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By Moe Demby. Special to Blogfinger. December 2013. ©

By Moe Demby. Blogfinger staff. December 2013. ©

MATT BERNINGER.  From the movie “The Aviator”

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Belmar, NJ. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

Belmar, NJ. 2013.    Paul Goldfinger photo. ©   click to enlarge.  Re-posted from November, 2013.


This painting was found behind Freedman’s, an iconic Jersey Shore bakery.  They used to have many branches in this area, but their last gasp was at this Belmar location, a wonderful place that had excellent baked goods and a place to sit down and enjoy the food and the show.

LEONARD BERNSTEIN   (Israel Philharmonic)   “On the Waterfront. Moving Forward.”


Freedman’s BF 2013

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Etruscan Horse. Mt. Hermon Way, Ocean Grove. Blogfinger photo. ©

Etruscan Horse by Jo Ubogy.   Mt. Hermon Way, Ocean Grove. Blogfinger photo. © Re-posted from 2015. On exhibit at the 2018 People’s Garden Tour. 113 Mt. Hermon Way.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

The Etruscans were one of the first groups to populate the western Mediterranean. They arrived around 500 BC and settled north of Rome in the area now known as Tuscany.  They are a bit mysterious, but some of their tombs and artwork from ancient times  have been found. They were known to the Greeks and the Romans.

Etruscans did have horses and they viewed them as creatures of strength and power. Ancient artists depicted Etruscan horses as proud creatures.  Jo Ubogy is a 75 year old artist from Connecticut who, back in the 1980’s, was working as a metal sculptor.  I never met her, but I spoke to her by phone. She is still showing her art work, but she has stopped her large metal sculpting.

We were  fascinated by her—a woman working with large heavy pieces of steel, welding them together in her studio and making them for outdoors showing.  She reminded me of Rosie the riveter from WWII days when women worked in shipyards and airplane factories.   There are many photographs of those women in overalls, climbing up on the wings of bombers or riveting in the hulls of destroyers, with their hair held back by colorful cloth kerchiefs.

We saw Jo Ubogy’s Etruscan Horse , 6 feet tall, at a small charming indoor-outdoor  gallery on Long Beach Island, in Loveladies, NJ back around 1985. The artist didn’t explain her inspiration, but clearly she knew something about Etruscans, and this sculpture was the result—-a red horse with its roots in antiquity  but with a contemporary flair.

For years the horse lived in our backyard in Chester surrounded by fields and woods.  It was outdoors in snow and rain, but it always stood tall providing a place to land for migrating birds.    Eventually, when we moved to Ocean Grove, we didn’t think we could use the horse in our tiny rear garden. So, we had it refurbished by craftsmen in the Grove and then repainted with an automobile quality paint job, and we tried to match the color precisely.

After that, for about 10 years, it was on display at the Jersey Shore Arts Center in Ocean Grove.  So it was indoors all that time, not exactly the environment that it was meant for.  But now we decided that it could work in our backyard, so the Etruscan Horse is home again  where it can be admired by all.  It will be on display in the spring.

BLOSSOM DEARIE  with a horsey tune from Oklahoma.

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Asbury Casino. June 5, 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Asbury Connection.  June 5, 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

YUNA.   From the soundtrack of the movie Savages

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Boca Raton, Fla. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Lulu in Boca Raton, Fla. By Paul Goldfinger ©




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By Anna Murphey.

By Anna Murphey. 2010. Last posted here in 2013.

DAVE’S TRUE STORY.  “Blue Moon.”  From the movie Jack Goes Boating:

Anna is a sometime Ocean Grover and a fan of Blogfinger.   She is a retired photojournalist who responded to our offer to submit her work  to us.    Of this image, she said, “I am including a photo I took at the Nous Theater, Blairstown,on opening night,  looking down the hall toward the lobby, with brilliant orange and reds accented with deep blue drawing patrons through the theater . The colors struck me and I love the almost painterly quality of the photo.”

We think it is wonderful also,  with its strong use of colors and perspective. We hope to post some more of Anna’s work.

Thank you, Anna.

Paul Goldfinger, Editor  @Blogfinger

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SOUNDTRACK. From the film “Midnight in Paris” (Woody Allen 2011). Dana Boulé: “Parlez moi d’Amour” (Speak to me of love)

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By Paul Goldfinger MD, Editor @ Blogfinger.net.  Re-posted.

Barry Levinson (b. 1942) is a film director known for his work featuring the city of Baltimore. I’ve always loved his movies, especially “Diner” and “Avalon. ” He also directed “Good Morning Vietnam” and “Rain Man.”

In 1987 he made the third in his Baltimore series—“Tin Men” starring Danny DeVito (a Jersey guy born in Neptune Township,) Richard Dreyfuss, and Barbara Hershey.

Danny DeVito on the Asbury beach July 29, 2002 during the Springsteen launch of "the Rising" Paul Goldfinger photo

Danny DeVito on the Asbury beach July 29, 2002 during the Springsteen launch of “The Rising.” Paul Goldfinger photo. © Blogfinger.net

The film, set in 1962, is about the con-men who sell aluminum siding door-to-door in Baltimore. The characters and dialogue are wonderful including several scenes with the guys sitting in a diner discussing television, gambling, women, money and their adventures as tin men. It features a soundtrack from the 1960’s including our song below by the Nat King Cole Trio, recorded in 1940.

“Sweet Lorraine” is a jazz classic written in 1928. There have been several hit versions, and the  Cole Trio rendition is the one featured in “Tin Men.”

Here it is:

I think that “Sweet Lorraine” is one of the best musical tributes written as a paean to a woman with a particular name. I found a list of 200 songs that contain a woman’s name in the title. These are the ones that have Sweet——: Lorraine, Mary, Melissa, Annette, Caroline, Virginia and Adeline.

But here is my list of favorite songs with a woman’s name in the title: (feel free to add your favorites:)

1. Judy is a Punk

2. Jennie From the Block

3. Wake Up Little Susie

4. Song for Myla Goldberg

5. Patricia the Stripper

6. Help Me Rhonda

7. Long Tall Sally

8. Lonesome Suzie

9. Christine Sixteen

10. Believe Me, Natalie

11.Run Around Sue

12. Donna and Blitzen

13. Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter

14. And finally my favorite: Don’t Walk Away Eileen

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bike-and-bride1 (2)

The biker and the bride: Asbury Park boardwalk. September 14, 2012. Photos by Paul Goldfinger © Reposted from Sept. 2012.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@ Blogfinger.net.

Speaking of bike riding, this guy in Asbury Park was following the white line all the way, not distracted by the events to the left or the right. Personally, I would have stopped and taken a picture. Uh…. actually, that is what I did, but I was walking.   The bike rider was illegal at that time of day, while the wedding party was OK.

One time I walked onto the OG beach to watch and photograph a wedding party that was having a photo shoot by the jetty near the pier.   The father of the bride came down from the pier to yell at me for taking pictures.  I pointed out to him that they were in a public place, so I had every right to take pictures.

He was really mad, and, for me it wasn’t worth having my Leica digital camera tossed into the Atlantic Ocean, so I gave up being a wedding photographer that day.  After all, it is sort of trite.  But who can resist a wedding, especially when it is on the beach or inside the Casino or on the boardwalk?  —-not me, but the biker?  He seems immune to the distraction.    —Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net


flower-girl1 (1)

Flower girl. She stole the show.    © 


Convention Hall Arcade  © Paul Goldfinger photo.  click on image to enlarge.


SOUNDTRACK:  It’s Ed Norton from “Everyone Says I Love You:”

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January 23, 2018.     This article was posted 4 months ago and is relevant today because of the latest news.  Read it for background.

The Aurora in Ocean Grove

The Aurora in Ocean Grove. 6 Atlantic Avenue.  Internet photo.


Aerial view of the Aurora. Source: Zillow


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger   (updated post from 2013)

The Aurora on Atlantic Avenue in Ocean Grove, NJ is listed as a single family home. It sits on 4 lots with ocean views from 3 levels (and the top.)  The house is still for sale—since 2013.

Built in 1884 , the Aurora  has a garage and room to park several cars  (or maybe two Bentleys).

This grand old hotel is considered a major Victorian historic treasure even when compared to the rest of the country  (per historian Ted Bell.)  It became even more renowned when the current owner converted it to a single family house.  It cannot be changed  back into a hotel.  If you buy it, you will need a few more bathrooms.  We are told that it needs a lot of work inside.

The Aurora Hotel when it was a hotel. They say that Broadway celebrities liked to stay there. (Source–Zillow)

The Aurora is perfect for the man who has everything, including more than one wife; or a playboy with lots of playmates.   And, in case you are wondering if there is enough room, the Aurora also has a finished basement.

So, even though the price has been reduced substantially and seems to be a relative bargain, the issue is what can a buyer do with it?   The current owner purchased the property because he wanted room for his large family, but 30 bedrooms?  That would be one bathroom for 6 bedrooms, which has the potential for some family warfare.

So what would a new owner do with this huge property?

Other uses, besides a single family  house, are technically prohibited because of zoning, including a hotel, a drug rehabilitation facility, a casino,  a brothel, a frat house, a dormitory for Yeshiva students, a rooming house for Camp Meeting religious tourists, a multi-family condominium, a school, or a rooming house.  You cannot rent rooms in Ocean Grove—so Airbnb is out.  And there is no parking for more than 4 cars.

Of course, creative zoning without on-site parking is part of the Ocean Grove/Neptuner culture.  How about Mary’s Place where two single family houses were supposed to go?  It is now a  spa/respite shelter for female cancer victims.  It is officially a single family house with 10 bedrooms.

The Mary’s Place  precedent might work for the Aurora. Turn that into a shelter for some victim group.  The Neptune Zoning Department has proven itself to be very creative under Bernie Haney. They were the ones who found a solution for Mary’s Place, not the Planning Board.  There’s a lot of money going into drug rehabilitation these days.  Del Ray Beach in Florida is such a place.

And how about the Grand Atlantic Hotel which was turned into a home for nuns?  What kind of zoning legerdemain made that happen?    And what kind of zoning allowed Grove Hall to become a conference center/65 room hotel for  visitors to use while attending religious based conferences?

Or consider the North End Redevelopment Plan which was supposed to consist of 25 single family Victorian style houses, but now the plans, after major zoning changes,  consist of 165 residential units including condominiums, an underground garage,  and a hotel.

And then there was the Surf Avenue House conversion into condominiums without parking.  That hotel was officially listed as a single family house before the owner got the designation changed to “hotel” so it could  go condo.    And how about the the Manchester Hotel which was to go condo until it burned down.

That’s the problem with precedents.   The double standards and favoritism in town create precedents.  What’s to stop the Aurora buyers from tapping into the same sort of special treatment?


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