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—Free rabies Clinic (dogs and cats welcome) presented by Neptune Twp.  Saturday—May 5, 2018 at the Neptune Public Works, 2201 Heck Avenue in Neptune from 9 am to 11 am.  Take Rt 33 and turn right onto Neptune Blvd (near Walgreen’s. ) Drive past the high school and then turn left onto Heck.  The DPW  is ahead on the right. Dog license renewals will be accepted. Please bring renewal letter and payment.

Portrait of Max, OG dog. Max has his shots already. Photo by Moe Demby,Blogfinger staff. ©

From I.M.Radar:
The CSU study, released online and by The Weather Channel, says seven hurricanes – three of them major – and 14 named storms are expected this season along the Atlantic Coast, according to the CSU Tropical Meteorology Project.
You may want to look at this article:


March 12 Committee meeting:  There was discussion about a bus shuttle to help with parking.  Here is a quote from the minutes:

“Ms. Rizzo stated the parking professional from the Parking Task Force indicated that the shuttle was not a good idea. The Mayor stated that this shuttle proposal is just an idea. It would use the Senior Center bus to shuttle visitors to the midtown school parking lot. Mr. Gadaleta stated there is nothing in the budget specifically dedicated to the shuttle program.

He added that he discussed the idea of valet parking with the Chamber of Commerce as a project they could look into. The Inskip Avenue lot would be used for parking. Ms. Rizzo replied that the Camp Meeting Association is against the use of the Inskip Avenue lot for parking.”

Two Grovers said that the Parking Task Force should work with a parking consultant on a shuttle plan.

No one from the Home Groaners brought up the parking permit idea which is the only one, so far, that would help the residents of OG.  It was  recently buried by the Township.  So it seems that Groaners have thrown in the towel on this issue without a fight or a current expert opinion to offer the citizens.

In January the HOA said, “This issue is not dead,”** but it sure looks that way unless someone can resuscitate the moribund permit parking  idea.  This quote is from the HOA minutes of January, 2018—-below:

“OGHOA minutes** of Jan. 2018 Home Groaners’  meeting:    Parking ReportJoyce Klein reported that the Township Committee voted at its December meeting not to take action in support of a trial plan to alleviate parking problems in Ocean Grove.  It does plan to meet with Asbury Park officials to see if some coordinated  improvements could be made.  This issue is not dead.”   
Editor’s note:   Really Groaners?   If permit parking is not dead, then where’s the pulse? —it still has none 3 months later,  now in April.
Somebody call the medical examiner.
And how did that meeting with Asbury Park officials work out?  In their minutes above the Groaners refer to “a trial plan to alleviate parking problems in Ocean Grove.”  They are unable to even enunciate the words “permit parking” much less to make something happen.
The Committee and the Groaners are totally ineffective with this issue.

Regarding the North End Redevelopment Plan, Jack Bredin spoke to suggest that the Redevelopment Attorney should be at Committee meetings. At a February Committee meeting, the Township Attorney said that the Redevelopment Attorney would be at subsequent meetings or meeting.

Another Grover spoke up about Re-development plans, but the only such plan in Ocean Grove is at the North End.  This quote is from the Committee minutes:

“Richard Williams, 1 Abbott Avenue, asked if the Township has a vision for the redevelopment areas or are developers saying what should be done. The Mayor responded that the Redevelopment Plan dictates what can be done. Redevelopment is based on what the Township wants, not what the Redeveloper wants. Mr. Gadaleta stated that all of the redevelopment plans are on the Township web site. Mr. Anthony stated that the Redevelopment Attorney negotiates the Redevelopment Agreement which includes safeguards to protect the Township.”

Mr. Williams and Joyce Klein, , who spoke at the meeting,  are from the HOA,  although they apparently didn’t identify themselves as such when they went to the microphone.  Why is that?  Do they not represent the OGHOA, or is this some sort of game-playing.  Anyhow, they have been trying to push the Committee to action on parking, historic preservation, and the North End Redevelopment plans, but they typically get nowhere.

Blogfinger Site Stats, April 3, 2018.  934 visits.    Most popular topics:  new yogurt place on Main Avenue, Dog beach, putting the horse before the cart, and April Snow.     14 countries visited including Romania, France, India, Canada and Israel.

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Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton Township. You can picnic there, but there is one catch.


From Anita Meeks of OG:    “Perfect Day Trip! ART! SCULPTURE! HORTICULTURE!

“Friends of Neptune Library sponsoring bus trip to Grounds for Sculpture.  Tuesday, September 19.

“Trip leaves Neptune Senior Center @ 10 AM (parking there).   1 hr. docent led walking tour there/ lunch on your own.
“Trip returns @ 5PM.  $50 pp  payable to Neptune Library.More info  and reservations call Anita 732-775-1186 “

Blogfinger 101: When a reader submits a comment, there may be a reason why we would want to contact him. It happens fairly often, and it might save an opinion from rejection by clearing up certain issues. Or it might be a suggestion as to how to improve or re-categorize a comment.

But if our commenters refuse to give us their email address, we have no way to communicate.  Your email is never revealed on the blog, and no one ever gets to see it except me, and most of the time we do not even know your name.

This is especially useful when a reader is trying to communicate something controversial.   Thank you, the Management.


YO-YO MA, ENNIO MORRICONE:   “Gabriel’s Oboe” from the album Essential Yo-Yo Ma.   This movie music from The Mission, was composed by world famous Italian composer Ennio Morricone.

The Mission is a  1986 film about 18th century Jesuit priests who try to protect an Indian tribe in a remote region of South America.   Roland Joffé was the director, and the stars were Robert DeNiro, Liam Neeson, and Jeremy Irons.

Morricone’s  music for this film won the Golden Globe for Best Original Score, and the film was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.





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The Wassup? cow turns the other cheek when told to moove over.

The Wassup? cow turns the other cheek and mooves when noise from AP drifts across the Lake.  Paul Goldfinger cow photo   ©

Conversation from the Township Committee meeting on May 24:  (From our reporter on the scene)

Q. A member of the Public asked “Have you heard anything from WAVE?”    (WAVE is the secretive group of investors that would develop the North End.)

A.   Gene Anthony  (Township  lawyer) : “No. It’s strange.”

A. Randy Bishop : “Very strange.”

Note: About a year ago, Dr. Michael Brantley  (Committeeman)  said: “It’s time we take a look at all our redevelopment zones to see what we really want to do”


–The jailbird panhandler has returned to the North End near Main Avenue. Last week BF received two complaints.  The mo is the same:  tall, well dressed black man shows up out of nowhere and says he just got out of jail and wants to work.  Or course, he really wants money.   This has been going on for several years with the same guy.  He uses a subtle form of  intimidation, and Grovers should not have to put up with that.  NTPD says do not give him money; instead call them.   732 988 8000.

Song of the week:    DJ Sam Feelgood  “Up All Night Long.”


Beach roses in bloom adjacent to the OG boardwalk, Blogfinger photo 5/23/16 ©

Beach roses in bloom adjacent to the OG boardwalk, Blogfinger photo 5/23/16 ©


Wake up and smell the roses:     The beach roses are in full bloom.  Go down there and take a whiff.  (When I was a kid, a whiff was a strikeout, but now it’s a different aroma altogether.)

PATTI LUPONE  from Gypsy (2008)




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Moo Goo Guy is our WAssup Cow. He thinks a Chinese restaurant should open in the Grove.

Moo Goo Guy is our Wassup?  cow. She  thinks a Chinese restaurant should open in the Grove.  She loves hot and sour soup. She always orders takeout and she is a big tipper.   Yummy, Yummy.

  1.  Wassup song of the week.  For the departing Randy Bishop.  By Groucho Marx

2.   Neptune offices closed Monday Jan 18.  MLK birthday.

3. Blogfinger stats:  On January 11, 2016, Blogfinger received 1,309 visits. The most  linked posts were the poll about dissolving the NERP, editorial on scuttling the NERP, Randy Bishop, and Park View Inn subdivision.  Visitors from 11 foreign countries showed up among which were Sri Lanka, Russia, Australia, and Norway.

4.  From the CMA  (JP Gradone):    “I am happy to announce that the work on the North Boardwalk commenced this week. The contractor, Bird Construction, estimates the construction time to be 2-3 month, weather permitting. There is a temporary walkway around the construction site to allow pedestrians to move between Asbury Park and Ocean Grove.”

5.  Planning Board met on Jan 13.  New members were sworn in. Committeeman Brantley was sworn in as the new liaison to the Board.  The Mayor is also on the Planning Board, but he was not present.

There was no action to pass a resolution to finalize the approval for the Park View site subdivision.   At the last meeting there was a vote to approve the 4 lot subdivision, but it is not a done deal without a resolution, and before that happens, more votes could be taken.  The neighbors on Seaview and Lake Avenues could still lobby the Planning Board to reduce the density over there.

6. According to the Coaster, Randy Bishop has been appointed Deputy Commissioner for Administration of Elections for Monmouth County. He will step down as Committeeman in Neptune in February, so his replacement will be announced in March.

Bishop is quoted in the Coaster as saying, “I will miss the constant interaction with people, listening to not only their concerns but also their triumphs.”  The Coaster article does not explain who appointed Bishop to this job, where he will be based, what his job description will be, and to whom he will report. The article says that his job is with “county government.”

In the article, the Township Attorney says that the “Monmouth County Democratic Party” will pick three candidates each for the Houghtaling and Bishop Committee seats, and then the Committee will make the choices.


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WASSUP THREE Bulletin:   Liz Ogden, President of the Historical Society of Ocean Grove has resigned, effective immediately.  No other information is available at this time

Steve Mandeville of the Comfort Zone sends this request:

“Im trying to get a group together to spend maybe half hour to forty five minutes this Friday Caroling at Francis Asbury Manor meeting at about 5:45 PM. I have song sheets. We all know he music and it would give a lot of pleasure to the residents there many of whom have no family. Please let me know. Just being there would give a lot of people joy.            Thanks, Steve ”    Phone: 732 869 9990.

Wassup song of the week.   From the Grammy nominated score of Hamilton:  “Dear Theodosia.”


The Planning Board will meet on December 23.    On the agenda is Connieann Acquisitions, the company which owns the Park View Inn on Sea View Avenue.  They are asking to demolish the Inn and then to be permitted to subdivide the property ino 4 residential lots.  The owner has told the neighbors that he will put up single family houses.  Hooray for Connie Ann!





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The Wassup? bug says,

The Wassup? bug says, “We are not no-see-ums. We are see-ums and we report the news.”


1.  Mosquito control.  Patrol your property after every rain to get rid of collections of water  (garbage can lids, wrappers, containers) or standing water (as in bird baths.)   You can get information from the Monmouth County Mosquito Commission

2.  July 17, Friday. 47th Annual House Tour. Contact HSOG.   http://oceangrovehistory.org

3. Breakfast  (and lunch):  Don’t forget the Buttered Biscuit on 700 Main Street in Bradley Beach. The place is light and airy having been redone last fall.  They have first rate food including flap jacks, egg dishes, corned beef hash, Manhattan chowder, cornbread, blueberry pancakes, famous grilled crumb cake, eggs Benedict and many more great items.  Strangely, the biscuits do not come with butter;  well, they come with a cinnamon and honey butter, but if you want some actual butter, you have to ask.  But it’s all good. Inside and outside seating.  Weekends there are lines to go in. Go during the week.  They also have installed a counter for quick but tight service.

4.  Tuesday July 14.  Fish and Chip dinner Ladies Aux.s 5-7:30 pm;; Audit. Pav.

5. the 5th Annual Axelrod Israel Film Fesitival will be held from Sunday July 12 to Sunday July 19.  It is held  at three locations: (Deal, Freehold,  and Monroe Township.)  For more information:  732 858 8106   Axelrod link

6. Asbury Park Jazz weekend will be on August 7,8,9.   Link: http://jazzasbury.com

7.  Join the Ocean Grove Citizens Patrol.  Minimum requirement is 2 hours, once per month.  Contact 732 774 6582.  Link: http://ogcp.org

8. Excellent job with Tally’s Folly at the new Herbst Theatre on the third floor of the JSAC.  It’s a love story with just two characters.  It’s engaging, fascinating, funny, intense.  Well done JSAC.  This song seems to me to fit for Tally’s Folly.


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1.  HPC meeting October 28 at 7 pm.   They will be discussing a demolition request  (initial hearing) for Broadway #5 1/2


2.   Gardening advice from Miss Pegi :   Good Morning Clubbers,

What a gorgeous fall weekend we just had! Remember to keep your eye on the weather forecasts.  Plants you want to keep over the winter need to come in before a frost.  Balancing the lower light conditions of many OG homes with the onset of frost can be tricky.  Leaving them in happy outdoor light is not worth losing them with one drop in temps below 32.  On the other hand, the longer they can stay out, the less time they will have to endure winter indoor low light and the better their chances of making it through until spring.  It is a fine line so tread carefully.

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