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OG Jean Bredin.



Dark cumulus clouds

threaten in the winter sky –

the high tide rolls in



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The vacant mansion
next door dwarfing my cabin—-
my tulips stand tall



Laura Nyro and La Belle:



*Paul Goldfinger photograph    West Village in New York City–early spring. 2013.



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Today sun
tomorrow rain and so on —
let the heart soar



JULIE RAFFERTY.   from The Fantasticks


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Birds at the Atlantic Ocean. Paul Goldfinger ©. Click to enlarge



Canada geese fly
past the Siberian elm –
migrants all



David Choi  “Enjoy the View”


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Osprey pair feeding young on Sanibel Island. Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge. Paul Goldfinger photo.


Even on Sanibel

hearing the osprey call—-

I miss Sanibel



Wild Tones Bird Calls  (Osprey)





George Held reading one of his poems.

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Cold enough for ya? Paul Goldfinger photo. © Flushing, NY.


Haiku by George Held:


May 13th

and winter cold persists –

the heat’s even on


Anita O’Day:




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