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Summer Saturday night in the Grove. Paul Goldfinger photograph © c.2015

Summer Saturday night in the Grove—-at Nagle’s.  Paul Goldfinger photograph © 2015.




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Nagles. July, 2014. Paul Goldfinger photograph. ©

Nagles. July, 2014.  Nighttime in Ocean Grove. Bewitched and bewildered. Paul Goldfinger photograph. © Click to enlarge.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

A little girl in a long red t -shirt is standing in front of Nagle’s clutching an ice cream. She seems a little bewildered by all the people, especially in a nighttime setting when she might normally be in bed; and then Mom leans over and scoops her up to safety. Another magic moment in Ocean Grove.



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Victorian Grill. All photos by Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff.


This restaurant is where the old corner pizza place was.   Months ago I met the guy who was going to convert it into a burger joint.  But now it will be a Victorian Grill.  What did the Victorians eat back in the day?  We have no idea what will be on this menu. Judging from their sign, the specialty of the house will be exclamation marks.

Jean Bredin says, ” A new restaurant is coming to town. The owner was cordial happy and enthusiastic about the Grill.  He said it would be opening in about 3 weeks, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“I look forward to getting my favorite: a hamburger and fries! ”

And they will have “friendly servers.”

So, if you get a job there, better put on a happy face:





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Girl and boy in their summer clothes (and dogs) at the Ocean Grove Bakery. 7/17/19. Blogfinger photo ©  Click to enlarge.


a. The OG Bakery has taken up some of the Nagle’s slack, serving a wide variety of baked snacks as well as sandwiches.  Go check their lunch and snack menu.  We did a taste test of their coffee and found it to be excellent.  They offer cappuccinos and lattes too, plus a busy and cheerful al fresco scene.

b.  The new bagel shop near the old April Cornell location is almost ready to open. That will be another source of casual eating.  We will taste test their bagels when they open.

c. There is another shop over there with brown paper over the windows and no signs to tell us what will open there.   Any of you know?

d. A realtor will also open soon along that strip near the bakery.



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This is the old pizza building where DJ’s was the most recent occupant. Blogfinger photo 5/29/19

This sign says that there will be  “KÖY PITA AND BOWL”  at this location.  Below it says “Mediterranean Cuisine.”

If any of you can guess what this restaurant will be, please comment below.

Meanwhile, the new genetically un-modified bagel place is currently an empty store.  Favorite Things is for sale.  Nagel’s is closed for this season.  The old Surf Shop is what?

Balzac yarn store, Odyssey Coffee shop, and Love, Positano ladies boutique are all up and running.

Days is now open daily for ice cream.  A new tea shop is coming on Pilgrim Pathway.

All we need now is a medical marijuana store.  Would that be subject to the same “blue law” that forbids alcohol sales in the Grove?

And will the Governor legalize brothels in the Garden State?




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Blogfinger report March 24, 2019

Ladies  boutique to open. Just what we need, another tourist business. This store will be in the vacant pizza building, next to the former April Cornell shop. April and others were forced out by rents. Is this business going to pay more than April?  Is the landlord waiting for legal weed in NJ?  The vote is today in Trenton.    (note:  the vote was cancelled—not enough votes)

“The good life.?” What does the “good life” mean to the Chamber of Commercials? See Oceangrovenj.com. Their schedule does not include one of OG’s unique events designed for the residents: The Townwide Yard Sale on May 11, but they do include Cinco de Mayo.


Blah, Blah, Blah perform “Fifties”


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From the Odyssey web site.


Odyssey web site


Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

Three things are facts:    I now know how to spell “Odyssey;  the owners of Odyssey Coffee Shop do intend to open at some time in the future; and they have a web site:  Odysseycoffee.net

On that web site it says:

“Odyssey Coffee will bring you top notch coffee, espresso, and tea – and the Jersey Shore’s freshest, most tastiest baked wonders. We’ll have a laid back yet efficient vibe so you can get in and out quickly if that’s your m.o., or stay put with your face in a book.”

“In my other life, as a scholar and teacher of Classics I’ve spent lifetimes in vibrant, vigorous coffeehouses filled with plants and ideas and chatter and sometimes silence — and these are the gifts that Odyssey Coffee will give Ocean Grove.”

The proprietors are a family from Ohio, now of OG—the Lipps.  The patriarch is Joey–a college professor.  So if you want to go there for a cup of Joey, you must show him your SAT scores.

We also know that Joey Lipp appreciates the visual arts:  This is from his web site.   They are the Sirens from the Odyssey.  They lure men who go to sea in ships.  So men, if you want to meet girls like these, get yourself a ship* and some will power.

*Note: I learned in the Navy never to call a ship a boat.

We are hoping to get some more specifics from Joey Lipp.  It’s time to come out of the closet and provide the folks from OG with more specifics.

And hopefully Joey will bring the Sirens with him, to lure Grovers out of a deep winter sleep.

VIXY AND TONY   “Siren Song” live:

Tony and Vixy




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Balzac brings color, class, creativity and warmth to the OG downtown. Paul Golfinger photographs. 10/10/18 ©

Russell Brent, the proprietor of Balzac, chats with Joan Ann, a Grover knitter who couldn’t wait to visit the shop. Looking on is Liz who works there and is a knitter herself.  The enthusiasm is quite palpable in Russell’s “gathering place.”

By Eileen Goldfinger and Paul Goldfinger, editors at Blogfinger.net.

Russell Brent is an Ocean Grover who wanted to participate in the community by opening a shop that would be a “welcoming gathering place” for creative folks who were interested in knitting or crocheting.  He is an expert in knitting, and his shop  “Balzac” is now open at #50 Main Avenue in the Grove.

Balzac is a lovely place because of all the colors and textures on display.  In the windows are some beautiful hangings which he knitted himself.  Russell sells natural yarns (“fibers”) made of wool, cashmere, silk, cotton and alpaca.  He also stocks “notions” which refer to the accessories one needs to engage in the knitting/crocheting arts.

Russell says that he “loves” Ocean Grove and was attracted by the welcome which he received when he moved here one year ago.

His shop will be a meeting place where a wide spectrum of knitters/crocheters can come to discuss their “wips”  (works in progress).  There is a large table in the store where customers can bring their projects and work on them there. He wants enthusiasts to stop by, have coffee, and discuss their works.    Lessons will be available for individuals and groups.  Spinning classes will also be held.  Russell says that he will “have something for everyone—a broad range.”

The yarns come in different weights, and he buys from a selected group of independent yarn producers.   For example he carries a wonderful display of fibers from The Neighborhood Fiber Company of Baltimore.

Working with Russell is another knitter Liz Scott whom some will recognize from the OG Hardware store.  Both workers are enthused and happy in their endeavor.

Russell is a bit of a philosopher. He named the store after Honoré de Balzac, a 19th century novelist and playwright. “He wrote about people and treated them equally,” said Russell, so his motto for his shop is “we will create together.”

Since the store opened a few days ago, many excited fans have arrived to check it out. A knitting club “Navesink Knitters Guild” already visited, and Eileen’s group “Happy Fingers,” who meet in Bradley Beach, is planning a field trip, and Russell couldn’t be happier. He says, “The response is overwhelming. They are coming out of the woodwork.”

Blogfinger has been looking forward to more shops in the Grove that will promote the arts and be geared towards the residents as well as towards tourists.  Because fine knitting stores are fairly rare, this shop should attract enthusiasts from elsewhere, so it is a win-win situation for the Main Avenue downtown.

And, by the way, the coffee shop “Odyssey” should be opening in November  (next to Comfort Zone’s small store.) We plan to interview the owner. He has placed some fine literature in the window, probably from the 8th century by Homer,  so the cultural indicators seems to be rising in town —a welcome change.

IMG_5699 (1)

That’s me taking the photo and waiting for the door to open. 10/10/18

Eileen is crocheting a pumpkin. She says it’s orange. This is an unfinished work of art. Her hook is on the left, but she is no hooker.  And please, no knitwit jokes. ©

FRANK SINATRA:  From the movie What Women Want.

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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor and Jack Bredin, Reporter/Researcher. Blogfinger.net

On May 15 we posted a report of the May 14 Township Committee meeting where a rushed ordinance was presented for a first reading.  It promoted a pro-business plan to restrict downtown parking to 3 hours per parker.  No study had been done in preparation, and some Committeemen had misgivings, but in the end, all 5 voted for what seemed to us to be a strikingly deficient proposal.

A variety of concerns were expressed including the question of where the residents of that area who parked downtown would go, and that concern also was about those who work in the shops.

We have pointed out that there are often, in season, more cars in town, than there are spaces.  And this is particularly true in the shopping district which is close to the beach.  So was this just a mindless scheme to rearrange the chairs on the Titanic’s deck?

Who stood to benefit from this ordinance which seemed to be propelled  at full speed ahead by some special interest?  The most likely culprit seemed to be the Chamber of Commerce, pushing for an advantage regardless of the effects on the rest of the town’s demographics.

And why would the Mayor offer special attention to them when there already are concerns of favoritism at the Committee?   Are they so blind to the optics of such suspicious behavior?

It is difficult to even track the origins of the plan. Somehow it was placed on the agenda by the Mayor, but why was it rushed through without preliminary study and discussion?   Who was responsible for pushing this idea onto the Committee’s agenda and then trying to ram it through in less than two weeks?  The issue of process is at least as important as the half-baked almost incoherent ordinance itself

To get the background, click on the link below

3 hour parking plan ordinance first reading

At the May 24 meeting, the new ordinance was supposed to have a final vote by the Committee after the public portion when anyone could get up and speak about it. It seemed like the ordinance would pass easily based on the first vote.

Remarkably,  the President of the OG Chamber of Commerce got up and said that her group hadn’t discussed or voted on the issue, and that perhaps half of her organization was opposed to the plan. Some evidently were worried that the ordinance would be a bad public relations move.

But in the Coaster article prior to the first meeting, they reported that the Chamber was encouraging its members to go to the meeting and support the plan.   As for the past history of this idea, this Chamber official revealed that Joyce Klein, of the OGHOA, had come to the Chamber with the idea 2 years ago, but that the Parking Task Force had shot it down.

So who brought it to the Committee now?   The veil of secrecy once again is floating around the facts.

The meeting was sparsely attended.  But when some Committeemen spoke now, it appeared that they were going to do an about-face on their own ordinance that had passed 5-0 on May 14.  Carol Rizzo said, “We’ll do a study.” But she didn’t say who would do the study. Michael Brantley said, “We need a real study to make sure that we are not making things worse.”  So a motion was made to table the ordinance, and that passed, in an almost psychotic reversal, 5-0.

Tabling means that it could re-emerge again, but obviously it’s too late to affect this summer season.  Maybe it will  be buried with permit parking.

What isn’t clear is why the Committee did a total flip-flop now since most of the facts that are now known were available when they voted “Yes” 5-0 on May 14.   Did they come to their senses?  Were they out of their senses for the first vote?  Did the Chamber flip-flop and then strong arm the Mayor?

The public ought to worry about the procedures that are followed in the back rooms of the Neptune Governing Body.



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March 1, 2018. 60 Main Avenue in Ocean Grove. Blogfinger photo ©


60 Main Avenue Ocean Grove . March 1, 2018. Blogfinger photo ©


By Paul Goldfinger, MD. Editor @Blogfinger.net

Things couldn’t be bleaker—in fact, let’s rename Main Avenue in Ocean Grove  “Bleaker Street”  It’s March one, 2018, and most of the downtown is closed to traffic due to ongoing water-main work.  But that will be temporary, however the continuing downward slide of the Main Avenue businesses continues.

Favorite Things is up for sale.  Recently abandoned businesses at the brick pizza building have “for rent ” signs out including the shops that used to house the Pet Boutique, DJ’s grocery,  and DJ’s Pizza Shoppe.  April Cornell will move to Spring Lake this spring.  Sea View Sweets  at 56 Main Ave. has also  closed.

The word is that significantly higher rents at #60 Main Avenue, in the brick building owned by Asbury Park-NYC Sackman Enterprises, has forced those businesses out. Evidently this elite developer  believes that OG will be the next Asbury Park, and the prices reflect that.  Imagine, it is cheaper to rent a shop in Spring Lake than in OG.

Favorite Things, a fine shop, is still open among a bunch of core successful operations including Sea Grass, Nagles, the Emporium, Comfort Zone, Trading Company, Gifts by Tina, Purple Zebra,  OG Hardware, Cheese on Main, and Gingerbreads.  The OG bakery seems to be doing well and offers a nice selection of coffee drinks. As you all know, we have no actual coffee shop in town—a worrisome situation.

Some businesses are not listed here among the “core successful” retail operations because they are new and unproven and have yet to establish a demonstrable track record. Any business could have success here, but it needs the means to get through the winters and to stay in town for the long term.

The Chamber of Commerce has never spoken of a retail master plan for shops in the Grove, and maybe that would be desirable to help guide investors and produce a theme that would define our commercial district.

As for the realtors in town, we spoke to one prominent realtor who is very optimistic about Ocean Grove’s future and he believes that all those empty stores will be rented. Currently we are in a “down turn” in the down town, but he sees this as a temporary situation,  and he points to the fired-up real estate housing market in OG as indicative of  good things to come.

Osteria at #50 Main Avenue (R) has just opened. Next door is a yoga/meditation/aroma therapy shop. Blogfinger photo.

A new Italian restaurant has recently opened at  #50 Main Avenue  (the new white building—-suite #4).  It is called Osteria Procaccini.

After you look at their website and read the menu, you may jump up and down and yell, “WOW!”   It probably will be a big hit here, but, it  might attract even more tourists  (remember when Moonstruck was on Main Ave?) and, of course, the new building at #50 Main offers ZERO new parking.

Hopefully the Osteria will be a source of added light where more light is needed.  Preliminary reports say that the food there is  good  if not “a bit pricey.”

The downtown needs an injection of life.  It needs quality businesses and it needs to retain stores like April Cornell. Their leaving is a big loss for the downtown in terms of the vision for OG’s shops and for the town in general.

RUBY BRAFF AND DICK HYMAN   “High Society” from their album America the Beautiful.




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