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Jean Bredin © Ocean Grove. 4/23/19



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“Are you looking at me?” Blogfinger cows do not emit gases that cause global warming. “It’s fake news” says Wassup, the Blogfinger cow.  “It’s the other kinds of cows that give the rest of us a bad name!” 

a.   From Disgruntled Grover:  “For all the noise, they should build a lousy supermarket here—something that sells products more useful than overpriced meat pies or oil painting of beach umbrellas!  At least bring back a pet store….something, anything, to give the veneer of civilization!”

Editor’s note:  Disgruntled was feeling on edge due to all the construction noise around him during this otherwise quiet time in the Grove.

b.  Odyssey Coffee shop on Main has a very good online presence at Odyssey  web site

There you can treat a friend to a free coffee by ordering an online gift “card.”  This is a good opportunity to introduce your friends to OG’s new and popular coffee shop. Odyssey, our coffee mecca,  was designed primarily for Grovers to visit, converse, or relax while enjoying a fine coffee drink.

We need to help Joey keep this effort afloat. It is the sort of place that has been lacking in the Grove.

We need more community-centered businesses like this.  You go to the web site and use a credit card to order an email “card” for $5.00 and up.  The card will be immediately sent by email to your friend with a note from Joey and a note from you.

Relaxing at Odyssey #50 Main Avenue, Ocean Grove. Jean Bredin photo. ©

c.  The Township Committee has met three times in 2019, but none of those minutes has been posted on their website.  Since only a handful of Ocean Grove citizens attends those meetings, the least these five elected officials could do is to make their minutes available to the public within a few days of each session.

This is another example of  inadequate transparency emanating from the Mother Ship on Neptune Boulevard.  For all we know, they may have appointed a Martian to the Board of Adjustment while the rest of us slept.

Thank goodness for Jack Bredin who attends every one of those somnolent sessions.

d.  Florida headline: 

“State halts putting herbicides on nuisance water plants while it gathers public input. ” (News-Press)  The problem is that these chemicals are toxic and promote water pollution.

Here is a quote from the News -Press in Ft. Myers, Florida:   “Some, like North Fort Myers clinical laboratory scientist Debbie Jackow, would like it to become permanent. “All the nutrients released by spraying and putting all that weed killer in our water is killing our lakes and rivers,” she said.

The Wesley Lake Commission uses herbicides on a regular basis. They eliminate plants that choke out oxygen, but then there are the concerns about the herbicides themselves.   A healthy lake, resulting from clean water management such as controlling dirty water runoff from streets in Neptune and Asbury would be the answer, but officials around OG don’t seem interested in these issues raised in the past by Blogfinger.

As for the plants, there is an option other than chemicals—it is mechanical harvesting.    That is much slower and more expensive, but it is safer and doesn’t leave dead plants in the lake.

e.  The Blogmobile   

Blogfingermobile. 2019.

We use this vehicle to take VIP’s to and from our OG headquarters,   Our reporters also use it to drive “the gang” to our wild parties, bar hopping in Asbury Park.  We need the big size for all those girls in their summer clothes.

But unfortunately we have no place to park it in the Grove.  So we plan to keep it in front of former Mayor Nicholas William’s  house in Neptune where he has no trouble parking.   In fact, let’s organize a group to park in front of every committeeman’s house 24/7.   They should know how we feel in OG.

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Relaxing at the front window of Odyssey. This is what coffee man Joey Lipp hoped for. Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff photo. ©  Ocean Grove, Jan. 18, 2019.

By Jean Bredin.  Reporter at Blogfinger.net

“A cold dank day in Ocean Grove.  Thought I’d head to Odyssey for a cup of brew.

“This coffee house is already morphing into a destination:  Cool music in the background, chatter from customers having their coffee, students reading…

“I was lucky to be sitting in the front window, by the door, watching the world go by.

“People coming and going greeting me with a smile, and then saying,  “Have a nice day” when they were leaving.

“How did I get so lucky?”

CAST OF ON THE TOWN.  Leonard Bernstein:

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From the Odyssey web site.


Odyssey web site


Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

Three things are facts:    I now know how to spell “Odyssey;  the owners of Odyssey Coffee Shop do intend to open at some time in the future; and they have a web site:  Odysseycoffee.net

On that web site it says:

“Odyssey Coffee will bring you top notch coffee, espresso, and tea – and the Jersey Shore’s freshest, most tastiest baked wonders. We’ll have a laid back yet efficient vibe so you can get in and out quickly if that’s your m.o., or stay put with your face in a book.”

“In my other life, as a scholar and teacher of Classics I’ve spent lifetimes in vibrant, vigorous coffeehouses filled with plants and ideas and chatter and sometimes silence — and these are the gifts that Odyssey Coffee will give Ocean Grove.”

The proprietors are a family from Ohio, now of OG—the Lipps.  The patriarch is Joey–a college professor.  So if you want to go there for a cup of Joey, you must show him your SAT scores.

We also know that Joey Lipp appreciates the visual arts:  This is from his web site.   They are the Sirens from the Odyssey.  They lure men who go to sea in ships.  So men, if you want to meet girls like these, get yourself a ship* and some will power.

*Note: I learned in the Navy never to call a ship a boat.

We are hoping to get some more specifics from Joey Lipp.  It’s time to come out of the closet and provide the folks from OG with more specifics.

And hopefully Joey will bring the Sirens with him, to lure Grovers out of a deep winter sleep.

VIXY AND TONY   “Siren Song” live:

Tony and Vixy




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