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BF Song of the week:  “After You’ve Gone” by Loudon Wainwright III  from the movie The Aviator.


The Planning Board meets at the Municipal Complex, 25 Neptune Blvd, Neptune in the Township Committee meeting room (second floor). Dec 14, Wednesday.    Meeting starts promptly at 7:00 pm. They will discuss the application for adding a third floor to the Pizza Building.  If you buy a condo there, you will get free deliveries of pizza.

From the agenda: b. PB16/11 – Linus Holding Corp. – Block 209, Lot 1 – 58-60 Main Avenue  – Applicant has submitted an application for Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan approval to add a third-floor to an existing mixed-use structure along with associated improvements. Applicant is represented by Andrew J. Karas, Esq.
Kristie Armour is the Land Use Boards Administrator    732.988.5200 x 278

Historic photograph of the Ocean Grove Fishing Pier—sunrise, pre-Sandy,  by Paul Goldfinger.   Now available as a postcard, but also suitable to frame, put on the fridge, or just sit it on a shelf.

Can be purchased at only one place:    Gingerbreads in Ocean Grove at 49 Main Avenue.

Contact Blogfinger@verizon.net if you want to order a brilliant metallic coated  enlargement for your home—-framed, mounted or just “as is.”  Just tell us the size, and we will tel you the cost.


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Parking Task Force comes up empty.  At the recent Township Committee meeting, the Parking Task Force reported that they had some really good talks, but nothing concrete so far.

When were the most recent Township Committee meeting minutes posted on line?  As of Sept. 17, it was June 27.  Since then there have been 8 meetings.

Blogfinger stats:  On  September 15, 2016,  Blogfinger received 1,933  views. The most interest was in our article about the body on the beach.   Among the 14 foreign countries we heard from were UK, Philippines, Norway and Poland.

For our visitors from the United Kingdom, here are Peter Land, Michael Sadler, Peter Fleetwood and Placido Domingo with Alan Jay Lerner’s My Fair Lady:



QUEEN:  “Bohemian Rhapsody.”


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Hey Louis, quit reading Blogfinger---we're heading for the Avon Pavilion. (Ocean Grove/Blogfinger artist Sue Gioulis made the cartoon.)

Hey Louis, forget Asbury—we’re heading for the Avon Pavilion. (Ocean Grove/Blogfinger artist Sue Gioulis made the cartoon.)

1.  Song of the Week:     JOSH GROBAN    From Les Miserables


2.  On Sunday, July 24, Blogfinger had over 1700 visits including 16 foreign countries, among which were Turks and Caicos Islands, China, Ireland, and Equador.    Topics attracting the most interest were Illumination Night, potable water at the beach, and Opening the gates. On Tuesday, July 26, the most popular articles were about the Monmouth University lecture and the Hotel Arlington.

3.  From Mary Lou:   “As if we do not already have a huge problem with space for parking…the township wants residents to put their recycling cans far enough out into the street so the workers can see them, otherwise the bulk, etc. will not be picked up. I read about this yesterday on an OG forum…a resident called the township to complain about her cans being passed by twice in the same month. The clerk responded with this very “intelligent” solution.”




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The Wassup? cow turns the other cheek when told to moove over.

The Wassup? cow turns the other cheek and mooves when noise from AP drifts across the Lake.  Paul Goldfinger cow photo   ©

Conversation from the Township Committee meeting on May 24:  (From our reporter on the scene)

Q. A member of the Public asked “Have you heard anything from WAVE?”    (WAVE is the secretive group of investors that would develop the North End.)

A.   Gene Anthony  (Township  lawyer) : “No. It’s strange.”

A. Randy Bishop : “Very strange.”

Note: About a year ago, Dr. Michael Brantley  (Committeeman)  said: “It’s time we take a look at all our redevelopment zones to see what we really want to do”


–The jailbird panhandler has returned to the North End near Main Avenue. Last week BF received two complaints.  The mo is the same:  tall, well dressed black man shows up out of nowhere and says he just got out of jail and wants to work.  Or course, he really wants money.   This has been going on for several years with the same guy.  He uses a subtle form of  intimidation, and Grovers should not have to put up with that.  NTPD says do not give him money; instead call them.   732 988 8000.

Song of the week:    DJ Sam Feelgood  “Up All Night Long.”


Beach roses in bloom adjacent to the OG boardwalk, Blogfinger photo 5/23/16 ©

Beach roses in bloom adjacent to the OG boardwalk, Blogfinger photo 5/23/16 ©


Wake up and smell the roses:     The beach roses are in full bloom.  Go down there and take a whiff.  (When I was a kid, a whiff was a strikeout, but now it’s a different aroma altogether.)

PATTI LUPONE  from Gypsy (2008)




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