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Jean Bredin ©. Ocean Grove Beach. November 17, 2018. Blogfinger.net


a. Blogfinger has 173 bloggers who follow us through WordPress.  600 visits on March 6.  That day we had 10 foreign countries including Antigua and Barbuda, China, Norway. and Spain.  I would like to visit Barbuda where the Barbudians like to go caving.  And, they have a sanctuary for frigate birds.  

b. Bartender of the Week in Ocean Grove. We will accept nominations once the new North End Hotel opens.

c. Wesley Lake update

—The Wesley Lake Commission last met in October 2018. Their last set of posted minutes is from then. We received an email copy yesterday that seems to indicate that some members of the Commission may be finally waking up to a few new concepts and realities about the Lake, some of which we have been hammering at Blogfinger for some time.

In that email from Douglas McQueen to the Wesley Lake Commission Chair Gail Rosewater, he made a few points which interested us at Blogfinger: The entire email is not reproduced here; just portions.

——“If we allow mismanaged lakes to consequently pollute our beaches, we would have killed our golden goose.”

—–“When formulating recommendations for the long term management of the coastal lakes and ponds of Monmouth County, emphasis has to be given to the control of stormwater runoff. This is the key to the sustainable improvement of the County’s lakes.”

No kidding!

—— He also repeated something which we have emphasized for some time on Blogfinger.  He said,”Many of these lakes are indeed riparian waters.

d. on March 5, Neptune Twp. organized a “Tidelands Presentation”. This was a sort of infomercial where two OG lawyers (the Beekman Law Firm) and a title company presented information at the Shark River Marina regarding title issues having to do with riparian land rights. 

It’s interesting that the focus was on homeowners at the Shark River area. But what about our homeowners, two lakes and the ocean?

We had a reporter present and we will have more to say about this subject next week.

Here is a link to an article which we posted in May, 2016 regarding the ecology and history of Wesley Lake:

Wesley Lake devious plans

d. Note that the new Governor and his DEP are taking an interest in the New Jersey Coastal waterways. Monmouth University has an Urban Coastal Institute. They are having a “summit” this month, but we have no details. Evidently the Wesley Lake Commission Chair will address that meeting on March 15. 

e. Township approves fireworks on the beach at 9 pm on July 6.

f.  The Township has not seen a street closure that it doesn’t like.  They have approved multiple dates, and the closures are often granted all day, 9 to 10. on Saturdays  In addition to the usual closures, such as for dancing in the streets at Chamber events,  three extra dates were added on Saturdays July 6, July 27,  and August 10, for all day, 9am 10 pm.  (150th  anniversary events.)  Those extra street closures will multiply the chaos of summer Saturdays this season. And this doesn’t even take into consideration the beach activities which are the norm in all Jersey Shore towns.

If you want to get a feel for the summer activities sponsored by the CMA alone, go to Oceangrove.org and click on “events.”  Between the extra congestion due to Asbury Park and the congestion in the Grove, we will have gridlock on just about every Saturday in the summer.  This situation often becomes unbearable for residents of the Grove.  

No other shore town has the volume of gridlocked special events that we do. I doubt that even Bourbon Street has nearly as many.  Why should the people who live here have to endure such tourist crowds and chaos during prime season.

From Woody’s movie Everyone Says I Love You:

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a. This magic moment:


2 days after Labor Day the OG beach is hot, sunny and nearly empty. Some say that September is the best time to go to the beach. Paul Goldfinger photo 9/5/18 ©


IMG_5333 2

September 5, 2018. Paul Goldfinger photo ©


The day after Labor Day is magical, year after year, because you wake up and find Brigadoon: much fewer people, plenty of parking, some leaves on the ground predict the September Song or September in the Rain, no kids around, sometimes a breath of autumn (but not today,) and perceptibly less cars on the roads including definitely fewer with New York plates.

So let’s celebrate with Marvin Gaye:


b. Site stats:   September 3, 1,114 visits.  Most popular topics:  Are you crazy?  Jason Tramm triumphs, Nonsense and hot air from the HOA breakfast, and musical moments in the Great Auditorium.  And 19 foreign countries visited the site  including Serbia, Sweden, Mexico,  Hong Kong, and Belgium.

And a sample link from last year:

Last day at Days 2017.


An old photo from the BF archives.  A portrait of Eileen in 2013. I bought that hat directly from China on an impulse. But when it came I hated it.  Eileen wore it once in Ocean Grove, in this portrait:

2015. Blogfinger portrait.  Eileen the hat check girl.


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Standing on the corner watching all the Grovers go by. Cartoon by Sue Gioulis of OG.

a. Regarding the old Laurie’s Market property:     ” Hi there! Do you have any info on the status of the property?? I am a young Bradley Beach local and pass Laurie’s all the time. I would love to bring her spirit back to the farm stand with flowers and vegetables!!

Thanks for any help you can provide! Sincerely, Sara.   (contact Blogfinger@verizon.net with any info.





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a.  A new Italian restaurant will open #50 Main Avenue  (the new building—-suite #4).  It is called Osteria Procaccini.  You can read about the special plans for this eatery at:  http://osteriaprocaccini.com

After you look at their website and read the menu, you will jump up and down and yell, “WOW!”   It sounds so perfect for our town  for many reasons. It likely will be a big hit here, but, it also sounds like it might attract even more tourists  (remember when Moonstruck was on Main Ave?) and, of course, the building at #50 Main offers ZERO new parking.  Meanwhile, the unit #4 space is gutted, so there is much to do before this business opens in Ocean Grove.

As for the rest of that building, Comfort Zone has moved  merchandise into one of the spots, but that is temporary parking.   The original store is still open but will close later for renovations.   The related Emporium Beach shop is already closed and will also be renovated.

Also in the building is a new wave store with oils and yoga, and there is also a perfume store there. A Christmas Shop is present as well.

b. Today, 11/7,  voting was held, as usual, at the senior residential facility in the Grove now called “Allegria”.

The new  management was very kind in setting up refreshments for the voters and workers. We met Marie, a dining hall employee, who cheerfully was offering coffee, donuts, Danish, cookies and other treats. Everything was fresh and provided a welcome surprise.

Refreshments for voters and election workers at Allegria—-Marie presiding. Blogfinger photograph.

c. Congestion in OG:  Adding to the potential increased parking congestion in OG  will be the ambitious plans for the Jersey Shore Arts Center.  They will be moving in a direction of more shows, a theater group and other events.  This puts pressure on the North End to add to the already increased congestion  (parking and otherwise) emanating from A. Park.  They will however have an additional 40 spaces with their new Main Street parking lot.   Hooray for that, but it’s not enough.

The future parking lot currently has a new retaining wall at the Main Street side of the site.  So how will cars get in and out since there will be three new homes on the Lawrence Avenue side?

It is time for Neptune Township to give Ocean Grove residents a bit of an edge with permit parking.



d.   Site Stats:  On Monday, Nov. 6, we had 831 hits.  Most of the interest was about Wesley Lake, surf fishing, South End gazebo and outdoor art.


e.  Why question:  If you are driving south on Main Street in A. Park, there is a left turn signal onto Mattison Avenue, but no left signal onto Cookman.  Why?

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WASSUP? Cow. Udderwise known as mooovon.cow

WASSUP? Cow. Udderwise known as moovon.cow.  Paul Goldfinger bovine portrait. Don’t try to milk this cow.  You will use up your gigabytes.      Ft. Myers, Fla.

10/30/16      Alice Probst of OG heard a harpist on the beach at sunrise.  Alice says , “She is a classical harpist from Israel.  She and her husband said wherever they perform, be it ocean, lake, mountains or the desert, they greet the sunrise with her music.”

I asked if I could take pictures; they were gracious and said yes.   My dogs in picture.

By Alice Probst. OG. 10/30/16 at sunrise. Special to Blogfinger .

By Alice Probst. OG. 10/30/16 at sunrise. Special to Blogfinger .

Harp solo: Bach “Arioso.”





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