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Central Park c. 1972.  Paul Goldfinger © 



haiku by George Held.


Winter lingers—–

fingers of spring still wearing

woolen gloves





This haiku was originally published at Haikuniverse.com ©  2019

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Chester, New Jersey. Paul Goldfinger ©.



Morning shrubs bending

in December wind—-

the full moon sets



Leonard Cohen  “Winter Lady.”

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George Held, a guest poet on Blogfinger, seems to  be channeling a past where pennies were more important than they are today.  In fact, will pennies go the way of the half penny?    Does George still have a few pennies clattering around in his pockets?

George doesn’t categorize the two penny pieces below.  He refers to them as “shorties:”



Penny was sixteen and wore penny loafers, a shiny copper penny in each slot. Twelve, you were infatuated by her – her pleated plaid skirt, bobby sox, and those penny loafers. How you wanted to kiss her, but she just laughed when you blew her a kiss across the school yard.


Penny Loafers

Karl, wearing penny loafers, challenges fifth-grade classmate Jorge, in Keds, to pitch pennies against a wall by the gym. But Jorge has a knack for leaners and beats Karl in their “pitch off.” Karl doesn’t mind losing twenty-five pennies, but he can’t bear losing to Jorge. “I’ll get you yet,” he thinks in his devious heart. Jorge becomes a surgeon, Karl a banker.


Gucci penny loafers: $416.00—41,600 pennies– try taking bag of pennies  into the Gucci store at Saks Fifth Avenue.


BRENDA LEE  made a “fortune” collecting pennies from heaven:


Note:  George Held is a retired professor at Queens College.  He has written children’s books which are quite wonderful  (look them up) as well as other writings.  We know him on Blogfinger as a poet.

A penny for his thoughts, but with inflation, this idiom might require changing.

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OG Jean Bredin.



Dark cumulus clouds

threaten in the winter sky –

the high tide rolls in



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Today sun
tomorrow rain and so on —
let the heart soar



JULIE RAFFERTY.   from The Fantasticks


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Cold enough for ya? Paul Goldfinger photo. © Flushing, NY.


Haiku by George Held:


May 13th

and winter cold persists –

the heat’s even on


Anita O’Day:




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Paul Goldfinger ©


Early dusk,

bleak sky, a few snowflakes—-

the winter solstice




Marian McPartland

“Blackberry Winter”

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IMG_4249 (2)

Ocean Grove, NJ. Paul Goldfinger © A spring cliche, but….


Spring sprouts cliches—-

haikuists must dig

deeper furrows


By George Held, from the current issue of The Aurorean.

Special to Blogfinger


REGINA CARTER     “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most.”



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Central Park. Paul Goldfinger © Undated. Click to enlarge.


Winter Haiku

By George Held

The winter sky
resumes at 6 a.m.–
black boughs on gray slate

January cold wave–
even the paving stones
are shivering

Winter’s yield
is icy cold and snow–
no birdsong till spring



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