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ALLISON ADAMS TUCKER with “Volver” from her album Come With Me

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Place des Vosges. Paris. By Paul Goldfinger ©. Undated.



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Outside courtyard at the Musée D’Orsay in Paris. Nothing new under the sun.  Paul Goldfinger ©. Tri-X collection.  Click on image to enlarge.

The Musée D’Orsay is an art museum on the Left Bank in Paris. It has a large collection of Impressionistic and Post-Impressionistic masterpieces.

Those bare breasted women in the image above, probably early 20th century beauties, are relaxing in the Paris sunshine, proudly displaying their loveliness.   And the other three women,  the warm blooded variety of today, are enjoying their company without evident embarrassment.

The photograph above shows that nothing changes—that everything old is new again.


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Paul Goldfinger © Paris Métro.   Cité   is the stop for the Ile de la Cité, an island in the River Seine.  Tri-iX Series. Undated.  Click to enlarge.





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Paris, c. 1994. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Paris, c. 1994. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Blogfinger.net

REBECCA KILGORE and the Hal Smith California Swing Cats and Tim Laughlin:


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Paul Goldfinger ©.  Place de Vosges  (1605).  Marais District of Paris. Click image to enlarge.


FRANCOIS PARISI:  “Le Parc de Plaisir” from Woody Allen’s film Midnight in Paris.

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Montmartre, Paris (A large hill on the right bank) By Paul Goldfinger ©

Montmartre, Paris (A large hill on the Right Bank) By Paul Goldfinger © Reposted from 2015.

GERRY MULLIGAN  “Home when shadows fall”

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L’Oustau de la Mar is in Cassis, a  fishing village in Provence—-southern France. This restaurant is along the edge of the harbor where cafés and eateries overlook the pebbled beach and the fleet. It’s a little early for dinner.  Paul Goldfinger ©. Undated.


Paul Goldfinger ©. Cassis, France. Provence. Blogfinger.net  Silver gelatin dark room print by the photographer.  Click to enlarge. 


DALIDA: “Dans le bleu du ciel bleu.”

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The archangel Michael slays the devil while a dragon spits water. Paul Goldfinger photo ©.

The Place Saint-Michel dates back to 1860. The fountain is the center-piece, but the open area around it is where people relax, sit, stroll and socialize. It reminds me of the fountain area in Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village, New York.  It is in the Latin Quarter neighborhood on the Left Bank of Paris.

BOB DYLAN  “These Foolish Things” from his new album Triplicate

Paris is a walking city.  The cafés, parks, fountains, churches, bridges across the Seine, meals in bistros, strolls around town such as in the Isle de la Cité or around Notre Dame—all of it lends itself to romantic moments. The city especially shines at night—it is the City of Lights.  And those moments, as brief or as foolish as they might be, create lasting memories.  The Place de Saint Michel (above) is like that if you just hang around for even 15 minutes.



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Paris. By Paul Goldfinger © Click left for full view

Paris. By Paul Goldfinger © Click  for full view   (re-posted from 2013)

CHARLES TRENET.  “La Romance de Paris.”



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