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a. Food continues to be found on the ground at the Auditorium Square Park.   People want to feed the homeless, but the squirrels devoured and wrecked what was in the plastic bags.  The CMA would like it to stop.  One observer said, “Why don’t they just take it to the Food Bank?”

b. Another full dumpster reported from the Aurora.  They must be gutting the place. Where is the building permit?

c.  Site stats:  11/19 we had 1000 visits;  11/26 1,200;   Most popular topics: Gobbledygook at the Township Comedy; 2 Grovers remember Nov. 1962 in Washington DC;  broken promises over Wesley Lake and Jack’s letter to Green Acres in Trenton.  Visitors from foreign countries include Norway, Australia, Kuwait and India.

d.  Song of the week, dedicated to our dermatologist:


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Parking Task Force comes up empty.  At the recent Township Committee meeting, the Parking Task Force reported that they had some really good talks, but nothing concrete so far.

When were the most recent Township Committee meeting minutes posted on line?  As of Sept. 17, it was June 27.  Since then there have been 8 meetings.

Blogfinger stats:  On  September 15, 2016,  Blogfinger received 1,933  views. The most interest was in our article about the body on the beach.   Among the 14 foreign countries we heard from were UK, Philippines, Norway and Poland.

For our visitors from the United Kingdom, here are Peter Land, Michael Sadler, Peter Fleetwood and Placido Domingo with Alan Jay Lerner’s My Fair Lady:



QUEEN:  “Bohemian Rhapsody.”


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The Wassup? cow turns the other cheek when told to moove over.

The Wassup? cow turns the other cheek and mooves when noise from AP drifts across the Lake.  Paul Goldfinger cow photo   ©

Conversation from the Township Committee meeting on May 24:  (From our reporter on the scene)

Q. A member of the Public asked “Have you heard anything from WAVE?”    (WAVE is the secretive group of investors that would develop the North End.)

A.   Gene Anthony  (Township  lawyer) : “No. It’s strange.”

A. Randy Bishop : “Very strange.”

Note: About a year ago, Dr. Michael Brantley  (Committeeman)  said: “It’s time we take a look at all our redevelopment zones to see what we really want to do”


–The jailbird panhandler has returned to the North End near Main Avenue. Last week BF received two complaints.  The mo is the same:  tall, well dressed black man shows up out of nowhere and says he just got out of jail and wants to work.  Or course, he really wants money.   This has been going on for several years with the same guy.  He uses a subtle form of  intimidation, and Grovers should not have to put up with that.  NTPD says do not give him money; instead call them.   732 988 8000.

Song of the week:    DJ Sam Feelgood  “Up All Night Long.”


Beach roses in bloom adjacent to the OG boardwalk, Blogfinger photo 5/23/16 ©

Beach roses in bloom adjacent to the OG boardwalk, Blogfinger photo 5/23/16 ©


Wake up and smell the roses:     The beach roses are in full bloom.  Go down there and take a whiff.  (When I was a kid, a whiff was a strikeout, but now it’s a different aroma altogether.)

PATTI LUPONE  from Gypsy (2008)




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"WASSUP IN THE GROVE?"    Send some news to the boys in the band.  blogfinger@verizon.net

“WASSUP IN THE GROVE?”   Cartoon by Sue Gioulis.


1.  OCEAN GROVE TOWN-WIDE YARD SALE on May 10:  For information click on “yard sale” tab at the top of this page.    This is where the LIST OF YARD SALE ADDRESSES  can be found.  We are breaking the record.   47 families as of May 3      You can still join through May 9   (Blogfinger@verizon.net)

Craig’s List ad for the Jersey Shore was posted May 2.  Asbury Park ad will appear on May 9 and May 10.  Coaster ad will appear on May 8.  All will refer the reader to Blogfinger for the list of addresses.

To be fair to those who paid their $5.00, any who didn’t pay will be removed from the list as of Thursday when the ads kick in.

We have have extra posters.  If any of you have an idea as to where to place them, please volunteer to help.  We even have one Grover who is placing posters in the Guatemalan and Mexican shops in Asbury.  She says that they like yard sales, so brush up on your Spanish.

Wanted: A couple of volunteers to ride around on bikes and monitor the sales.  We can communicate by cell phones. You will be deputized as Blogfinger interns.

2 .  Blogfinger 101  WordPress has provided us with a new music player. You may have to click the start arrow more than once to get it going.

3. Gov Christy once again visited the Seasides’ boardwalks a few days ago to see how construction was going.  He was quoted by an APP reporter ,

Christie noted that with construction just beginning on Ocean Grove’s boardwalk, all 33 of the state’s boardwalks that were damaged by Sandy will have been rebuilt by this summer.”

Isn’t it curious that he has never visited the OG boardwalk since Sandy. This is the first time that he actually has publicly uttered the words “Ocean Grove.”   It seems to me that he doesn’t want to associate himself with our issues in the Grove. He is lacking in courage–not a desirable trait for a possible presidential candidate, or even for a governor.

4. There was a short work stoppage at the Boardwalk project.  JP Gradone  (COO, CMA) said that it was a minor bureaucratic  glitch:

He said, “It was initially our understanding that FEMA had everything from State Historical Preservation, but they were missing some paperwork so they asked us to stop construction for a few days until everything was in order.”

However, are things ever minor with any bureaucracy, especially one so huge?   It’s interesting that FEMA is watching so closely. I’d like to think that all government agencies are so careful when spending the taxpayer’s money.  REALLY???   NOT!!!

In addition, we like to post small news items like this because in Ocean Grove  (and I guess as in other small towns,)  small talk is like big talk.   —PG

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1. Yesterday Blogfinger had 14 hits from Australia. Maybe they got lost on the www circuit while heading for OG Australia, but hang on to your didgeridoo, here is the Aussie Bush Band:     

2. From David Lurie. “ Most Federal Storm Aid Still Undistributed in New Jersey
The numbers come on top of complaints about bureaucracy and a lack of transparency in Gov. Chris Christie’s recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy.”

3. Stripers reported  off the beaches as near as Asbury Park     Asbury Park Press link:     

Stripers have arrived   (Oh..I did say stripers, not strippers, so grab your rods and get down to the OG breach)

4.  We have been featuring the music of Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks, who are the Grammy winning band that performs on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Recently Vince was interviewed on NPR, and Lee Morgan of OG has sent us the link to enjoy this excellent feature:        Vince Giordano radio interview

Here is a sample from The Boardwalk Empire soundtrack Vol II (recently released)

NEKO CASE  “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out.”:

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