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Paris. Photo by Paul Goldfinger ©

Paris. Photo by Paul Goldfinger ©.



PETE RODRIGUEZ  from the soundtrack of the movie Chef.   



Editor’s note.   Food is supreme in Paris.  It’s hard to find a bad meal…the bistros around town offer just a few special items  each day, but always delicious. And course there are those high end  restaurants where celebrity chefs can be found serving up exquisite dishes every day.

And go to an outdoor market, pick some fresh items and have a picnic.  The grocer above was not happy when I took his picture, but I got the shot before he turned and scowled.  And the music—don’t miss the movie “Chef.”  It’s a little long, but great fun and with a terrific soundtrack.  The second half is best with the cooking and the music.


My photo on the cover of “A Waiter in Paris” is now being seen in bookshops around the civilized world and on the Net.  It was released on August 9, 2022.

The photo is on the dust-cover, and my name appears on the inside flap. One publisher did their cover version in red-white-and blue, but they retained the black and white photo.




HAVANA CARBO:   “Paris.”


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