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Monmouth County Lifeguards win national 2017 championship in Daytona Beach, Florida.

NJ.com link:    www.nj.com/monmouth/index.ssf/2017/08/nj_lifeguard_team_takes_home_national_championship.html#incart_river_home


Site stats for Monday, August 15, 2017: 1,305 visits including 12 foreign countries among which are Barbados, Malta, Czech Republic, and Nicaragua.  Most linked post by far was about the CMA speaking out in public; Neptune Committee under siege; neon lights on Main Ave.; and Wassup.  Also new realtor in town.


What to do at the Jersey Shore:  Every Wednesday there are kite fliers on the beach in Seaside Park, 6 pm.

From Simon who is following the fallout from the Warrington fire in March, 2017.  He lost his home:

” I am still here. What is going on with the Warrington?  Are they in jail as yet?  I am so unhappy not having my house back as yet. I just had to keep you posted. I hope in the new future I WILL BE BACK. Those people have hurt many.”

Song of the week  LITTLE WILLIE JOHN:







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1.  There are 4 candidates for Township Committee.  Two are Republican while 2 are Democrats—-already seated  (one elected and one appointed (Rizzo).  The Repubs. claim that they will  unveil a parking plan for town.  Shouldn’t the Dems bring their emails?  Will any of the four dare to discuss the North End, the Warrington, or Mary’s Place zoning?   Or RSIS violations or more condominiums without parking?

Those candidates will appear at a forum on Saturday, Oct. 22, at 10 am in the Community Room.

Sponsored by the OGHOA.

2. Halloween parade. Target will not sell clown masks, and the Township Committee won’t wear their’s either.



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Moo Goo Guy is our WAssup Cow. He thinks a Chinese restaurant should open in the Grove.

Moo Goo Guy is our Wassup?  cow. She  thinks a Chinese restaurant should open in the Grove.  She loves hot and sour soup. She always orders takeout and she is a big tipper.   Yummy, Yummy.

  1.  Wassup song of the week.  For the departing Randy Bishop.  By Groucho Marx

2.   Neptune offices closed Monday Jan 18.  MLK birthday.

3. Blogfinger stats:  On January 11, 2016, Blogfinger received 1,309 visits. The most  linked posts were the poll about dissolving the NERP, editorial on scuttling the NERP, Randy Bishop, and Park View Inn subdivision.  Visitors from 11 foreign countries showed up among which were Sri Lanka, Russia, Australia, and Norway.

4.  From the CMA  (JP Gradone):    “I am happy to announce that the work on the North Boardwalk commenced this week. The contractor, Bird Construction, estimates the construction time to be 2-3 month, weather permitting. There is a temporary walkway around the construction site to allow pedestrians to move between Asbury Park and Ocean Grove.”

5.  Planning Board met on Jan 13.  New members were sworn in. Committeeman Brantley was sworn in as the new liaison to the Board.  The Mayor is also on the Planning Board, but he was not present.

There was no action to pass a resolution to finalize the approval for the Park View site subdivision.   At the last meeting there was a vote to approve the 4 lot subdivision, but it is not a done deal without a resolution, and before that happens, more votes could be taken.  The neighbors on Seaview and Lake Avenues could still lobby the Planning Board to reduce the density over there.

6. According to the Coaster, Randy Bishop has been appointed Deputy Commissioner for Administration of Elections for Monmouth County. He will step down as Committeeman in Neptune in February, so his replacement will be announced in March.

Bishop is quoted in the Coaster as saying, “I will miss the constant interaction with people, listening to not only their concerns but also their triumphs.”  The Coaster article does not explain who appointed Bishop to this job, where he will be based, what his job description will be, and to whom he will report. The article says that his job is with “county government.”

In the article, the Township Attorney says that the “Monmouth County Democratic Party” will pick three candidates each for the Houghtaling and Bishop Committee seats, and then the Committee will make the choices.


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