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Ocean Grove beach morning. By Jean Bredin. Blogfinger.net. © 6/24/20




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Jean Bredin OG. April 14, 2020. Blogfinger.net


Sitting in Auditorium Square Park this afternoon was lovely.

You would hardly think there is a pandemic going on.

I think I was in the 2% of folks wearing a mask.

Nobody came near me though, so that was a plus.






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Ocean Grove boardwalk. What happened to 6 feet apart?  By Jean Bredin. March 20, 2020. ©


Love is in the air, in spite of the Corona virus. A balmy warm night was inviting to get out of the house and stroll on the Boardwalk. Lots of people had the same idea.






Sophie Milman

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Feb.  26, 2020.    Jean Bredin went down to the OG boardwalk:

“Not all days are sunny and bright.  Today was foggy, but atmospheric. There was no sight of Asbury Park, people on the boards, or seagulls for that matter.

“But , life at the beach is still OK.”

Put on the music, and then the video. You can replay the video while the music goes on. Use the video pause button to view a series of individual stills from the video;



KITTY KALLEN AND HARRY JAMES ORCHESTRA.   From the documentary  The War.  “I’m Beginning to See the Light.





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Jean Bredin ©. Blogfinger staff. Ocean Grove, February, 2020.





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“I found this little alley behind the tent houses. Nothing has changed here for years and years. No progress whatsoever; just the way I like it.”  Says Jean Bredin.


Around town with Jean Bredin. Feb. 12, 2020. Blogfinger staff. ©


But Jean…..you never know when something might be happening; when there is something in the air. When scarlet billows start to spread. Sunday morning;  And someone’s sneaking around the corner;   maybe old Macky’s  back in town.








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Ocean Grove Tent Village wearing its autumn garb. By Jean Bredin, Oct. 16, 2019. ©


“Walking by the empty structures, minus their canvas tents, is another sign that we are in the autumn of the year.

“Foliage, once colorful, is changing into another shade.”—-Jean Bredin.


KENNY BARRON   (piano)  AND REGINA CARTER  (violin):   “Shades of Gray”  from their album  Freefall



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IMG_9826 (1)

Sept 4, 2019. Jean Bredin looks up. ©


Here’s the story:  Jack and Jean went to the Rolling Stones recent concert and they loved it.

When they returned to the Grove, Jean looked up and said, “Gimmie shelter.”

Then  she snapped this photo and they hurried back to Heck Avenue and turned on this song by the Stones:



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OG beach front on November 17, 2018. By Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff ©


Editor’s note– ( PG)    After the Fishing Club was wiped out by Sandy in 2012,  there was talk that the Club would shift gears and engage in surf fishing.  It initially sounded like a good idea, allowing the members to teach kids how to fish, as they did before.    But that plan never materialized, supposedly because of liability concerns, but it would seem that there must have been similar issues when a large group of kids would assemble on the pier for the very popular event.

So now, 6 years after Sandy, the Fishing Club remains dormant.

Seeing surf fisherman on the OG beach, as in Jean’s photograph, is a fairly unusual sight, perhaps because such fishermen tend to show up very early in the morning. OG, with its jetties, would seem like a good spot for such sport.

Jean made this image at 2 pm.

Her silhouette black and white image is quite dramatic, so we are pleased to exhibit it on Blogfinger.net.



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Jean Bredin.Breaking news. Main Avenue in OG. 10/19/18 © Blogfinger.net staff


Around town with Miss Jeanie.

“Lo and behold, a farmers market in front of Burbelmeiers today!    Fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers, combined with music in the background.
“Business was brisk as customers filled their bags with salad greens, turnips, and melons.”

BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB:   “Amor de Loca Juventud”


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