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Grove Air. Submitted by Rich Amole, Blogfinger staff.

Air Grove. Submitted by Rich Amole, Blogfinger staff.



Judging by the looks of the airplane used, it predates the Wright brothers 1903 plane, placing the photograph in the late 1890’s or so.  “I’m looking for you in Ocean Grove NJ” is typed in across the top of the photo.  An interesting find referencing the town for whatever the reason.

The moon looks like one of those right out of a silent movie.


GLENN MILLER and his orchestra with “Moonlight Serenade.”  This is from the soundtrack of Woody Allen’s Stardust Memories, filmed in Ocean Grove.

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This card is dated July 31, 1904. That was a Sunday.

It was made by a company in New York called Livingston Publishers.   The only colored part is at the upper left hand corner and contains the US flag and says, “Greetings From Picturesque America.”

The image of the woman is a photograph.

The card is addressed to Miss Tina Sudig of East Orange, NJ. The postmark says “Ocean Grove, August 1, 1904.” The stamp is one cent and has an engraving of Ben Franklin, but it just says “Franklin” and has his dates—1706-1790.

The message reads: “Dear Tina, Arrived here about 4 o’clock yesterday and was up and down boardwalk until about 9:30 o’clock.

Love to all, Estella, 89 Franklin Avenue, Ocean Grove.”


SANTO AND JOHNNY.   “Sea Shells.”


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Ocean Grove 1912. Submitted by Rich Amole, Blogfinger staff.©

Ocean Grove 1912. Submitted by Rich Amole, Blogfinger staff.

Hi Paul:

This photo is from 1912 at the corner or Main and Ocean Avenues looking west.  Many pictures have been taken at this location, but this is an excellent black and white showing what appears to be a parade with youngsters & folks strolling up the sidewalk.

Flags can be seen, folks with umbrellas, as this may be a quite warm 4th of July parade; a policeman is in center of picture and onlookers with their bikes.

Main Avenue does not appear to be paved.  Two hotels still present today at the corner is the Ocean Front Hotel and the Stratford that is the Belleview Stratford today, four structures down on Main.

This is life in the Grove a long time ago.

Rich    (Amole, Blogfinger staff.)                              source: ebay

Imagine this parade if ROBERT PRESTON had been there with his boys band, in uniform,  from The Music Man.

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Ocean Grove, 1917 Submitted by Rich Amole, Blogfinger staff.

Ocean Grove, 1917
Submitted by Rich Amole, Blogfinger staff.


Hi Paul:

This post card image with a post mark of September 1917 appears to of been taken from the Great Auditorium roof.  Perhaps someone who may have been working  on a ladder on the roof or poking his head out some opening  thought it would be a nice photo.

At the time of this photograph, except for a few trees, there are no gardens to be seen along Ocean Pathway.  Even though the post mark is 1917 , the image may have been taken years before,  but what a difference 103 years makes, and special thanks to the folks who tend those gardens & planters all over the Grove.


(Rich Amole is the Blogfinger staff historian.)


Source” Ebay


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Ocean Grove postcard July 31, 1904.

Ocean Grove postcard July 31, 1904.

JOHN CAFFERTY AND THE BEAVER BROWN BAND  (From Eddie and the Cruisers: “Boardwalk Angel.”)



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19th century walkway along Wesley Lake: It was called Lake Avenue, not Beach Avenue. And the lake was a lake not a retention/detention basin (as it is currently labeled)

Ocean Grove walkway along Wesley Lake by Founders Park: It was called Lake Avenue, not Beach Avenue. And the lake was a lake not a retention/detention basin (as it is currently labeled) Re-posted from 2016.



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Submitted by Rich Amole,Blogfinger staff reporter and historian.


By Rich Amole, Blogfinger reporter and historian.



“Here’s a post card I have never run across before.

“It is an Ocean Grove beach scene from 1909.   It appears that there may have been enough striped canvas left over from the tenters’ awnings to add a sun guard to their folding wooden beach chairs.

“This summer scene shows a manned life guard stand,  a man doing his imitation of a sea gull on a piling, swimmers taking a dip, a passing sail boat, and a whole lot of people with a whole lot of clothing on.

“Must of been a Victorian sea breeze that day—-no Coppertone necessary.





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If you have any postcards that you want to share with us, please email a jpg to blogfinger@verizon.net  or allow us to scan your postcard.  If you email, please include all written information on the card as well as dates and stamp information. Thank you, the BF editors.

Postmarked Asbury Park on July 16, 1924

Caroline sent this card to Miss Hazel Merfeld at Mercer Hospital in Trenton, N.J.   She said, “Hello: You and Harvey ought to be here if you want a good time. I am having the time of my life.”

The card was made  by W.H. Bechtel Co. of Asbury Park.  The stamp cost one cent and has a profile of Ben Franklin.  Who can tell us what that green area is in the foreground, right and center?  Also, who can tell us what a “good time” was like back then at the North End of Ocean Grove.

HSOG please join the fun.   Help Blogfinger discover our past.  Comment below.

SOUNDTRACK:  If you think we have problems with crime in today’s OG, listen to what Leon Redbone had to deal with back then.

—Paul Goldfinger

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