020 ©


Jean:     “Old Glory never fails to move me. This large flag proudly waves on Main Avenue in view of the Camp Meeting Association flags.   It is a beautiful sight to behold.”


From an essay on the flag by William O’Malley of the Heritage Foundation:  “The promise of America lives on through those brave heroes who have, over the centuries, fought to fulfill our societal vow that, wherever the American flag flies, there too shall be found life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”


“HYMN TO THE FALLEN”   From the soundtrack of Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan—-score by John Williams.

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Tent Village, Ocean Grove. Jean Bredin photograph. July 18, 2020. © Blogfinger.net.


By Jean Bredin.  Blogfinger.net reporter/photographer. 

Bob and Bonnie Harley have been tenters all their lives.  Bob’s father and mother, Jack and Helen Harley, were the occupants to this tent over 60 years ago.

I asked them how has it been in Tent Village this year?

“Very quiet, ” Bonnie replied.  Maybe 85-90% occupied, but mostly weekenders.  They reminisced about many things. There is much history to be found among the tenters.

Bob said he learned to swim in the Ocean Grove Pool at the North End.


Ocean Grove Choir Festival in the Great Auditorium.   Paul Goldfinger photo. Blogfinger.net ©


Jean noted:  “Jack Harley was the maestro  of the Teaneck Bergen Chorus many years ago.  My father was a member.  Jack encouraged his singers to join the Ocean Grove Choir Festival, which my father did.”

“The next year I came down to sing.  The rest is history. I am a year round resident of Ocean Grove.”


Here’s an arrangement that Jack probably would appreciate.  It’s Max Raabe with the Das Palast Orchester performing in Carnegie Hall:   “Singing in the Rain.”




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Ocean Grove beach morning. By Jean Bredin. Blogfinger.net. © 6/24/20




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Jean Bredin OG. April 14, 2020. Blogfinger.net


Sitting in Auditorium Square Park this afternoon was lovely.

You would hardly think there is a pandemic going on.

I think I was in the 2% of folks wearing a mask.

Nobody came near me though, so that was a plus.






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Feb.  26, 2020.    Jean Bredin went down to the OG boardwalk:

“Not all days are sunny and bright.  Today was foggy, but atmospheric. There was no sight of Asbury Park, people on the boards, or seagulls for that matter.

“But , life at the beach is still OK.”

Put on the music, and then the video. You can replay the video while the music goes on. Use the video pause button to view a series of individual stills from the video;



KITTY KALLEN AND HARRY JAMES ORCHESTRA.   From the documentary  The War.  “I’m Beginning to See the Light.





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