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Wassup? Stirring the pot makes for better sauce.


a.   Saturday noon organ recital  7/28 with Dr. Gordon Turk.. Wonderful!   One hour with the Hope-Jones organ.

b.  Summer Stars:  Thursday July 26:  Alex and Wesley Park, young guitarist brothers.   Go to OceanGrove.org

c. Organ recital with Gordon Turk.. Wednesday July 25, 7:30 pm  Guest artist Carol Williams.

d.  Fun to watch:  50th Annual OG  Lifeguard Tournament.  6 PM Thursday, July 26.  North End beach.

e.  Ladies Aux. BAZAAR PRE-SALE  4 PM T0  7 PM  Then the event continues on Friday and Saturday  10 am to 2 pm

f. Sunday July 29 opening of Camp Meeting Week.

g.  Coffee bulletin. We had coffee at the OG bakery yesterday, and it was very good..   Try it.  And, for a diner, the Blue Swan on Rt. 35 has very good coffee  (cuppa Joe in diner talk)

h.  Blogfinger site-stats:   On July 21, we had 1.058 visits, and the most popular topics, in descending order, were:   The Parking Derangement Syndrome  (PDS);    Warrington investigation to be re-opened—the investigators gave up too soon last year.;  Why wasn’t a parking garage built at the west end of town?  And morning at the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge in Fla Fla Land .

i.  Song of the week:   TIM TIMEBOMB  with  “Saturday Night at the Movies.”

j  Movie video of the week:  Sonny and Cher:


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This place is for the birds. I’m following Charlie to the Stone Pony!

Cartoon by Sue Gioulis, special to Blogfinger.net


New boardwalk under construction. CMA photo © April 27, 2018.

a.  The CMA announces that there is “great progress” with the northern boardwalk.  Completion of the boards and the Pavilion are “on target” for Memorial Day weekend.  Demolition is done, and the latest work involves “continuation of the bracing and supports from the Pavilion to Seaview Avenue. ”

“The pilings, there are over 280 of them, have been set 20 feet below ground level,” according to Karen Beachy of the CMA.  She says that a team has been at work six days each week. Then the Trex boards will match the area south of the current project.

Regarding financing, Karen says that the project “is 100% funded by the Camp Meeting Association.”  We thought that FEMA was paying for the boardwalk.  Anybody know the story?

b. Blogfinger site stats for April 26, 2018:  1,165 visits.  Most popular subjects include CMA press release about the North End, Gibberish storm in the Grove, Seniorgate Part IV, and Town-Wide Yard Sale for 2018.  Our latest article today on the Aurora is already attracting attention today.  12 foreign countries visited including United Kingdom, Slovenia, Peru and China.

c.  To read about the Town-Wide Yard Sale on May 12, click on the yard sale tab at the top of this page.    So far we have 30 sellers, with more to sign up.  To sign up, send us an email Blogfinger@verizon.net.

Our Yard Sale manager Vincent Cannavo has informed us that our Asbury Park Press ad will run in the “Datebook Section” for 10 days:  May 3-May 12.  Thanks Vince.

Please see Sue and pick up a flier at Cheese on Main-–free for  you to hang in a good location;  even on the front of your house one week before.  People notice.


c.  Song of the week:  Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash:


d.  Noah Michael Goldfinger. 10 days old. He’s got my big feet.

Noah. He needs a Blogfinger hat.




3.  Free Rabies Clinic for cats and dogs at Neptune Public Works, 2201 Heck Avenue, Neptune.   Dog license renewals will be accepted. Bring renewal letter and payment.   Saturday May 5, 2018  9 am to 11 am.


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1.  There are 4 candidates for Township Committee.  Two are Republican while 2 are Democrats—-already seated  (one elected and one appointed (Rizzo).  The Repubs. claim that they will  unveil a parking plan for town.  Shouldn’t the Dems bring their emails?  Will any of the four dare to discuss the North End, the Warrington, or Mary’s Place zoning?   Or RSIS violations or more condominiums without parking?

Those candidates will appear at a forum on Saturday, Oct. 22, at 10 am in the Community Room.

Sponsored by the OGHOA.

2. Halloween parade. Target will not sell clown masks, and the Township Committee won’t wear their’s either.



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The Wassup? cow turns the other cheek when told to moove over.

The Wassup? cow turns the other cheek and mooves when noise from AP drifts across the Lake.  Paul Goldfinger cow photo   ©

Conversation from the Township Committee meeting on May 24:  (From our reporter on the scene)

Q. A member of the Public asked “Have you heard anything from WAVE?”    (WAVE is the secretive group of investors that would develop the North End.)

A.   Gene Anthony  (Township  lawyer) : “No. It’s strange.”

A. Randy Bishop : “Very strange.”

Note: About a year ago, Dr. Michael Brantley  (Committeeman)  said: “It’s time we take a look at all our redevelopment zones to see what we really want to do”


–The jailbird panhandler has returned to the North End near Main Avenue. Last week BF received two complaints.  The mo is the same:  tall, well dressed black man shows up out of nowhere and says he just got out of jail and wants to work.  Or course, he really wants money.   This has been going on for several years with the same guy.  He uses a subtle form of  intimidation, and Grovers should not have to put up with that.  NTPD says do not give him money; instead call them.   732 988 8000.

Song of the week:    DJ Sam Feelgood  “Up All Night Long.”


Beach roses in bloom adjacent to the OG boardwalk, Blogfinger photo 5/23/16 ©

Beach roses in bloom adjacent to the OG boardwalk, Blogfinger photo 5/23/16 ©


Wake up and smell the roses:     The beach roses are in full bloom.  Go down there and take a whiff.  (When I was a kid, a whiff was a strikeout, but now it’s a different aroma altogether.)

PATTI LUPONE  from Gypsy (2008)




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Moo Goo Guy is our WAssup Cow. He thinks a Chinese restaurant should open in the Grove.

Moo Goo Guy is our Wassup?  cow. She  thinks a Chinese restaurant should open in the Grove.  She loves hot and sour soup. She always orders takeout and she is a big tipper.   Yummy, Yummy.

  1.  Wassup song of the week.  For the departing Randy Bishop.  By Groucho Marx

2.   Neptune offices closed Monday Jan 18.  MLK birthday.

3. Blogfinger stats:  On January 11, 2016, Blogfinger received 1,309 visits. The most  linked posts were the poll about dissolving the NERP, editorial on scuttling the NERP, Randy Bishop, and Park View Inn subdivision.  Visitors from 11 foreign countries showed up among which were Sri Lanka, Russia, Australia, and Norway.

4.  From the CMA  (JP Gradone):    “I am happy to announce that the work on the North Boardwalk commenced this week. The contractor, Bird Construction, estimates the construction time to be 2-3 month, weather permitting. There is a temporary walkway around the construction site to allow pedestrians to move between Asbury Park and Ocean Grove.”

5.  Planning Board met on Jan 13.  New members were sworn in. Committeeman Brantley was sworn in as the new liaison to the Board.  The Mayor is also on the Planning Board, but he was not present.

There was no action to pass a resolution to finalize the approval for the Park View site subdivision.   At the last meeting there was a vote to approve the 4 lot subdivision, but it is not a done deal without a resolution, and before that happens, more votes could be taken.  The neighbors on Seaview and Lake Avenues could still lobby the Planning Board to reduce the density over there.

6. According to the Coaster, Randy Bishop has been appointed Deputy Commissioner for Administration of Elections for Monmouth County. He will step down as Committeeman in Neptune in February, so his replacement will be announced in March.

Bishop is quoted in the Coaster as saying, “I will miss the constant interaction with people, listening to not only their concerns but also their triumphs.”  The Coaster article does not explain who appointed Bishop to this job, where he will be based, what his job description will be, and to whom he will report. The article says that his job is with “county government.”

In the article, the Township Attorney says that the “Monmouth County Democratic Party” will pick three candidates each for the Houghtaling and Bishop Committee seats, and then the Committee will make the choices.


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WASSUP THREE Bulletin:   Liz Ogden, President of the Historical Society of Ocean Grove has resigned, effective immediately.  No other information is available at this time

Steve Mandeville of the Comfort Zone sends this request:

“Im trying to get a group together to spend maybe half hour to forty five minutes this Friday Caroling at Francis Asbury Manor meeting at about 5:45 PM. I have song sheets. We all know he music and it would give a lot of pleasure to the residents there many of whom have no family. Please let me know. Just being there would give a lot of people joy.            Thanks, Steve ”    Phone: 732 869 9990.

Wassup song of the week.   From the Grammy nominated score of Hamilton:  “Dear Theodosia.”


The Planning Board will meet on December 23.    On the agenda is Connieann Acquisitions, the company which owns the Park View Inn on Sea View Avenue.  They are asking to demolish the Inn and then to be permitted to subdivide the property ino 4 residential lots.  The owner has told the neighbors that he will put up single family houses.  Hooray for Connie Ann!





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Blogfinger: We report on the udderly important moo news.

Blogfinger: We report on the udderly important moo news.  Are you mooing at me?  Got milk?


  1. We now probably have enough signatures for the class action law suit against Neptune Township.  For those of you who volunteered, we are waiting to hear from Kevin and his lawyer regarding the next step.  Thanks to those who stepped to the plate. If more of you want to enter your names, please do so by email to Blogfinger@verizon.net.  I will keep you informed as to the progress of this suit. —Paul  @blogfinger

2. Park View Inn update sentry Stephanie Ackerman of Ocean Grove:

“The gentleman who owns the property of the Park View Inn, is planning on four individual homes. He went around to all of the neighbors attending the township meeting to explain his process. He has to apply to the township first for a subdivision, and then he can begin the demolition process. He is planning on having one house built available by May so that he can use it as a model in order to sell the other three. He gave all of us his business card. ”

(Editor’s note: We need more citizen reporters like Stephanie and Charlie Bridge.  Please help us with Blogfinger and send information. Feel free to do some research for us.)

3. Independent candidates for Township Committee, Dianna Harris and Kevin Sheehan did not respond to the Blogfinger email request to interview them regarding their views about Ocean Grove issues. We did not get even a “no thank you” or “get your cow out of my face.”  They are welcome to contact us  (2nd invitation) to share their views regarding OG with our readers. (Blogfinger @Verizon.net)

If these two candidates are depending on the Home Groaners Ass. to provide a venue for their views, they are making a mistake. Those meetings rarely have more than 50 people in attendance.  Yesterday we had nearly 1,300 visits mostly from people who live in OG, visit OG or care about OG.  Maybe these candidates don’t care about the vote from the Grove because our population and voting numbers are relatively small, but how about the good will and how about the idea that they should concern themselves with all citizens if they get elected?

4.  Cow in the snow news:  Snow removal ordinance in Neptune  (the town, not the planet)


13-2.1 Responsibility for Removal; Time. The tenants of lands abutting or bordering upon the sidewalks of

the public streets and highways in the Township shall remove, or cause to be removed, from the sidewalks

in front of or bordering on their lands all snow and ice within twelve (12) hours of daylight after the same

shall be formed or fall thereon. (Ord. No. 1369 § 1)

13-2.2 Township May Remove. In case such owner or owners, tenant or tenants of any land abutting or

bordering upon any street, avenue or highway in said Township shall neglect or refuse to remove such

snow and ice within twelve (12) hours of daylight after the same shall have fallen or formed, it shall be the

duty of the duly authorized officer having charge of the streets and highways of the Township to remove or

cause to be removed such snow and ice from the sidewalks in front of or bordering on such lands.

(Ord. No. 1369 § 2)

13-2.3 Cost of Removal by Township; Lien Against Property. The cost paid and incurred by such officer

for removing snow and ice from any sidewalk shall be certified by him/her to the Township Committee,

which shall examine such certificate and shall cause the cost as shown thereon to be charged against the

lands abutting or bordering such sidewalk; and the amount so charged shall forthwith become a lien upon

such lands and shall be added to and become and form part of the taxes then next assessed and levied upon

such lands and shall be collected and enforced according to law. (Ord. No. 1369 § 3)

4. Wassup song of the week:   What’s it all about?  Just click below:

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The Wassup? bug says,

The Wassup? bug says, “We are not no-see-ums. We are see-ums and we report the news.”


1.  Mosquito control.  Patrol your property after every rain to get rid of collections of water  (garbage can lids, wrappers, containers) or standing water (as in bird baths.)   You can get information from the Monmouth County Mosquito Commission

2.  July 17, Friday. 47th Annual House Tour. Contact HSOG.   http://oceangrovehistory.org

3. Breakfast  (and lunch):  Don’t forget the Buttered Biscuit on 700 Main Street in Bradley Beach. The place is light and airy having been redone last fall.  They have first rate food including flap jacks, egg dishes, corned beef hash, Manhattan chowder, cornbread, blueberry pancakes, famous grilled crumb cake, eggs Benedict and many more great items.  Strangely, the biscuits do not come with butter;  well, they come with a cinnamon and honey butter, but if you want some actual butter, you have to ask.  But it’s all good. Inside and outside seating.  Weekends there are lines to go in. Go during the week.  They also have installed a counter for quick but tight service.

4.  Tuesday July 14.  Fish and Chip dinner Ladies Aux.s 5-7:30 pm;; Audit. Pav.

5. the 5th Annual Axelrod Israel Film Fesitival will be held from Sunday July 12 to Sunday July 19.  It is held  at three locations: (Deal, Freehold,  and Monroe Township.)  For more information:  732 858 8106   Axelrod link

6. Asbury Park Jazz weekend will be on August 7,8,9.   Link: http://jazzasbury.com

7.  Join the Ocean Grove Citizens Patrol.  Minimum requirement is 2 hours, once per month.  Contact 732 774 6582.  Link: http://ogcp.org

8. Excellent job with Tally’s Folly at the new Herbst Theatre on the third floor of the JSAC.  It’s a love story with just two characters.  It’s engaging, fascinating, funny, intense.  Well done JSAC.  This song seems to me to fit for Tally’s Folly.


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1. Ocean Grove Woman’s Club:

The  2nd Annual People’s Garden Tour committee has had their first meeting.  They are off to a great start in planning for this unique event.  If any of you want to join the planning or offer your garden for the June 20 tour, please call Pegi at 609 575 5585  or go to pegi@comcast.net.


2.   Townwide yard sale  planned for May 9.

In 2014 we had nearly 70 addresses participating. It should get bigger this year.  We hope to break 100 addresses to surpass most town wide sales in nearby towns.   It will be Saturday, May 9, 2015.

Early in the spring we will start collecting addresses for this year.

3. Township offices and library will be closed on Jan 19 for Martin Luther King’s birthday.  Check out the movie Selma which is receiving high praise.

Image courtesy of Roberta Grace at Neptune Township mother ship.

Image courtesy of Roberta Grace at Neptune Township mother ship.

4. Saturday, Jan 17.   Ralph watch report:  He’s back today!  Blogfinger scoop thanks to an alert citizen reporter.  Thank you.

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1.  HPC meeting October 28 at 7 pm.   They will be discussing a demolition request  (initial hearing) for Broadway #5 1/2


2.   Gardening advice from Miss Pegi :   Good Morning Clubbers,

What a gorgeous fall weekend we just had! Remember to keep your eye on the weather forecasts.  Plants you want to keep over the winter need to come in before a frost.  Balancing the lower light conditions of many OG homes with the onset of frost can be tricky.  Leaving them in happy outdoor light is not worth losing them with one drop in temps below 32.  On the other hand, the longer they can stay out, the less time they will have to endure winter indoor low light and the better their chances of making it through until spring.  It is a fine line so tread carefully.

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