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Sandy Hook, NJ. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Sandy Hook, NJ. By Paul Goldfinger ©


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By Paul Goldfinger © Autumn View from inside the GA 2013

By Paul Goldfinger © Autumn View from inside the Great Auditorium 2013

Re-post from 2014.

ELIZABETH GANTER.   Mozart’s “Clarinet Concerto in A Major.”   Gordon Turk, please bring this to the Great Auditorium.



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Bob Bowné took a right turn today and wound up in Spring Lake. Nov. 21, 2015. Special to Blogfinger ©.

Bob Bowné took a right turn and wound up in Spring Lake. Nov. 21, 2015.    Where do you go for a cup of Joe?   Special to Blogfinger ©.


ADELE:   From her new hit album “25”       This selection is “All I Ask.”  She was a big winner at the 2017 Grammy awards, and this song is from her 2017 album of the year.

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Mt. Hermon Way at New Jersey Avenue. Nocturnal Grove. Paul Goldfinger ©


EVA CASSIDY   “Imagine”

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Seaside Heights, NJ. 2013. By Paul Goldfinger

Seaside Heights, NJ. 2013. By Paul Goldfinger. click to enlarge.  This Jersey Shore town has a long tradition of youthful summer romance.

THE McGARRIGLE HOUR with Kate and Anna, and Chaim Tannenbaum, and Lily Lanken.

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Someone ran out of peddling room at the North End of A. Park, so they locked the bike and maybe they are flying a kite or body surfing on the beach.. Asbury Park Boards. Paul Goldfinger photograph  © 2015.  Blogfinger.net.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

There are citizens in Asbury Park who have formed a group to protest plans for their north end.  The details don’t interest us much, but it involves implementing a plan from 2004, that the protest group feels is wrong for their city.  It relates to a private beach being developed there, boardwalk design, and concerns about access for everyone, not just a privileged minority.

But what strikes us at Blogfinger is that when worrisome plans for their north end beachfront surfaced now, activists have sprung into action with meetings, petitions and protests. As a result a meeting was held tonight, and the City Council will review the situation.  . And one of the requests by the people is for “transparency,” and their developer, iStar, will be having a public presentation open for review and discussion.  In addition, the Asbury Park Press and Channel 12 picked up on the story today.

Unlike the relationship of the Neptune Committee to the citizens of Ocean Grove, the Asbury Mayor and Council are supportive of the people’s concerns.

But Ocean Grove is much different, with creeping inertia on the part of the public,  and it will get whatever the big-shots want at our North End.





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Allenhurst, NJ.    Paul Goldfinger photo ©. Autumn, 2018.  Click to enlarge


SARA BAREILLES    “She Used to be Mine” from the Broadway show Waitress.  Composer Sara Bareilles.

“She is messy, but she’s kind
She is lonely most of the time
She is all of this mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie
She is gone, but she used to be mine.”

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Deal Lake branch off Wikipecko Road, Ocean Township. October 2015. Paul Goldfinger ©  Click to enlarge.


CARLY SIMON:   “Hush Little Baby/ My Bonnie”   From her album Into White




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Jean Bredin. October 4, 2018. ©

The little gull in the turquoise dress  attracts the interest of the big white gull who hopes to find a snack.



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Deal, New Jersey. Paul Goldfinger ©. September 24, 2018. Click to enlarge the drama.



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