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Click the flier to enlarge the photographs.   Blogfinger.net photos.

Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.net  Sponsor of the annual Town-Wide Yard Sale

We recently took the pulse (opinion poll)  of 89 Grovers to find out if they thought that the Town-Wide Yard Sale in Ocean Grove was a good idea.   80% said yes.  So we will continue with the tradition.—this is the 8th Annual.    Last year we had over 60 sellers, and we hope to do better in 2019, because the more sellers, the more buyers.  But 60 is a very good number for a small town sale, and OG is a perfect sort of town to have this event.

If any of you want to help us by volunteering, please let us know.  If any of you have marketing ideas, please let us know

Our Yard Sale manager is again Grover Vincent Cannavo;    vcan416512@aol.com

Andrew Gioulis of KFR Graphics updated our flier including 4 new photographs from prior years’ sales in the Grove.

We will operate the sale the same way as the past, using Blogfinger to actively maintain an updated list of sellers and their merchandise, but that won’t happen until the spring.  You will be able to join the list or add items right up to sale day.

We will begin publicity in 2019, probably in April.

If any of you have marketing ideas and want to help, please contact Vincent or us at Blogfinger@verizon.net


JESSICA MOLASKEY  from her album Pentimento.

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At the far reaches of Heck Ave. a successful sale was underway. Left to right: Mike, Nadine, Rosa and Tony. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

At the far reaches of Heck Ave. a successful sale was underway. Left to right: Mike, Nadine, Rosa and Tony. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  5/9/15

Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

The weather man let us down for the 4th Annual Blogfinger Town-wide Yard Sale.  After reports of fine weather for Saturday, fog and chilly temperatures rolled in this morning.  The sales all over town quickly burst into a hive of activity.  Out-of-towners and Grovers used the Sale maps and  address lists which we provided in addition to the Internet post and made the rounds rather quickly.

A lot of goods were sold within the first couple of hours. As predicted, most of the sellers and buyers enjoyed the social interactions as they found all sorts of goodies to buy.  We met a man who was buying gold and silver.  He told us that he paid one Grover over $2,000.00 for jewelry.

Grovers catch up. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Grovers catch up. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

People drove, walked and biked to the sale locations.  At around 10:30 am it began to rain.  Although the rain didn’t last long, it did put a damper on the situation.  Some sellers folded their tents, while others battened the hatches  (thank goodness for porches) and then resumed the marketplace later.  I rode around on my bike after the rain and found almost everyone I came in contact with to be happy and excited  about the event.  By 2:00 pm, it began to drizzle and fizzle. But, I have noticed that our yard sales tend to poop out by early to mid afternoon.  We should consider making next year’s event for 8:00 am to 1:00 or 2:00 pm.

Not enough room? No problem. Blogfinger photo.

Not enough room? No problem. Blogfinger photo.

I met several sellers who live in Manhattan and Ocean Grove, and they love it in the Grove and they were getting a kick out of interacting with the folks.  All said they wished they could spend more time here.   Parking was no problem for this weekend, so many buyers drove around town, although I did meet some who walked everywhere, from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Conversations. The heck with sale---on Heck.

Conversations. The heck with the sale—on Heck.

At our sale, Eileen and I had all sorts of interesting conversations about our for sale items, but others had to do with seeing Grovers who had returned from their winters away as well as other topics such as the guy who recommended the new Asbury beer garden as a place to hear first rate live music.   He said that he was just there to hear a Grammy nominee perform on guitar, doing jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt.  A woman even had something to say about the music we were playing.  She said that she was “acoustically sensitive.”  She was liking Nora Jones—–someone worth being distracted by. We were selling some vinyl 33 1/3 records, mostly of Broadway shows.

A Grover showed up who used to perform in Broadway shows, and we had a great discussion about Jerry Orbach’s career, the best songs in Guys and Dolls, and his life as an actor in The Fantasticks at the Sullivan Street Playhouse in The Village. (He played one of the fathers, and he sang “Plant a Radish.”)  He told us that the  show always began early, so a young performer, getting out of work at 9:30 pm in Greenwich Village, had all sorts of opportunities for good times.   His name?   Carl Swenson  (“Cards by Carl”  in Ocean Grove.)

I visited a number of our sites. Someone sold a bicycle for $150.00. Another couple quickly sold a bedroom set. Several people approached me with a variety of  “scoops” for Blogfinger—in the spirit of the citizen reporter.  We received enough compliments and words of encouragement for BF to last quite a while.


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Since some of you probably haven’t peeked at the Town-Wide Yard Sale list, here is a reminder to look up and click on the Yard Sale tab which is posted up at the top this Blogfinger page  (see tab: “Town-Wide Yard Sale”)   We currently have 57 families, which is quite good, but we want more. Contact us at Blogfinger @verizon.net.   You can put out a few things and then quit before the 4 pm closing time. I will make a note on your listing.  Many will wait until later to give us all their sale items.

  A few days before the sale, we will move the entire list to the top of Blogfinger so that even a lost out-of-towner will find it.  If you want to direct someone to the list , tell them to go to http://www.Bllogfinger.net and click on the tab on top or see the list immediately starting on Wednesday.

YARD SALE MUSIC.  If you are dreaming of selling out, you might have to settle for a consolation prize, but it will be fun trying.

Here’s a song for those dreamers among you:

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Everyone who walks by looks at that flier.  Blogfinger photo

Everyone who walks by looks at that flier. Blogfinger photo

This Blogfinger reader posted one of the Town Wide Yard Sale fliers on her porch under plastic.  You can help promote the event by doing the same.  Stop at 113 Mt. Hermon Way  (at Delaware) and pick up a flier.  For a town wide yard sale to gain a reputation in the area, you need a significant number of participants.  Last year we had 62.  This year, so far, it is 30.

Please consider participating, even if you only stay open for half the day—we can note exceptions on our list.  It’s a good way to combine spring cleaning with a chance to make a few bucks and have a few yucks.

To participate in this May 9 event, contact us by email Blogfinger@verizon.net   or drop a note in our mailbox 113 Mt. Hermon Way.

For those who are signed up, consider getting some balloons.  Also try to sell clothing.  Our neighbor sold out last year, but the prices have to be low.  Tell us your sizes. We won’t use your names. Ocean Grove used to be famous for finding antiques at its yard sales.  Consider selling some of yours.

—-Paul and Eileen

ANITA O’DAY  “Love for sale”  (You never know what you might find at a yard sale)

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Yard Sale Poster

The Neptune Township Committee revised their ordinance regarding permits for yard sales on Monday  April 28.   Today we spoke to Mr.Vito  Gadaleta, Township Business Manager, who assured us that the Construction Office will provide $5.00 permits for those involved in our town-wide sale as well as any subsequent group sales. Remember to tell them that you are with the band—er, you are with the group sale.

We have already broken the record for number of families participating.  Currently we have 51  families involved. This is better than some other towns that have been doing town-wide sales for years.

You can sign up to be on our marketing list as late as Friday, May 9, until 9:00 p.m.   If any of you want to pick up a list of addresses to copy and distribute to your customers, please stop by.   This event is as much a social happening as a chance to get rid of stuff and make a few bucks.   Contact us by email: Blogfinger@verizon.com.

For the list of participants, click on the Yard Sale tab at the top of this page.  Watch for our posting of the list on Wednesday.

If any of you participants know of a place where you can place one or more  of our fliers, please stop by 113 Mt. Hermon Way  (corner Delaware) to pick some up. How about your church, your favorite shop including places you frequent in surrounding towns. We can use the help.

Thanks,   Paul  @Blogfinger

“Consider yourself one of the family.”   From Oliver:


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