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OGWC plant sale. May, 2016.  Photo by Pegi Costantino

Outstanding!  Here is yet another reason to come to the Town-Wide Yard Sale, Miss Pegi (Costantino) the resident-president and Woman-in-Charge of the Ocean Grove Woman’s Club  (yes it is woman’s and not women’s—but that doesn’t mean that there is only one woman in the club..)  Miss Pegi presents a varied program of activities all year round.  You can sign up for her mailing list at pegi@comcast.net   (or if you have questions about her plant sale.)

The PLANT SALE is being held on Friday, May 12, 10 am to 2 pm.  On Saturday, May 13 (Yard Sale day) it is from 10 am to 4 pm.  Miss Pegi is also selling some yard sale items which will be listed with the others.

But there is yet another reason to visit her plant sale:  Pegi Costantino is an author and a radio  host, so meeting her can be quite educational if you love gardening and plants.  You can read more about her by clicking on the “about” tab above, and scrolling down till you see her photo and a picture of an elephant painted by an elephant.


—lots of annuals

—“some interesting things”

–a few veggies

—flats $12.00

—  3-5 inch pots sold individually .

“We would like to move most of the product on Friday as we will also be participating in the Town-Wide Yard Sale on Saturday.  Come early on Friday for the best selection.

The Ocean Grove Woman’s Club is located in a historic Victorian home at 89 Mt. Carmel Avenue (Pennsylvania cross street) in the famous mountains of Ocean Grove neighborhood.

MICHAEL  DANNA   “Love and Marigolds” from the original soundtrack from the marvelous, don’t miss,  film “Monsoon Wedding.”

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Ocean Grove Woman's Club.  Feb. 14, 2016. By Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff. ©

Ocean Grove Woman’s Club. Feb. 14, 2016. By Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff. ©


From Jean Bredin, “Miss Pegi ( Costantino)  opened her home, the Ocean Grove Woman’s Club, today to an afternoon of decoupaging.  A few of us came out on this very cold day, and we had fun!
“As the song goes, “What good is sitting alone in your room…..Life is a Cabaret!”


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Ocean Grove Woman's Club.

Ocean Grove Woman’s Club.

April 23, 2015

Good Morning Clubbers,


Did you know that the violet is our State flower? They are blooming everywhere.  There are lots down by Wesley Lake. Some people do not like them in the lawn.  They disrupt the uniformity. Personally, anything that makes sweet flowers, stays low, is green and doesn’t have any type of mean pointy things is very welcome. Something you may not know…..they continue to make flowers all season.  But later the buds never open.  They stay closed, under the foliage and self-pollinate.  Then they disperse the seeds when no one is looking. Isn’t that tricky??

If you are planning to attend either of the two events this weekend I need to know now.  Response has been very light and we have not reached a registration level to move forward with either. So please get back to me if you plan to attend. I will make the decision to move forward or cancel Friday afternoon so please get back to me. Please remember that all registrants are expected to pay for the event in full unless they provide at least 24 hour notice when they need to cancel.


GorillaBob and TheChamp;   Saturday, April 25, 7 PM

OGWC.    $6     Everyone Welcome


Presented by Bob Kerns and associates, friends and other musical types

“GorillaBob and TheChamp travel along the Open Mic Gypsy trail from one venue to another, and have visited all the coffee houses and amateur musical venues in the area. They perform “Homespun Music” which is to say, music that they have written themselves. Bob plays an acoustic guitar and sings while TheChamp joins him on percussion. 
GorillaBob and TheChamp have met many nice and really fun people on the Open Mic Gypsy trail and they are going to bring some of these people to entertain you. To see some photos of GorillaBob and TheChamp; to see where they have played and where they will be playing in the future, go to Facebook and visit “TheGorillaBob TheGorillaBob”…
and we’ll see You down the trail.

Refreshments provided;  BYO wine;   RSVP required


SLEEP WORKSHOP;  Sunday, April 26, 2-4 PM;  $20

All Welcome;  Refreshments to be provided 

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

This workshop will address good sleep hygiene that can help put an end to the frustrating and debilitating cycle of insomnia.  Participants will learn healthy sleep practices in a step by step routine for a restful night’s sleep.  Topics will include entering sleep consciously, cognitive behavior practices to end insomnia, guided meditation, yoga and breath work to support sleep.  Hand-outs for take home practice will be given.

Catherine Trapani is a certified yoga teacher (RYT).  She has studied and practiced meditation extensively. Her teachers and influences include Thich Nhat Hanh, Sharon Salzberg and Pema Chodron.  She has completed the Mindfulness Meditation Program, a year-long course taught through the Mindfulness Institute in Barre, Massachusetts.  More info: www.catherinetrapani.com

RSVP Required

You can email me at Pegi@comcast.net or call my cell at 609-575-5585.  Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at Ocean Grove Woman’s Club.


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Wassup cow on alert for  mews.

Wassup cow on alert for moos and news.  (If you don’t moos it, you lose it.)


More snow is headed our way for Saturday afternoon.   A southerly flow of milder air Saturday and Saturday night will change the snow to rain.

Snow will begin between 1pm and 3pm on Saturday.  The change to rain will occur between 6pm and 8pm on the coast.

Forecast snow accumulations before the changeover to rain are as follows:

  • Neptune area and the eastern half of the NJ coastal counties – 1 to 2 inches
  • Interior southern NJ/Philly/Route 1 corridor/NYC – 2 to 4 inches
  • Interior northern NJ north and west of a line from Hunterdon County to Bergen County – 3 to 6 inches.

Rain will end Sunday morning and we will see one day of milder temperatures on Sunday with highs in the from the upper 30s to mid 40s before much colder weather returns Sunday night and remains for the remaining days of February.

Emergency parking rules apply.

Source: Rick Cuttrell, Tri-State Storm Watch





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Miss Pegi in the clubhouse. Reposted from our Feb 2014 article.  Blogfinger photo. Painting by an elephant.

Miss Pegi in the clubhouse. Reposted from our Feb 2014 article. Blogfinger photo. Painting by an elephant.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger


Pegi Costantino founded the Ocean Grove Woman’s Club this past March. She was inspired by the fact that she now owns the actual former OGWC building. The club was defunct when she decided to resuscitate the historic group which has a back story of a rise and a fall, like the Roman Empire. We don’t know why it lost its footing in the past, but Pegi is working on a history of the group as she breathes life back into the old organization.

In the house she found fascinating things including a stage where they put on shows–perhaps about temperance back in the ’20’s. Hopefully further research will reveal that some of their shows were X-rated.

She also found some written material that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the actual name is Woman’s Club and not Women’s Club. She’s not sure if Ocean Grove is in front of the Woman’s Club or after it, but she has made an executive decision to call it the Ocean Grove Woman’s Club.

Pegi has embarked on a quirky and varied program for her group which has no actual members, no officers, no dues, no rules, and no game plan other than to amuse Pegi and her female colleagues who have signed up for her mailing list to the tune of 100 ladies, germs, girls and women. Sometimes they invite men in the spirit of harmony between the sexes.

Pegi’s group is constructed very much like the Chavurah, the Jewish fellowship in town, which features intellectual discussions and lunch instead of women’s issues and lunch. Ocean Grove needs more maverick groups like those (as opposed to the sclerotic older organizations,) so we will adopt the OGWC and promote their activities on Blogfinger because we are also a peculiarly  funky journalistic endeavor.

Pegi’s modus operandi is to come up with ideas such as a field trip to thrift shops, or container gardening in the spring, or dinner/movie nights, and then she goes ahead and leads the event, sort of like a female scout mistress with her minions following on.

Pegi is “optimistic” about her flexible organization. She says, “It’s going very well and we will take one day at a time.” She says that she is “very excited” about the group’s future, although she’s not sure about what that future is. It seems that she enjoys the unpredictability of it all, but she also bemoans events where people sign up and then don’t show.

Most of the events are in her club house, but this past summer, even though the place was rented, the group didn’t miss a beat having events such as an art tour and yoga at other’s homes or even at Grove Hall.

She tries to keep the costs affordable for various events.

You can reach Pegi at 609 575 5585  or by email at  pegi@comcast.net, or on Facebook.     By all means, sign up for her emails because it is free and maybe you (ie you girls) will be inspired to do something outrageous over at the clubhouse.


See our  article in February on this subject :     BF article on the OGWC

Here’s a musical selection for the group’s first theatrical production which we are hoping for over here at the male dominated Blogfinger headquarters:





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