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Walker Evans. Self portrait at a photo booth. 1927.  ©   Featured at Photograph magazine, Jan. 2018.


By Paul Goldfinger, Photography Editor @Blogfinger.net

The exhibit of Walker Evans’ work currently taking place at the SFMOMA is huge, with over 300 prints of Evans’ work, but this 1927 self portrait is misleading, because it does not represent the style of photography for which he became famous. And certainly,”artfully blurred” was not his shtick.   Nevertheless, it is fun to see Evans as he saw himself.

This comment is from Photograph magazine’s review of the exhibit:

“At the start of SFMOMA’s deep-dive Walker Evans retrospective, on view through February 4, there’s an artfully blurred photo booth self-portrait. The 1927 picture has an ebullient energy that’s pure selfie – telegraphing that this formidable historical show has surprisingly contemporary relevance.

“Evans was clearly interested in the vernacular, and his work resonates in the age of Instagram, when delightful and mundane images of ordinary moments flood our lives. The exhibition is chock full of photographs and ephemera – Evans was a collector of postcards and signage – that bring to mind countless examples of artistic strategies employed by subsequent photographers (street photography, typologies, pop art, New Topographics, conceptual strategies, and questioning the veracity of the documentary image).”

If you read the comment above, and try and wade through the vocabulary, the artsy crowd tries to see him as an innovator, responsible for many photo art ideas  which came after him.  True, he was an innovator,  perhaps one of the first to take a selfie, but you can’t connect those dots and credit him as the inventor of selfies.

Selfies are not new—only the word is.  Photographers have often taken self-portraits simply by sticking their cameras on tripods and using a shutter timer or a hand held release.  Photo booth machines are old news and millions of people took their own portraits that way–even today, often at weddings.

Evans was in fact a photographer of the American vernacular, enjoying shots of Americans at work and play or even photographing junky cars or store window signs. That work was stylish then and copied later by Robert Frank in his 1950’s book The Americans and also by many street photographers in the US such as Gary Winogrand and so many others.

But Evans was a classic image-maker using 8×10 large format cameras as did Ansel Adams, unlike photojournalists such as Cartier Bresson and Robert Capa who liked to prowl the streets with small Leicas. Evans is best known for his depression era images taken as part of the FSA team of brilliant photographers, some of which we have already shown on Blogfinger.net, including Dorothea Lange.

Here is a typical  Walker Evans photograph:

Walker Evans: Roadside Stand Near Birmingham, Alabama. 1936 ©

Below is a link to another post of ours on Walker Evans published in 2016 on Blogfinger.net:


Walker Evans in Manhattan



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A DEA clandestine lab group prepares to close a fentanyl lab in New Jersey.  Special to Blogfinger.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid which is 100 times as potent as morphine and 50x more potent than heroin.  It originally was developed for medical purposes such as pain control, but in recent years it has been illegally mixed with heroin causing horrible side effects for unwary users, including death.  It can be taken in pill form,  as a nasal spray, or intravenously.

This is from the Asbury Park Press last December, “Heroin’s deadly cousin, the synthetic opioid fentanyl, figured in 417 fatal drug overdoses in New Jersey in 2015, nearly three times the number of  fentanyl-related deaths in the year before, according to new state figures.”  And the numbers continue to rise in this state.  Prince died of this drug.

Law enforcement groups as shown above are currently being utilized on a regular basis to conduct search warrants on fentanyl labs and heroin mill locations.

Multi-agency teams go after those illicit labs where fentanyl is manufactured, often in dangerous facilities where even the tiniest exposure can cause harm.  The equipment they wear is protective when used properly, and it is all disposable.  Take-downs of such labs are done with specialized chemists along to evaluate the environment,and the drugs are handled with great care .  The DEA has special equipment to incinerate the drugs after they are processed as evidence.

Because these labs produce drugs that can cause deaths, the drug dealers who manufacture and/or sell  fentanyl could be charged with murder.  Federal charges for such drug dealing carry very long sentences.

In Monmouth and Ocean Counties,  law enforcement is working  to break the backs of these fentanyl drug rings which are causing deaths  in the towns around us.

Report by Blogfinger.net.



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Bradford pears in bloom. Early evening, March, 2012. Downtown Ocean Grove, Main Avenue. NJ. Paul Goldfinger photo. Blogfinger.net. ©  Originally posted in 2012.

RONALD NALDI   “Torna!”  (Valente-Vento. )  From his album O Sole Mio, Neapolitan. and Italian Songs.



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Diane Arbus 1956. this photo is in the current exhibit. ©

Diane Arbus 1956.     This photo is in the current exhibit. ©


Twins.  Roselle, NJ. By Diane Arbus.

Twins. Roselle, NJ. By Diane Arbus.


By Paul Goldfinger, Photography editor @Blogfinger.

Diane Arbus (1923-1971) is considered to be one of the most important and controversial female photographers in the last century. This exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art will be shown in the new Met Breuer building where modern art will be exhibited.  It will be shown from July 12- November 27.  There will be more than 100 photographs from her early work (1956-1962)  Arbus was known for her “idiosyncratic style and approach for which she has been recognized, praised, criticized and copied the world over.”  Most of her images were obtained in New York City.

Giant and his parents.  Bronx, NY 1970. ©

Giant and his parents. Bronx, NY 1970. ©

She liked to photograph people on the margins of society such as circus performers, dwarfs, transgenders and nudists.  She had been married to Alan Arbus who played the psychiatrist on the TV comedy MASH.  Diane Arbus committed suicide at age 48.

TONY BENNETT   (Tony B. just turned 90 years old)



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BerkeleyArtMuseum_SojournerTruth_exh11 (1)

By Paul Goldfinger, Photographic Editor @#Blogfinger

Sojourner Truth was a runaway slave, an abolitionist, a feminist and an orator.  She used photography to finance her activities.  In the 1850’s, carte de visites were popular–a form of calling card.   A photograph  (albumin print) would be mounted on a  4 1/2 x 2 1/2 cardboard card.  Ms. Truth’s cards had her picture on it which included her motto: “I sell the shadow to support the substance.”   She sold them by mail and at her lectures.

A new exhibit will be shown at the Berkeley Art Museum  and the Pacific Film Archive   (California) called “Sojourner Truth : Photography and the fight against slavery.”  It will run from July 27 to October 3.

This is from the exhibit brochure:   Truth could not read or write, but she had her statements repeatedly published in the press, enthusiastically embraced new technologies such as photography, and went to court three times to claim her legal rights. Uniquely among portrait sitters, she had her photographic carte de visites copyrighted in her own name and added the caption “I Sell the Shadow to Support the Substance. Sojourner Truth,” foregrounding her self-selected proper name, her agency, and her possession of self.

COUNTERPOINT    “Ezekiel Saw the Wheel.”  from  Let Me Fly: Music of Struggle, Solace, and Survival in Black America.

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Sunset Avenue bridge. May 27, 2016. Blogfinger photograph ©

Sunset Avenue bridge over Deal Lake. May 27, 2016. Note the period  reproduction lights.  Blogfinger photograph ©


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

After over a year, a beautiful new bridge has appeared over the Deal Lake extension between Ocean Township and Asbury Park to the east.  For those folks who live along the water on  those quaint,  gorgeous, winding Ocean Township streets where the Wickapecko Indians once lived, the bridge reopening is a mixed blessing.

They got used to having Sunset Avenue as a car-free strolling boulevard.  They could walk their dogs, ride their bikes, and find airy relief from the crowded neighborhoods where they live.  If they had to get to Wegmans for a quick pick-me up, either at the bakery or the wine shop, driving back and forth was a delightful experience.

Heading east from Ocean Township. Blogfinger photo. May 27, 2016. ©

Heading east from Ocean Township. Blogfinger photo. May 27, 2016. ©

But now, since May 27, the show’s over.  For those who are driving from OG, AP or wherever to get to Rt. 35, you can stop traveling in circles down Asbury avenues where you might have discovered how beautiful 3rd, 4th and 5th Avenues really are.

You get to Rt. 35 almost in the middle of the Wegman and Wegwoman parking lot.  Just cross over Rt 35 and take the first right into the parking lot by Staples.  You will probably save a few minutes on your journey.  Note that Sunset Avenue on the A. Park side is 25 mph.  On the Ocean side it is 35 mph except for the part just over the bridge in Ocean where it goes to 20 mph and then 25 mph and then 35 mph, so watch out for speed traps.

Of course, going into Wegmans since they rearranged their aisles into a nearly incoherent mish-mash which is making their customers crazy might eat up the time you just saved driving over.

HAYLEY WESTENRA: You can even get to the Scarborough Fair quicker, but you must cross the A. Ocean and be leaving on a jet plane.  And if you want parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, just drive east to Main Street (AP) to find the Saturday farmers’ market, just reopened.

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Ocean Grove boardwalk, North End.  May 6, 2016.  Sign says: "Coming soon--DUNES Boardwalk Café. Blogfinger photo ©

Ocean Grove boardwalk, North End. May 6, 2016. Sign in front says: “Coming soon–DUNES Boardwalk Café.”    Blogfinger photo ©   Click to enlarge.

Is this building on sufficient supports to withstand another Sandy?  Does it meet current post-Sandy construction standards?  Let’s hope so—wouldn’t want it to wind up under the sea.

SAMUEL WRIGHT  from The Little Mermaid:

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North End boardwalk project as seen on April 3, 2016. Why so slow? © Moe De Click to enlarge. by Blogfinger staff photo. ©

North End boardwalk project as seen on April 3, 2016. Why so slow? © Moe Demby photo; Moe and Chico have been  busy boys.  Blogfinger staff.   Click to enlarge. by Blogfinger staff photo. ©

Chico is an investigative reporter with a nose for the news.  Moe Demby photo. 4/3/16  BF Photo News   ©

Chico is an investigative reporter with a nose for the news. Moe Demby photo. 4/3/16 BF Photo News ©

Soon we can square dance on that boardwalk.  Here is the “Arkansas Traveller.”

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This lot on Heck Avenue is uglier than ever. It is owned by a Grover who obviously thinks little of his town and his neighbors. Why haven't the neighbors revolted? Blogfinger photo. November 7, 2015.

This lot on Heck Avenue is uglier than ever. It is owned by a Grover who obviously thinks little of his town and his neighbors. Why haven’t the neighbors revolted? Paul Goldfinger photos.. November 7, 2015.

North End owend by the Camp Meeting Asociation. the Porta Johns are multiplying. Blogfinger photo Nov 7, 2015 G

North End owned by the Camp Meeting Association. the Porta Johns are multiplying. piles of fragmented asphalt add to the environmental impact. Blogfinger photo Nov 7, 2015 ©

Dirtback Mountain at the North End. Who do you suppose is responsible for this? Blogfinger photo 11/7/15.

Dirtback Mountain at the North End. Piles of broken asphalt.  Who do you suppose is responsible for this?       Blogfinger photo 11/7/15.


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Jewish Family and childfren SErices

Jewish Family and Children’s  Service shop in Asbury Park.  Read my lips—I mean, read my truck.   Blogfinger breaking news action photo from our crew in the field.    In fact, we are outstanding in our field.

The JFCS shop is off Main Ave across from the Post Office, half block down Summerfield Ave. , next to the giant wall mural.

The JFCS shop is off Main Ave across from the Post Office, half block down Summerfield Ave., next to the giant wall mural.  Eileen found a sturdy, heavy, old -fashioned metal floor lamp that holds two 100 W bulbs in case she wants to perform surgery in our kitchen on a leg of  lamb. Bahhhhhh.

Inside is a strong man with tattoos who can put furniture into your Audi.  (Don't laugh, John of Ocean Grove transports sheet rock in his BMW M4--wow!)

Inside is a strong man with tattoos who can put furniture into your Audi. (Don’t laugh, John of Ocean Grove transports sheet rock in his BMW M4–wow!)

CHRISTINA LUDWIG.   Chris and some buddies from the Met perform this delightful ditty by Mozart who used to shop in this store because Jewish people tend to like his songs.  This one is from “Cosi Fan Tutte”  a story of love, betrayal and used furniture.

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