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Paul Goldfinger ©.


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St Thomas, USVI. Paul Goldfinger photo © c.2013


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Spring is soon. Ocean Grove , NJ. Stephen is a Grover .  April, 2015. Paul Goldfinger photo ©


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Portrait of a boy.

New York City.  Undated. By Paul Goldfinger ©


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Two gringos.  Hamilton, Pennsylvania. By Paul Goldfinger . 2014. ©

Two Gringos. Hamilton, Pennsylvania. By Paul Goldfinger . 2014. ©

TERCER CIELO    “Yo Extranare (Mariachi).”



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Portrait by Paul Goldfinger ©

Portrait by Paul Goldfinger ©   Click to enlarge


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BerkeleyArtMuseum_SojournerTruth_exh11 (1)

By Paul Goldfinger, Photographic Editor @#Blogfinger

Sojourner Truth was a runaway slave, an abolitionist, a feminist and an orator.  She used photography to finance her activities.  In the 1850’s, carte de visites were popular–a form of calling card.   A photograph  (albumin print) would be mounted on a  4 1/2 x 2 1/2 cardboard card.  Ms. Truth’s cards had her picture on it which included her motto: “I sell the shadow to support the substance.”   She sold them by mail and at her lectures.

A new exhibit will be shown at the Berkeley Art Museum  and the Pacific Film Archive   (California) called “Sojourner Truth : Photography and the fight against slavery.”  It will run from July 27 to October 3.

This is from the exhibit brochure:   Truth could not read or write, but she had her statements repeatedly published in the press, enthusiastically embraced new technologies such as photography, and went to court three times to claim her legal rights. Uniquely among portrait sitters, she had her photographic carte de visites copyrighted in her own name and added the caption “I Sell the Shadow to Support the Substance. Sojourner Truth,” foregrounding her self-selected proper name, her agency, and her possession of self.

COUNTERPOINT    “Ezekiel Saw the Wheel.”  from  Let Me Fly: Music of Struggle, Solace, and Survival in Black America.

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Eileen.  Age 16.  Machine photograph. ©

Eileen. Age 16. Machine photograph. ©


KEN PEPLOWSKI and FRIENDS    “All the Things You Are.”  (From The International All Stars Play Benny Goodman.)

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Scotrun, Pennsylvania. Ashley (l), Gilly (c) and Piper. 1999. ©Paul Goldfinger. Click left to enlarge

Scotrun, Pennsylvania. Hunting dogs: Ashley (l), Gilly (c) and Piper. 1999. ©Paul Goldfinger. Click left to enlarge.



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Nichole (her father is Nicholas.) Fort Myers, Fla. 2014. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Nichole  Pichon.  Fort Myers, Fla. 2014. By Paul Goldfinger ©


Seafood from a truck? You bet in Fort Myers, Florida © Paul Goldfinger photo. 2014

Seafood from a truck? You bet in Fort Myers, Florida © Paul Goldfinger photo. 2014

Nichole is from a family of fishermen who have worked the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, in southwest Florida, for many years.  Her great uncle, the original Capt. Johnny,  started a business in 1950 selling the catch-of-the-day at the side of the road on MacGregor Blvd. in Fort Myers.  It’s the same location where they are doing business today.

John Lindquist’s parents came to Florida in the 1930’s,  and John and his brothers became commercial fishermen, working the Punta Rassa region.  Many of the commercial fish back then such as flounder and redfish are now designated game fish, so the markets in the Fort Myers area  don’t carry them any longer.

Every morning, the local fishermen drop off the day’s catch at Capt.  Johnny’s where we buy our fish from Nichole and her family.  The catch  usually consists of black or red  grouper, snapper, Gulf shrimp (medium, large and jumbo)  and local lobster  (which is mostly tail and small claws).  They also have clams, oysters  and crabs . The only outliers are the scallops which come from Massachusetts. The seafood is always fresh and delicious.

A cook on the premises makes take-out food that includes some superb gumbo, fried shrimp, shrimp cocktail, and “the best key lime pie.”  Captiva and Pine Islands, nearby, used to be home to key lime plantations, so they ought to know how to make key lime pies.

MARY CAREWE.   From Carousel.    Album: “The Very Best of Rodgers and Hammerstein.”

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