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“Cross on the Auditorium floating in the late evening mist.” By Bob Bowné. Special to Blogfinger. Nov. 30, 2016. ©

“I dreamt we were standing
By the banks of the Thames
Where the cold grey waters ripple
In the misty morning light
Held a match to your cigarette
Watched the smoke curl in the mist
Your eyes, blue as the ocean between us
Smiling at me…”

THE  POGUES.  “Misty Morning, Albert Bridge.”   The Pogues were a Celtic punk band from London, popular in the 1980’s.

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“I was away over the weekend in Cumberland, Maryland.
I think that this guy may have been dreaming of the Jersey Shore.”

“Dream On.”  By Bob Bowné. June, 2017. Cumberland, Md.


ROBERT AND JOHNNY with “Dream Girl” (“I’m in lu-lu-luv   … dut dut da dut”)  Music from the film Pleasantville.

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Winter doldrums...can we laugh them off? By Bob Bowné January 7, 2016. © Special to Blogfinger.

Winter doldrums…can we laugh them off?  Asbury Park Carousel building.  By Bob Bowné January 7, 2016. © Special to Blogfinger. Click to enlarge.

FATS WALLER   “Winter Weather.”

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