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a.  The CMA is having a daylong event on Saturday, Sept. 19 on the Ocean Pathway.  It is the “3rd Annual Open Heaven Musicfest” from 1 pm to 7 pm.

We don’t recall such a celebration in the past. They promise “live bands, vendors. (food and others) and children activities.” It is free.

What do you suppose the neighbors think of it?  Will this be a religious event or something for the entire OG community? It says “Open Heaven,” so figure it out.

Having a big event in September sounds like another cog in the CMA’s wheel designed to dominate lifestyles in the Grove.  Despite COVID-19, the CMA has managed to make this summer their own, as it does each summer.     It seems that OG is truly once again becoming a religious town with the secular population brushed off to the sidelines.

Sign on the OG boardwalk last month. Blogfinger photo.

And, is the CMA worried about the virus?  The CMA flier doesn’t ask visitors to wear masks.

b.  The Chamber of Commercials cancelled most of their useless events this summer designed to make money for local businesses and for vendors.  Both groups, CMA and CC routinely turn a blind eye towards the residents of OG, over 3000 citizens according to the last census and then with a considerable number of second homers.  We await the current census results.

We attended the CC event.  (“Music on Main”)  yesterday downtown and did not see anyone we knew.  It was a tourist event through and through.  Even the coffee shop and the bagel place did not stay open for the happening.  And, look below to see the mega-event which they have kept scheduled for October 10.

Main Avenue, OG. Sept. 12, 2020. Paul Goldfinger photo. © Saw only one OG shirt.

The Chamber of Commercials will go ahead with their Fall Harvest Arts and Crafts Show with 200 vendors on October 10, 10-4.  They will take up Pilgrim Pathway, Main Avenue and Auditorium Square Park.   This is a big deal, and there is no mention of masks on their flier.

But here is the irony:   The Chamber’s official fall poster (below) has a message in the lower right hand corner which says:  “Stay Home NJ”. Do they think the virus will be gone on Oct. 10, do they think it will be safe, or should they take their own advice and cancel it?

c. Site stats.  We had 583 hits on Blogfinger Sept 12.  Jean’s piece about the Tent Village was most popular. But also Music on Main, COVID information, and Red Flag day at the Beach.

From the condo conversion ads. Internet photo.

d. The Aurora sold in February 2018 for $1,450,000 and has since been turned into 4 condos which are being advertised as a historic experience, but without prices.  Undoubtedly they will be over $1 million each, with ocean views and without parking.  The ads emphasize the attractions in Asbury, but they also mention the Great Auditorium.

The GA won’t appeal to that group who will have their gaze fixed on AP.

Prospective Aurora condo buyers should read Blogfinger to get the truth.

Finishing touches at the Aurora. 8/25/20. Blogfinger photo on Atlantic Avenue.

e. Lifestyle photo:  Surf fishing in OG. Sept. 2020.

Paul Goldfinger photo from the non-fishing pier. Ocean Grove, Sept. 2020. © Cllck to make the fish bigger.


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a. This magic moment:


2 days after Labor Day the OG beach is hot, sunny and nearly empty. Some say that September is the best time to go to the beach. Paul Goldfinger photo 9/5/18 ©


IMG_5333 2

September 5, 2018. Paul Goldfinger photo ©


The day after Labor Day is magical, year after year, because you wake up and find Brigadoon: much fewer people, plenty of parking, some leaves on the ground predict the September Song or September in the Rain, no kids around, sometimes a breath of autumn (but not today,) and perceptibly less cars on the roads including definitely fewer with New York plates.

So let’s celebrate with Marvin Gaye:


b. Site stats:   September 3, 1,114 visits.  Most popular topics:  Are you crazy?  Jason Tramm triumphs, Nonsense and hot air from the HOA breakfast, and musical moments in the Great Auditorium.  And 19 foreign countries visited the site  including Serbia, Sweden, Mexico,  Hong Kong, and Belgium.

And a sample link from last year:

Last day at Days 2017.


An old photo from the BF archives.  A portrait of Eileen in 2013. I bought that hat directly from China on an impulse. But when it came I hated it.  Eileen wore it once in Ocean Grove, in this portrait:

2015. Blogfinger portrait.  Eileen the hat check girl.


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Didja hear?  Kenny Vance is going to be at the Count Basie on Oct. 6.    Call 732 842 9000


B.   8th Annual  (2019) Town Wide-Yard Sale:   We heard from Ken who sent us this message:

“Hi Paul.
Is there another town wide yard sale this year, this summer? fall or spring?
Thank you

We need help with promotions, fliers, ads, event monitoring, new ideas, and any help in attracting more sellers and more buyers.     If anyone wants to volunteer,  please contact us at Blogfinger@verizon.net.   The date is May 11, 2019.

The same applies to the People’s Garden Tour which will be cancelled next Spring unless a group of volunteers wants to take it over.

The lack of volunteers for these events among the “community” of OG residents is disturbing.

Thanks,  PG.

c.   Kenny Vance will be performing on October 6 at the Count Basie in Red  Bank along with 5 other Doo Wop groups.  Kenny has been sidelined in the recent past, but now he is back, and his fans will be thrilled.  It’s a shame the GA couldn’t have brought him back for the Doo Wop concert on September 1 in  Ocean Grove.

Kenny Vance:  “When You Dance.”—from his latest album, from 2017  Kenny Vance

e. The DEA has announced the official opening of their Monmouth-Ocean office.  This will allow major opiate-fighting resources to come to the Jersey Shore to help combat that scourge.

f.  According to the Coaster,  Neptune Township will look into the question regarding handicapped parking in the Grove:   Are these designations  excessive?  Committeeman Michael Brantley is behind this investigation.

h.  The Perfume Check shop on Main Avenue has closed after a brief but aromatic run in town.

i.   Bagel bakers back in business: For several days, Wegmans bagels were coming out all wrong.  Their color, texture and taste were messed up because the bagel oven, a device with shelves that rotate around like a Ferris wheel had broken.  But you could still get an acceptable result by toasting.   The bagel bakers substituted a different oven that rotates in a circular way, but that was a failure.  After 3 days of trauma for  bagel lovers, the old favorites were back.

A fine sesame bagel from Wegmans. Blogfinger photo. ©



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Photo by Amy Paterson. NJ Herald. Blogfinger cow. She’s better looking than the udder one.


a. From NJ News Commons:

Thirty years after used hypodermic needles, syringes and blood vials began washing up on Jersey Shore beaches, the problem continues, NJ.com reports. More than a dozen beaches in Monmouth County were closed last month in another “syringe tide.” State officials say the cause is the combined sewer systems prevalent in North Jersey and New York City in which stormwater runoff and sewage are combined in the same system.


b.  Ukelele group lessons every Wednesday sponsored by Dan at the music shop  66 S  Main St  (Jersey Shore Arts)  732 361 5060    www. dontfretnj.com


c. Manhole gallery:

Blogfinger photo. What do they do with the money?

d.  Site stats:  August 8:  1,037 visits; most popular topics:  Aurora, Groaners and Campers, term limits, Letter to the Editor;  11 foreign countries including Namibia, Brazil, Greece,


e.  Song of the week.     The Beetles   “The Fool on the Hill.”



f.  OG car magnet.  Made in the USA of outdoor vinyl .  Price is $5.00.  Supplies are limited from Blogfinger.  If you want one, send us an email   (Blogfinger@verizon.net)  to arrange a pickup.

IMG_4121 - Version 2

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Wassup? Stirring the pot makes for better sauce.


a.   Saturday noon organ recital  7/28 with Dr. Gordon Turk.. Wonderful!   One hour with the Hope-Jones organ.

b.  Summer Stars:  Thursday July 26:  Alex and Wesley Park, young guitarist brothers.   Go to OceanGrove.org

c. Organ recital with Gordon Turk.. Wednesday July 25, 7:30 pm  Guest artist Carol Williams.

d.  Fun to watch:  50th Annual OG  Lifeguard Tournament.  6 PM Thursday, July 26.  North End beach.

e.  Ladies Aux. BAZAAR PRE-SALE  4 PM T0  7 PM  Then the event continues on Friday and Saturday  10 am to 2 pm

f. Sunday July 29 opening of Camp Meeting Week.

g.  Coffee bulletin. We had coffee at the OG bakery yesterday, and it was very good..   Try it.  And, for a diner, the Blue Swan on Rt. 35 has very good coffee  (cuppa Joe in diner talk)

h.  Blogfinger site-stats:   On July 21, we had 1.058 visits, and the most popular topics, in descending order, were:   The Parking Derangement Syndrome  (PDS);    Warrington investigation to be re-opened—the investigators gave up too soon last year.;  Why wasn’t a parking garage built at the west end of town?  And morning at the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge in Fla Fla Land .

i.  Song of the week:   TIM TIMEBOMB  with  “Saturday Night at the Movies.”

j  Movie video of the week:  Sonny and Cher:


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BF Song of the week:  “After You’ve Gone” by Loudon Wainwright III  from the movie The Aviator.


The Planning Board meets at the Municipal Complex, 25 Neptune Blvd, Neptune in the Township Committee meeting room (second floor). Dec 14, Wednesday.    Meeting starts promptly at 7:00 pm. They will discuss the application for adding a third floor to the Pizza Building.  If you buy a condo there, you will get free deliveries of pizza.

From the agenda: b. PB16/11 – Linus Holding Corp. – Block 209, Lot 1 – 58-60 Main Avenue  – Applicant has submitted an application for Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan approval to add a third-floor to an existing mixed-use structure along with associated improvements. Applicant is represented by Andrew J. Karas, Esq.
Kristie Armour is the Land Use Boards Administrator    732.988.5200 x 278

Historic photograph of the Ocean Grove Fishing Pier—sunrise, pre-Sandy,  by Paul Goldfinger.   Now available as a postcard, but also suitable to frame, put on the fridge, or just sit it on a shelf.

Can be purchased at only one place:    Gingerbreads in Ocean Grove at 49 Main Avenue.

Contact Blogfinger@verizon.net if you want to order a brilliant metallic coated  enlargement for your home—-framed, mounted or just “as is.”  Just tell us the size, and we will tel you the cost.


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Hey Louis, quit reading Blogfinger---we're heading for the Avon Pavilion. (Ocean Grove/Blogfinger artist Sue Gioulis made the cartoon.)

Hey Louis, forget Asbury—we’re heading for the Avon Pavilion. (Ocean Grove/Blogfinger artist Sue Gioulis made the cartoon.)

1.  Song of the Week:     JOSH GROBAN    From Les Miserables


2.  On Sunday, July 24, Blogfinger had over 1700 visits including 16 foreign countries, among which were Turks and Caicos Islands, China, Ireland, and Equador.    Topics attracting the most interest were Illumination Night, potable water at the beach, and Opening the gates. On Tuesday, July 26, the most popular articles were about the Monmouth University lecture and the Hotel Arlington.

3.  From Mary Lou:   “As if we do not already have a huge problem with space for parking…the township wants residents to put their recycling cans far enough out into the street so the workers can see them, otherwise the bulk, etc. will not be picked up. I read about this yesterday on an OG forum…a resident called the township to complain about her cans being passed by twice in the same month. The clerk responded with this very “intelligent” solution.”




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