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Now is the time to start thinking of participating.  Mark your calendars and tell your friends.  The more participants, the better for everyone :  buyers and sellers.

Please help us promote this event.    Thanks to those who are helping us on NextDoor. We are a totally non-profit event and we are one of the largest town-wide yard sales at the Jersey Shore.

Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger

YARD SALE MUSIC   from Grease

GALLERY FROM MAY 12, 2018  TOWN-WIDE SALE.  We had some rain, but the event was nevertheless successful thanks to our porches.

Town-Wide Yard Sale May 12, 2018. All photographs by Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

May 12, 2018. ©

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It is time to think about checking your “stuff”to sell in May.  Make it part of your spring clean-up.  We will be posting all participating addresses and the items for sale.  We will ask you to email us starting in March.  Watch for our reminders.  We can use some volunteers to photograph the event, monitor the sites that day, pass out flyers, report on the sale for Blogfinger, and offer suggestions and help with promotions.


Paul Goldfinger, Editor  Blogfinger.net

Vincent Cannavo, Yard Sale Manager


KENNY VANCE  (his latest album; he is back –performing with his son Lance. Hopefully the CMA will include him if they do a Doo Wop concert in 2019)

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Click the flier to enlarge the photographs.   Blogfinger.net photos.

Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.net  Sponsor of the annual Town-Wide Yard Sale

We recently took the pulse (opinion poll)  of 89 Grovers to find out if they thought that the Town-Wide Yard Sale in Ocean Grove was a good idea.   80% said yes.  So we will continue with the tradition.—this is the 8th Annual.    Last year we had over 60 sellers, and we hope to do better in 2019, because the more sellers, the more buyers.  But 60 is a very good number for a small town sale, and OG is a perfect sort of town to have this event.

If any of you want to help us by volunteering, please let us know.  If any of you have marketing ideas, please let us know

Our Yard Sale manager is again Grover Vincent Cannavo;    vcan416512@aol.com

Andrew Gioulis of KFR Graphics updated our flier including 4 new photographs from prior years’ sales in the Grove.

We will operate the sale the same way as the past, using Blogfinger to actively maintain an updated list of sellers and their merchandise, but that won’t happen until the spring.  You will be able to join the list or add items right up to sale day.

We will begin publicity in 2019, probably in April.

If any of you have marketing ideas and want to help, please contact Vincent or us at Blogfinger@verizon.net


JESSICA MOLASKEY  from her album Pentimento.

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Didja hear?  Kenny Vance is going to be at the Count Basie on Oct. 6.    Call 732 842 9000


B.   8th Annual  (2019) Town Wide-Yard Sale:   We heard from Ken who sent us this message:

“Hi Paul.
Is there another town wide yard sale this year, this summer? fall or spring?
Thank you

We need help with promotions, fliers, ads, event monitoring, new ideas, and any help in attracting more sellers and more buyers.     If anyone wants to volunteer,  please contact us at Blogfinger@verizon.net.   The date is May 11, 2019.

The same applies to the People’s Garden Tour which will be cancelled next Spring unless a group of volunteers wants to take it over.

The lack of volunteers for these events among the “community” of OG residents is disturbing.

Thanks,  PG.

c.   Kenny Vance will be performing on October 6 at the Count Basie in Red  Bank along with 5 other Doo Wop groups.  Kenny has been sidelined in the recent past, but now he is back, and his fans will be thrilled.  It’s a shame the GA couldn’t have brought him back for the Doo Wop concert on September 1 in  Ocean Grove.

Kenny Vance:  “When You Dance.”—from his latest album, from 2017  Kenny Vance

e. The DEA has announced the official opening of their Monmouth-Ocean office.  This will allow major opiate-fighting resources to come to the Jersey Shore to help combat that scourge.

f.  According to the Coaster,  Neptune Township will look into the question regarding handicapped parking in the Grove:   Are these designations  excessive?  Committeeman Michael Brantley is behind this investigation.

h.  The Perfume Check shop on Main Avenue has closed after a brief but aromatic run in town.

i.   Bagel bakers back in business: For several days, Wegmans bagels were coming out all wrong.  Their color, texture and taste were messed up because the bagel oven, a device with shelves that rotate around like a Ferris wheel had broken.  But you could still get an acceptable result by toasting.   The bagel bakers substituted a different oven that rotates in a circular way, but that was a failure.  After 3 days of trauma for  bagel lovers, the old favorites were back.

A fine sesame bagel from Wegmans. Blogfinger photo. ©



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